RCF – Chapter 14: Familiar Summoning and Life Energy Measurement.

Translator: Haruto.

Warning: The second half of this chapter is kind of weird. Reader discretion is advised.

Today we’ll be summoning our familiars.

They’re indispensable for purgers, acting as our partners, lending us their powers, and fighting alongside us.

Some of them can even strengthen their masters via a skill called “possession.”

While they spend most of their time in hiding, they’ll appear when you call for them, albeit, to the eyes of regular people, they’ll look like cats, dogs, or other ordinary pets.

I can’t wait to find out what familiar I’ll receive!

“Did you hear that, Shuu-kun? We’re getting our own familiars! I wonder what kind of familiar I’ll get!”

“No idea. Although, I bet yours will be cute.”

We kept talking about this and that until it was finally Amane’s turn.

To summon a familiar, you must spill a few drops of blood over a cleric spell circle…

It seems the thought of piercing her finger with a needle scared Amane a lot seeing how tears began welling up in her eyes…

I must admit, I thought it was adorable.

As the drops of blood dribbled over the cleric spell circle, a white light took over the entire circle and a bong sound was heard, signaling the arrival of her familiar.

Amane’s familiar was a tiger; an adorable little tiger the size of a kitten.

Familiars that grow together with their master are rare, but I guess Amane’s tiger will be one of them.

The sight of Amane holding her fluffy little friend, with a radiant smile plastered on her face, was a feast for the eyes.

Shoot, I might get a nosebleed.

Alright, it’s finally my turn.

I spill a couple drops of blood on the cleric spell circle and it begins to shine.

What appeared was…

“A snake?”

No, wait. It has whiskers, which means that it’s…

A dragon?

Unlike the ones you see in fantasy worlds, mine resembles the dragons you hear about in Japanese folklore.

Its body is mostly white, just like its horns. Its whiskers, however, are light gold, and its eyes are red.  

I think it’s as big as Amane’s tiger.

More importantly, though, it’s flying…

Familiars tend to match the twelve animals of the Chinese zodiac, but I’ve never heard of someone summoning a dragon.

Sure, the dragon is indeed one of the Chinese zodiac animals, but… Wait, was it? I’m not even sure anymore.

“Kyuu! Kyuu!”

Um, do dragons go “kyuu, kyuu”? Perhaps it’s just this little guy.

It seems to have taken a liking to me.

Huh, this guy is actually pretty cute.

Okay, time to head home.

“Shuu-kun! What familiar did you get?”

“I got a dragon.”

“A dragon? That’s amazing and super cool! I got this little tiger. I’ll call him Kura!”

“Oh, nice. I haven’t decided on a name…”

“Let’s think of one.”


Hmm, a name… A name for a dragon… I don’t know…

Dragon (tatsu)… Kyuu… Ping-pong (takkyu)? No, of course not!

White (haku), gold… No, now that I take a closer look, that’s not gold, but amber (Kohaku-iro)….

Haku… Ah, I got it! I’ll name it “Hakua”!

It’ll be written with the kanji for white and red since it has a white body and red (aka) eyes

Kohaku’s haku, white’s haku, and red’s a—if we mix them all together, we get Hakua!

I came up with a pretty nice name if I say so myself.

“I’ll call it Hakua!”

“Hakua? That’s a great name!”

Afterward, we played with our familiars to our heart’s content.

The next day.

I wake up at six in the morning and I begin to lift Amane’s shirt while she sleeps beside me.

Wait! I’m not gonna do anything indecent! I swear! So please, put down the phone, okay? There’s no need to call the cops. I don’t wanna go to jail!

Ahem, the reason why I’m doing this is that Amane is far from a morning person.

She can easily sleep through the whole night and not wake up until nine in the morning.

This habit of hers has stayed with her all this time, even though she’s about to become a first-year.

Her parents have tried waking her up by splashing water on her, but she doesn’t even flinch. It’s gotten to the point where it could actually be dangerous for her.

This is why, in order to guard Amane against the geezer in the future to come and keep track of her growth, we began sleeping side by side.

And well, that’s basically how we ended up in this situation.

Since she doesn’t wake up by herself, I must help her do so.

Amane’s life energy has increased considerably.

It’s my job to check her progress every morning, and it’s definitely not a tedious one.

First, I rest a finger on her abdomen, slightly south of her belly button.

I then let my life energy flow.

I press my finger and twirl it a little to speed up the process.

Doing so facilitates the flow of life energy.

As Amane has a fair amount of life energy already, things are not that easy, though.

Once her life energy pool—in other words, her womb—has reached max capacity, it is easy to calculate how much life energy she possesses.

For some unknown reason, Amane reacts a little when I do this even though she’s such a heavy sleeper.

She swings her hips around, shakes a bit, and I can even hear some sounds coming from her: Haa, uhh, aah… I just hope I’m not hurting her or something.

I do try to be as careful as possible, though, since I understand that life energy is a delicate thing.

I’m always gentle to spare her any pain but as days go by, her reactions become more intense. I can’t tell what’s going on.

At first, she wouldn’t even budge, and yet…

Am I getting worse at it, perhaps?

I could also measure her life energy via her lungs but there’s no way I’m going to touch her chest.

Even I know where to draw the line.

At any rate, the whole process takes around twenty minutes.

And during those twenty minutes, I see Amane react about five times.

Man, I’m really afraid I’m doing something wrong.

The good thing is that this measuring method doesn’t take much time to perform, although, it is a shame that the subject must be asleep throughout the whole process.

Well, compared to ordinary life energy measuring methods that can take up to an hour, this one is far more convenient.

With that being said, I learned it from the old perv so I can’t help but think that there’s some obscure aspect to it that I ignore.

He even said that I shouldn’t let anyone else perform it…  

According to him, that’s just a gentleman’s duty, but I’ve got no idea what he meant.

Author’s Note:

Well, my good gentlemen, as you certainly must have noticed, this chapter contains some slightly risqué scenes…

But, I promise, that was just a way to measure life energy! Nothing else!

It definitely wasn’t an external [Redacted] massage!

There may be some pure-hearted guys among you who don’t get what I’m talking about, and to you, I say, “please never change…”

But to those who are in the know: I can’t wait to read your comments!

Yours truly,

Mr. Old Perv


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