VSA – Chapter 5: The Villain Is About to Throw Up Some Sugar.

Translator: Haruto.

The entrance ceremony has begun.

We sit, we stand, and we listen to the guests’ speeches. It’s your average school entrance ceremony.

After a while, it’s finally the turn of the student who scored the highest on the entrance exam, Sumino Mahiro, the older of the two sisters, to take the podium and give a short welcoming speech. The entire student body is completely captivated listening to her.

Once the ceremony comes to a close, all students head to their respective classrooms. As for who ended up in my class…

“Hey, Yuito! We see each other again.”

“To think we’ll be in the same class!”

“I’m glad I get to be with you two like before.”

…Yup, the two beautiful sisters and the protagonist, aka the super trio.

They sit close to each other, chatting amicably like always. Considering how most of our classmates are seeing each other for the first time, their little group stands out like a sore thumb.

When I used to play the game and see them acting like this, I would just think something along the lines of, “Man, it must be nice having a harem,” but now that I’m seeing them in person as an NPC, it’s a whole different experience.

“Yuito, you cut your hair, didn’t you? It looks really nice.”

“You’ve totally gotten taller, too! You’re getting more and more handsome, Yui-kun!”

“C-Come on, stop it, guys. What about you? You’ve gotten way prettier over the break…”



Quit flirting at schoooool!!!

It’s obvious all the NPCs around are thinking the exact same thing, and to be honest, I don’t blame them.

“That guy is kinda scary, isn’t he…?”

“Yeah, and it’s not just his face, I’ve also heard some nasty rumors about him…”

Oh hey, it looks like I’m also under the spotlight today.

I tried to lie low by sitting all the back, but I guess it’s hard not to stand out with this menacing face of mine and all the rumors going around.

“I’m definitely going to stay the heck away from him.”

“I feel ya. Talking to him alone seems like a bad idea…”


You mommies never taught you not to judge a book by its cover?! But well, I do understand where you’re coming from. The in-game Yuuji used to just take advantage of his intimidating face and fat wallet to gather a bunch of ass-kissers around him.

“Man, it must be nice being that close to Mahiro-sama…”

“I also want such a cute, big-boobed girl to hug me!!”

Those three sure know how to steal the limelight wherever they are.

And while people are certainly beside themselves with jealousy, none of them dare criticize the protagonist by calling him average, a loser, or anything of the sort.

That’s understandable, though, considering Saeki Yuito’s looks…

Like in most Eroge these days, the protagonist of this game is insanely good-looking—although in the game his face only shows up like once—and is the most sociable and friendly guy on the freaking planet. Not to mention, the dude’s got no idea he’s actually handsome, just like most MCs out there.  

And so, the handsome and kind protagonist and the two beautiful sisters flirt away without a care in the world…

I’m totally not jealous…



“S-Settle down, guys… This is a classroom…”


Crap, jealousy aside, this scene is so corny I feel like I’m about to start throwing up sugar any second now…

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