VSA – Chapter 33: The Maid’s Loneliness Will End That Evening.

Translator: Haruto.

This is a mass release (Ch29-33).

Here’s chapter 29.

I sure am.

“I see. He really is enjoying himself.” After turning her phone back on, Hibari sees the text Yuuji sent her.

Feeling nervous, she turned her phone off and on multiple times last night before she eventually managed to text him.

His response was rather simple, though, so she decides to send him another message, but then… she turns off her phone again. She has another phone for work, so turning this one off is fine.

“This evening… I won’t be alone anymore,” she whispers to herself, as she gets back on her feet.

Hibari then puts on her white and black uniform, which has been cleaned thoroughly, fixes her hair, and lets it fall from her shoulders to her chest.

Afterward, she begins preparing breakfast in the kitchen. Like yesterday, she intends to make just enough for one person, but she somehow ends up making enough for two. And just like yesterday, she packs the leftovers to eat them at noon.

Having finished her breakfast, she starts tidying up the apartment. She takes her work seriously so she doesn’t dare slack off even when Yuuji’s absent. No one would blame her for taking this chance to watch TV or go out, and yet she chooses to wear her maid uniform and do her work diligently like every morning.

Suddenly, however, Hibari stops moving.

“Yuuji-sama… will return the same as always, right? Completely unchanged?”

The moment the words leave her mouth, Hibari remembers the image of those two beautiful girls that were looking at Yuuji and her with interest as they were leaving for the mall.


After breakfast, we were allowed a somewhat long break, which our class used to bring Mr. Takebayashi outside of the main building, and…

“You guys… T-Thank… Thaaaaank you!! Uwaaaaaaa!!” Mr. Takebayashi breaks into tears the instant he receives our present, even though it’s one day late.

There was a scene similar to this one in the game, but seeing him actually cry and smile right in front of me puts me in a great mood for some reason—even if he’s got snot coming out of his nose.

“He looks really happy, huh?” Yuito says.

“Yeah. We’ve got to thank whoever came up with this plan.”

“Totally! And let’s not forget to give those 300 yen to Tajima-kun.”

“Ah, right.”

We still had some time left before the next event, so Yuito and I returned to our room, took 300 yen out of our wallets, and stepped out of the room again, but then—

“H-Hey, Kasashima…”

“Hm?” I hear someone call my name quietly.

I turn around and Tajima, the guy we’re supposed to give the money to, is standing right there…

“Great timing, Tajima-kun! Yuuji-kun and I were planning to go see you to—”



“It was you, wasn’t it? You took the money.”

“…Come again?”

Tajima glares at me suspiciously…

Translator’s Note:

I’ve been pretty busy the past couple of weeks so I hadn’t been able to post anything, but we should be able to return to a more regular release schedule now.

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5 thoughts on “VSA – Chapter 33: The Maid’s Loneliness Will End That Evening.

  1. I can’t wait to see the maid and Yuito get together, their date at the Amusment Park was adorable and I really want to see more progress on their relationship.

    1. I think you mean Yuuji. Yuito is the original protagonist of the game while Yuuji is our MC, but yeah, I also want to see how his relationship with Hibari develops.

  2. bruh… did they just forgor who’s the mf that always come to school in a freakin’ limo…. EVERY SINGLE DAY~!?

    That money was barely even count as a change for him~

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