The Reincarnator Who Obtained the “Thread” Skill. Whoever Makes Fun of My Threads Will Get Their Ass Kicked!


Kudou Eiji was run over by a motorcycle while trying to save another person.

His soul was sent to another world, marking the beginning of his new life.

Reincarnated as the third son of a marquis, he was on the fast track to an easy life… Well, not really.

Even if one’s born into an affluent family, there’ll always be some bothersome obstacles one must overcome.

And so, that’s when Eiji obtained the “Thread” skill.

This thread was not just any thread, however, and it’d eventually become indispensable for Eiji in his new life.

“Come on now, you’d better not underestimate my thread.”

Without ever losing that strong character of his, Eiji will live his life his own way.

Author’s note:

It takes some time before he becomes an adventurer.

And there’s a short school arc before he gets there.

Please keep that in mind.


Action, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Isekai



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Chapter 1: I Reincarnated, and as Expected, I’m Starting Over as a Baby.

Chapter 2: The Only Path I Care About.

Chapter 3: Don’t Let Its Name Fool You.

Chapter 4: I Can’t Tell.