RTS – Chapter 1: I Reincarnated, and as Expected, I’m Starting Over as a Baby.

Translator: Haruto.

The second-year high school student named Kudou Eiji had collapsed on the floor and his consciousness was fading little by little.

Crap… I can’t move my body. I feel something sliding down my head. Is it blood?

He tried to save a passerby who was about to be run over by a speeding motorcycle, and thanks to him, the passerby was left completely unharmed.

However, Eiji’s consciousness and body were left in quite a sorry state after he was hit by it and suffered a blow to the head.

It’s… amazing… So it’s true that you just know when you’re about to die…

People ran up to him, screaming.

A kindhearted individual even began giving him a cardiac massage.

Unfortunately, Eiji knew that no matter what they did, it’d all be meaningless.

To think I’d die while I’m still in high school… I know we all have to die eventually, but I kinda wanted to live a little longer…

He still wanted to live and enjoy his life…

Right after such a thought crossed Eiji’s mind, his consciousness shut down at last.

And yet, a second later, he opened his eyes again.

It was no miraculous recovery, though. His body had indeed died.

“Where am I?”

Gazing about him, white was all he could see.

It was a space with nothing in it… except for a game pop-up window of sorts that was floating in front of him.

“Will you reincarnate? No. Yes… Huh, is this the so-called otherworld reincarnation?”

He had read his fair share of manga, so he was no stranger to the manga adaptations of otherworld novels.

“Hold on, I don’t see “otherworld” written anywhere… Does that mean I’ll be able to reincarnate in the world I used to live in?”

It didn’t say what kind of person he’d reincarnate as either. Actually, it didn’t even say if he’d reincarnate as a human.

Be that as it may, Eiji still wished to live and enjoy life so he had no choice but to press “yes.”

After doing so, his consciousness shut down once again.

And when he came to…

…I see a woman, who I assume is my mother and a man who must be my father. And that’s a doula? There are also a few maids.

Despite being just a baby, it didn’t take long after his reincarnation for him to get an idea of what kind of world he had been born in.

Alright, it’s settled. This world is completely different from my previous one.

In his previous world, no one could use magic. It was simply something that existed in fantasy stories. However, it was present in this one, alongside creatures known as monsters that attacked humans.

And Eiji had reincarnated as the third son of the Percible marquis family.

In a word, he now had the chance to start over as a baby in this new world.

It has its benefits, of course, but… being a baby is kind of troublesome.

As a baby, he wasn’t able to walk.

But his consciousness had remained the same after reincarnating.

The good thing is, my mother understands my gestures fairly well so I don’t have much of a problem getting what I want.

The name Eiji received after his reincarnation was Arad.

And his father, the head of the family, was known as Phool Percible.

His mother was a former B-rank adventurer called Arisa Percible. She was the marquis’s third wife.

Polygamy was a customary practice among the nobility, which is why apart from his biological mother, he now had two other mothers.

He was shocked, to say the least when he found out, but he quickly got used to the idea that that was simply how things were in this world.

Arisa, who by the way stole the marquis’s heart at first sight, was able to understand the intent of Arad’s gestures correctly, and so, she would often read books to him, or even let him watch the knights of the Percible family train.

I’m spending my days surprisingly well entertained, but not being able to move freely is still quite bothersome.  

His inability to move as he pleased contributed to the feeling of tediousness slowly growing inside of him.  

One day, however, he found out about a certain type of energy in people’s bodies called mana, which didn’t exist in his old world. From that moment onwards, Arad spent every day searching for mana within his body.

Being the son of a noble, he possessed a considerable amount even though he was still a baby.

Half a year after he began probing around for mana, he managed to get a good feeling of the mana hidden within him.

“Next, I’m gonna make it move!!!” he thought excitedly, but things are never that easy.

It took him no less than a year to move the mana in his body and to be capable of releasing it.

Unfortunately, he made a terrible mistake.

As he released more and more mana, the mana reserve in his body began to diminish. And when he had finally run out of mana, his body experienced a great deal of suffering, which needless to say was too much for a baby to endure, and he ended up losing consciousness once again.

“…That was a pretty awful experience.”

Nevertheless, Arad continued experimenting as much as he could until he turned three and was able to move his body relatively freely at last.

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