VSA – Chapter 51: “…I’m glad it didn’t show on my face.”

Translator: Haruto.

Back when Yuuji was still visiting the sisters’ house, Hibari was at home with her sister, Saori. The latter ran around the rooms full of excitement while Hibari poured some tea, until—

“Hibari, do you like your master?”

“…Excuse me?”

Due to her sister’s unexpected question, Hibari’s hands froze as they were tilting the teapot. Her cheeks also twitched a little.  

Surmising her little sister’s feelings, Saori said, “Let me change the question. Is there something you would like to do for him?”

“I feel like the question’s real intent hasn’t changed.”

“Oh, don’t sweat the little details! Tell me, is there or not?”

“Something I would like to do for him… Apart from my work as his maid, I’m not sure there’s anything I can do that’d make him happy.”

“Come on now, don’t sell yourself short! You’re a very charming girl, Hibari! Your master also spends his days praising how cute you are with a lewd smile on his face, doesn’t he?”

“Yuuji-sama’s face can actually be quite intimidating.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know! But that’s not what’s important here…! Hibari, I promise you he’ll be over the moon if a girl as cute as you does something for him!!”

Hibari remained unconvinced, so Saori added, “Besides, you mentioned his exams ended today, right? Shouldn’t you reward him for his hard work?”

“Reward… him?”

“Yup! You should give him a reward! I mean, he did his best on the midterms, didn’t he?”

“Yes, he certainly did…”

Sharing the same home as Yuuji, Hibari was able to witness how many late nights he’d spent studying for the midterms.

Hibari rested her finger on her chin and pondered for a moment. She then remembered the conversation she had with Yuuji at the shopping mall…

No way! He’s a dude! And even if he isn’t… um, I bet it’ll be fine! No, wait! He’s definitely a dude! I’m sure of it! That’s why we don’t need any bath time practice!!

I see. So you don’t want to bathe with me.

“…to bathe with me…”

“Ohh? To think the day would come when I’d hear my little sister suggest something like that! It’s pretty surprising, but above all, super lewd!”

Hibari jumped with a start, finally realizing the meaning of the words that came out of her mouth. She quickly tried to correct herself, but—

“Okay, then bathing together will be option one. And let’s call it ‘Your favorite maid’s bath service!’ You know, I’m getting kind of jealous of your master! I wanna bathe with you, too!”

Since Saori loved the idea, Hibari knew there was now no point in trying to correct what she’d said.

“Okay, what else?”

“I… I can’t think of anything else.”

“Come on, think hard! For example, what if you service him with your body?!”

“Even if you’re joking, please don’t say that kind of thing.”


“I know that sort of service won’t make him happy. He might even run away.”

“You think? Is your master a wimp?”

“He’s just dense.”

“Ahh, that’s even worse.” Saori put her hand on her forehead in exasperation.

“In that case, let’s leave it up to chance. You’ll give him three options, and he’ll have to choose one as a reward. I doubt he’ll be able to refuse if you do that and don’t forget to tell him, ‘Here’s a reward for all your efforts, Master!’”

“You certainly can be quite crafty, Dear Sister. But unfortunately, I still can’t think of anything else.”

“Let’s just write the same thing on all three.”

“Honestly, Sis, you are clever in the weirdest of ways.”

“Hehehe! Keep the compliments coming! But wait, you just called me ‘Sis,’ didn’t you? You totally did!”

“I never did anything of the sort.”

“Aw, don’t be like that! I wanna hear you say it one more time!”

Hibari then returned to the kitchen with the teapot in her hands as though trying to escape.

“Your maid’s bath service…” she whispered.

Am I good enough? Will he really think of it as a reward?

“Hmm… Her feelings for him are so strong that she has the desire to do something for him, huh…” Saori mumbled to herself.


“Well then, Yuuji-sama, please lay on the air mattress.”

“Let’s not make that kind of joke, okay?”  

When I enter the bathroom wearing nothing but a towel, that joke is the first thing that comes out of Hibari’s mouth. Thankfully, it seems she really is just kidding and there is no air mattress like the ones used in those “sketchy establishments.”

“So, the paper said, ‘Your favorite maid’s bath service!’ but what do you plan to do exactly?” I ask Hibari.



“I’m not sure.”

“You aren’t?”

Not much of a surprise, though, considering that it was Saori-san’s idea…

“I bet Saori-san just pushed the idea on you, but you don’t have to force yourself to do this, alright?”

“I’m not forcing myself.”

“I-I see.” She seems strangely motivated, but I still feel like Saori-san pushed the idea on her.

At any rate, it appears Hibari hasn’t thought of anything still, and I don’t want her to come up with anything too outrageous, so I’ll just…

“Then, can you wash my back for me?”

“Of course.”

Hibari dips a towel in soapy water and wrings out the excess as I take a seat on a stool.

I’m getting nervous for some reason…

Restless, I start moving my fingers around, touching my arms, and so on… but in the end, I just turn around and glance at Hibari.

She is also wearing nothing but a towel, which perfectly accentuates the lines of her body. Her beautiful black hair falls down to her curvy hips, and her bountiful bosom has become even more prominent due to the wet towel around it. She could definitely give the two sisters a run for their money in terms of good looks.

I mean, she’s… breathtaking.  

I tend to forget that fact because of how much time we spend together and how comfortable I feel by her side, but she really is an incredibly beautiful girl. In my opinion, had Hibari been the main heroine of the game, the other girls wouldn’t have stood a chance…

“I’ll begin washing your back now, Yuuji-sama.”

“A-Ah, yeah, please do…” It seems she’s ready to get started.

I sit up straight and keep my eyes in front of me. First, I feel warm water flowing down my back, followed by a damp towel, which slides gently up and down.

“How does it feel?” Hibari asks.

“It feels great…”

I hear the pleasant sound of the towel rubbing against my skin as it washes everything off without causing any pain.

Rub, rub.


A moment later, however, I feel something against my back which is definitely not foam. I’m not your average dense protagonist, so I instantly figure out what they are.

…Boobs. They’re boobs!!

Hibari has gotten pretty close to my back to wash it, but it seems a certain part of her body has inadvertently gotten closer than the rest.


“Is something wrong, Yuuji-sama? Why are you holding your head in your hands?”

“No, it’s nothing. Please continue.”

Crap, I don’t know if it’s because we’re both only wearing towels, but I’m starting to imagine some dumb stuff. Still, Hibari’s earnestly washing my back, so the least I can do is to drive away those thoughts.

“Yuuji-sama, your back is so big… and strong.”

Why do you have to get all seductive now?!!

“I-I think my back is pretty clean already. You can wash off the foam now.”


Hibari washes off the foam, and, just as I predicted, she asks, “What should we do now, Yuuji-sama?”



“I’ve enjoyed my reward plenty, so I think it’s fine if we call it a day.”

“…” Hibari’s wearing her usual deadpan expression, but it’s obvious she’s confused.

“The thing is, seeing such a cute girl wearing only a towel would have been an incredible reward in and of itself, but you also went as far as to wash my back for me. This reward has been so amazing that I think I might have drained my luck for the rest of my life.”

“Yuuji-sama, I wish to keep doing more things for you, so why should you hold back?”  

“…Urk.” She’s got me there. I also think it’s wrong of me to refuse her kindness, but…

“Hibari, you’re insanely beautiful.”


Yeah, anyone would be surprised hearing me blurt out something like that all of a sudden, but whatever, I’m just trying to be as honest as possible.

“Not just your face… Your body is stunning as well, so if a girl as attractive as you keeps doing more stuff to me here, my heart might not be able to take it…”

My face feels like it’s on fire so I avert my eyes from her.

I feel embarrassed, but it’s a completely different type of embarrassment from what I experienced when I first walked into the bath wearing just one towel.

“…To think you can also make that kind of expression, Yuuji-sama.”


“Your face is beet red.”

“Aah?!” I blush even harder the moment she points it out.

Hibari, on the other hand, has the same deadpan expression on her face as always. I have to pull myself together…

“If you think I’ve done enough, then I’ll be stepping out of the bathroom now,” Hibari says.  

“Alright… I think I’ll stay here and enjoy my bath for a little longer…”     


Hibari leaves, gets dressed, and as soon as I hear the door close—

H-Haaa…” I let out a huge sigh.

“I wonder how far we’d have gone if we had continued…”  


Being such an expressionless girl, a part of me believed that Yuuji-sama wouldn’t be interested in anything I could offer, other than my regular services as his maid. And even if that weren’t entirely the case, I was certain my reward wouldn’t have any major effect on him…

And yet…

Not just your face… Your body is stunning as well, so if a girl as attractive as you keeps doing more stuff to me here, my heart might not be able to take it…

He turned red up to his ears, and his eyes were just…

…He was blushing because of me…

“…I’m glad it didn’t show on my face.”

I’d never seen such an expression on Yuuji-sama’s face. I was so captivated by it that I could tell my face was also about to turn beet red.

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