Ten Years After the Slaves I Picked Up Left on a Journey, I Somehow Became a Legend.


One day, in the middle of a long journey, I picked up five female slaves.

We spent five years living together until they became adults and went on a journey of their own.

Ten years later, I decided to get off my butt, leave the village I was living in and head to town.  

And what was awaiting me when I arrived there…?

I was hailed as the legendary master of the heroes that defeated the Demon King.


Action, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy.



Novel Updates Page:


Volume 1: Lulune, the Forester of Beginnings.

Chapter 1: I Picked Up Some Slaves.

Chapter 2: Out of the Sticks.

Chapter 3: Anna, the Inn’s Girl.

Chapter 4: The First Day They Went to a Dungeon.

Chapter 5: Alize Is Surprisingly Strong?

Chapter 6: Pops Doesn’t Like to Be Called an Old Fart.

Chapter 7: Reunited After Ten Years.

Chapter 8: The Adventurers’ Guild.

Chapter 9: The Arrival of Lulune, the Forester of Beginnings.

Chapter 10: The Arcana Family’s Problem. 

Chapter 11: Mandragora Hunting.   

Chapter 12: Lulune’s Feelings and a Helping Hand.  

Volume 2: Mia, the Saint of Benevolence.

Chapter 13: The Genius Mia the Saint Picks up on a Certain Something.

Chapter 14: I Ended Up Teaching the Princess Swordsmanship.

Chapter 15: The Saint Mia Encounters a Huge Wolf in the Forest.

Chapter 16: Mia, the Saint of Benevolence, Arrives.

Chapter 17: Visiting a Pancake Shop with Three Beauties.  

Chapter 18: The Mock Battle with the Guild Master Begins.

Chapter 19: A Stroll Down Memory Lane.   

Chapter 20: Winning the Mock Battle Safely. 

Chapter 21: For Whom Do You Wield Your Sword? 

Chapter 22: Haruka Archaia’s Core.

Chapter 23: A Life That Saves, a Life That Is Saved.

Chapter 24: Leaving the Capital.

Volume 3: Ayesha, the Princess of the World.

Chapter 25: The Two Beauties’ Bath Battle.

Chapter 26: The Old Man Applies to Become an S-rank Adventurer.

Chapter 27: Beatrix Austadt.

Chapter 28: Embraced by Kindness.

Chapter 29: The Third Reunion Occurs Suddenly.

Chapter 30: Ayesha’s Feelings and a Lovely Starry Sky.

Chapter 31: The First Seat of the Round Table, Zenos.