TSS – Chapter 15: The Saint Mia Encounters a Huge Wolf in the Forest.

Translator: Haruto.

It’s taken me, Mia the Saint, a week to reach the outskirts of the capital of Archaia. I’m far too exhausted to continue my journey to Arcana without taking a rest, so I’ve decided to stay in the capital for the time being.

Seeing how late it is, though, I think I’ll just spend the night in a small forest nearby and make my way into the city tomorrow.

I light a fire and try to relax the best I can as I cook the fish I caught at the river earlier.

Some monsters do appear around these parts, but even if I’m the weakest out of all the heroes, I’m still a hero. The monsters that dwell near the capital shouldn’t pose much of a threat to me… or at least that’s what I thought…

“Say, can I have a bite of that fish?”

A giant wolf stands before me, drooling uncontrollably.

This monster (?) is far bigger than all the Giant Wolves I’ve seen. He could easily be classified as A-rank.

“Y-You want this fish?”

I offer him the fish I’ve bathed in a special sauce, and he starts eating it happily with his paws.

“Hmm! This sauce is out of this world! What’s it called?”                         

“It’s a popular sauce in Sapientia known as soy sauce.”                                       

“Ohh! I’ve never been there, but they sure make some great stuff!” he cries out excitedly.

I’m still super scared, but I’m glad I can at least converse with him.  

After finishing the fish I cooked, he takes out a piece of cloth and a copper coin from the small bag at his neck and begins polishing it.

“By the way, you wouldn’t happen to have some copper coins, would you?”

“Copper coins? Yes, I believe I have some.”

When the words leave my mouth, his eyes sparkle and he says, “Then, could you let me have them? I’ll make sure to repay the favor, of course.”

“Umm… Can I ask how are you planning to pay me back?”

He ponders for a moment, before saying, “If it’s not too far away, I’ll carry you to your destination… I’m sure my master won’t mind.”

That’s a great offer. And it looks like he has a master—or should I say, owner?

“Um, Mr. Wolf, shouldn’t you ask your master for permission first?”

“No, don’t worry. He said he’d be sightseeing around the capital with that Lulune girl so he probably won’t need me any time soon.”

I stood up with a start the instant I heard Lulune’s name come out of his mouth.

“Mr. Wolf… Is your master’s name Alize…?”

Mr. Wolf goes back to pondering for a few seconds, after which he claps loudly and exclaims, “Ah! Yes, I believe that’s his name! I always call him master, so I had totally forgotten about it!”

“I knew it! Where’s Alize-san right now?!”

Mr. Wolf takes a seat and, using one of his front legs, he points in the direction of the capital.

“He’s in that town. Are you one of those so-called heroes or something?”

“Yes, I am! I’m Mia the Saint!”

“I see. I’ll take you to him, then. It shouldn’t take long to find him using my sense of smell.”

I hop on Mr. Wolf’s back and we dash off to the capital.

The ride was bumpy to the point that when we arrived at the castle, I was so dizzy I felt like my world was spinning.


“Please teach me swordsmanship!!”

After hearing Haruka-san’s request, I sink in thought for a moment. I want to find the other heroes as soon as possible, but I also don’t want to turn the princess down.

“Hmm… I could train you for a week. What do you say?”

“Wonderful! That’ll be more than enough!” Haruka-san exclaims happily.

It should be fine to stay here and train her for a week. That’ll give me plenty of time to sightsee around the city as I had first planned.

A second later, a commotion breaks out in the castle, forcing me to snap out of my thoughts.

“It appears something’s going on near the gates of the castle.”

“It’s way too late to be making such a ruckus. Don’t they know that oldies like me need to hit the sack early?”

I then hear someone running down the hallway, only to stop in front of my door. A guard opens it in a hurry and says, “Excuse me! I’m terribly sorry for bothering you so late at night, Lord Alize!”

“Aah, don’t worry about it. More importantly, can you tell me what’s going on?”

“Yes, the thing is… you have a visitor, my lord… a huge monster has come to see you.”

A monster, huh? I think I know who he’s talking about.

“Is it a huge wolf?”

“Yes!! And it’s even bigger than a regular Giant Wolf!!”

I let out a heavy sigh.

Why the heck did he come into the capital? I asked him to stay in the forest because I knew things would get messy if people saw him.

I stand up, mumbling under my breath, “Good grief.”

“Alright, can you take me to him?”

“Of course! Please come with me!”

When the guard and I arrived at the scene, I was welcomed by the sight of the Enchanted Wolf Kamia, and the visibly dizzy and disoriented Mia the Saint sitting on his back.

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