Project List

1. The Villain Who’s Sat on and Abused Until He Runs Out of Strength ~That Time They All Fell for Me When I Started Scoring Points With the Protagonist~

2. Ten Years After the Slaves I Picked Up Left on a Journey, I Somehow Became a Legend.

3. Reincarnated as the Older Brother of a Romcom Protagonist ~For Some Reason, the Heroines Seem to Like Me More~

4. Reincarnated as the Childhood Friend That Dies Protecting the Heroine in an Eroge, I’ve Decided to Dote on and Care For Her.

5. The Reincarnator Who Obtained the “Thread” Skill. Whoever Makes Fun of My Threads Will Get Their Ass Kicked!

6. How the Listless Gyaru Yukikawa-san Started Coming Over After Class.

7. The Strongest Old Man in the Parallel World ~I Only Got Physical Skills So I Had to Form a Party but It Turned into a Harem~