The Villain Who’s Sat on and Abused Until He Runs Out of Strength ~That Time They All Fell for Me When I Started Scoring Points With the Protagonist~


One day, I simply remembered.

I was the villain of an Eroge, Kasashima Yuuji, who bullied the protagonist and ended up getting sat on and beaten to a pulp by the heroines.

…Alright, all I have to do is not bully the protagonist and it’ll all be fine and dandy…

And so, I decided to live my life without bothering anyone, but… somehow I scored a bunch of points with the protagonist and the heroines, and the riding began all over again…

Although, this time it’s on a bed. And guess who’s on top now?


Action, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy, Harem



Novel Updates Page:


Volume 1: Reincarnated as the Villain

Prologue: Diary.

Chapter 1: The Villain Who’s Sat on and Abused Until He Runs Out of Strength.

Chapter 2: Let’s Say the Villain has a Beautiful Maid.

Chapter 3: The Villain’s Popularity Level Is Low.

Chapter 4: Just Watching Over the Beautiful Sisters and the Protagonist Like a Good Villain.

Chapter 5: The Villain Is About to Throw Up Some Sugar.

Chapter 6: The Villain Wants to Break the Maid’s Stone-Cold Expression.

Chapter 7: The Sisters Are More Malicious than the Villain.

Chapter 8: The Protagonist’s Kindness Is Giving the Villain a Stomach Ache.

Chapter 9: Nice to Meet You. I Swear I’m Not a Bad Guy.  

Chapter 10: The Villain’s Peaceful School Life?  

Chapter 11: “My Yuito Is Freaking Adorable! Haaahh!”  

Chapter 12:  The Villain Overlooks the Signs.  

Chapter 13: It Looks Like the Villain Won’t Be Able to Take It Easy on His Day Off.

Chapter 14: The Villain and the Maid’s Romcom Begins?

Chapter 15:  Meanwhile, What Are the Sisters up to?

Chapter 16: The Villain and The Maid + The Amusement Park + The Protagonist and the Sisters.

Chapter 17: The Villain Understands the Maid Well.

Chapter 18: “I Just Want to Know Why My Yui-Kun Is So Drawn to You.”

Chapter 19: The Villain and the Maid Are a Great Team.

Chapter 19.5: Characters.

Volume 2: The Villain Doesn’t Have It Easy.

Chapter 20: Forming Groups with the Villain.

Chapter 21: The Villain Sees the Dashing Girl’s Drooling Face.

Chapter 22: The Villain Is Dead if She Ever Finds Out.

Chapter 23: The Dashing Girl Asks the Villain for a Favor… Denied!!

Chapter 24: You’re All Mine After School.

Chapter 25: The Villain and the Maid’s Preparations and Practice?

Chapter 26: The Villain Departs for the School Camp.

Chapter 27: The Villain and the Devilish Little Sister?

Chapter 28: The Villain Enjoys His Time with Everyone.  

Chapter 29: The Villain Makes Sure There’s a Ding-Dong. ① 

Chapter 30: The Villain Makes Sure There’s a Ding-Dong. ②

Chapter 31: “I’m a bit jealous.”

Chapter 32: The Villain Still Has No Idea.

Chapter 33: The Maid’s Loneliness Will End That Evening.

Chapter 34: The Villain Helps Find the Culprit.

Chapter 35: The Villain is Ready to Become a Full-fledged Villain. ①

Chapter 36: The Villain is Ready to Become a Full-fledged Villain. ②

Chapter 37: The Villain is Ready to Become a Full-fledged Villain. ③

Chapter 38: The Villain’s Just Playing the Bad Guy.

Chapter 39: The Villain and the Maid Reunite After a Day and a Half Apart.

Volume 3: The Villain is Pushed Around.

Chapter 40: The Villain’s Academic Struggle. ①

Chapter 41: The Villain’s Academic Struggle. ②

Chapter 42: The Study Session Will Take Place at the Villain’s Home.

Chapter 43: The Villain and the Protagonist Swap Conversation Partners.

Chapter 44: The Villain and The Devilish Heroine.

Chapter 45: The Protagonist and the Maid (NPC-mode) — The Villain and the Maid — It’s Obvious at a Glance.

Chapter 46: The Villain and the Devilish Heroine — The Maid and ???

Chapter 47: “I Want to Thank You Properly.”

Chapter 48: The Villain Visits the Home of the Two Beautiful Sisters.

Chapter 49: The Devilish Heroine’s Cooking.

Chapter 50: The Maid’s Sister is a Free Spirit and a Troublemaker.

Chapter 51: “…I’m glad it didn’t show on my face.”

Chapter 52: The Villain’s Summer Begins.

Chapter 53: The Protagonist’s Rival?

Chapter 54: The Villain Creates Another Villain… And a Surprise?!

Chapter 55: Who Sits by the Maid’s Side?

Volume 3.5: The Villain Is Roped In.

Chapter 56: The Villain Wants to Buy Some Swimwear.

Chapter 57: The Villain’s Face is a Weapon.

Chapter 58: The “Prince” and… Stalking Duty?

Chapter 59: “How Happy I’d Be if a Confession Was All It Took to Be Together.”

Chapter 60: The Maid and the Protagonist’s Conversation.

Chapter 61: “…Nothing to Do with Me.”

Volume 4: Falling for the Villain in the Summer.

Prologue (Part 2): The Maid’s Diary.