VSA – Chapter 54: The Villain Creates Another Villain… And a Surprise?!

Translator: Haruto.


Someone has come into the restroom. It’s got to be him this time…

“Mahiro-san has a boyfriend, huh…”

That soothing voice, and what he said just now… Yeah, that’s none other than Mahiro’s admirer, Saionji Rento.

“…He’s finally here.” I was getting tired of waiting.

I’ve been sitting in one of the three stalls here for quite a while now. Earlier, I heard some old guy yell in a panic, “I’m not gonna make it! I’m not gonna make it!!” as he went into one of the other stalls and swung the door close… I wonder if he’s fine. It got pretty quiet after that so I can’t tell for sure, but I pray that he did make it.  

“But I just can’t… I can’t give up now…” Saionji says to himself.

Oh? He won’t give up, huh… I guess he really will resort to—

“I know it’ll trouble both Mahiro-san and Yuito, but… even so, I can’t give up… Mahiro-san is… She’s my first love.”

…Hm? Hmmm…? That was not what I was expecting to hear. Shouldn’t he be more like “Who the hell cares if she’s got a boyfriend?! I just gotta NTR the guy!! Mwahaha!” or something of the sort?

“Damn it!”

Alright, it seems we’re back on track—

“I’m such an awful guy. I know I should prioritize the happiness of the girl I like, and yet… The more we talk, the harder I fall for her.”

Um, was he always like this?

Come on, Kasashima Yuuji, try to remember what happened in the game! He was supposed to be a villain, wasn’t he? So why does he sound like such a nice guy? How did he end up becoming a villain?

…Hold on, “how he ended up becoming a villain”?

If I remember correctly, he changed because…

Hey, homeboy, what’s got you down in the dumps?

…Huh, so the girl you like has gotten herself a boyfriend, but you simply can’t give up… Hahaha!! Come on, that’s got an easy fix, my dude! You just gotta… take her away from him.

Kasashima Yuuji was the one who turned him into a villain!!! He used the fact that Saionji liked Mahiro to try and take the two sisters away from Yuito!

“Aah… I should hurry back. It’s rude to keep them waiting… Haa… Okay, let’s go!”

A few seconds after I hear the door close, I slowly step out of my stall. I wash my hands and leave the restroom.

Kasashima Yuuji basically molded the villain Saionji Rento… or, in other words, the villain created another villain…

However, I’m now Kasashima Yuuji—the main villain, and I don’t want to send Saionji down the wrong path.

Which means…

“Hm, welcome back. You looked like you were ready for action when you left, but you ended up staying a pretty long time in the restroom. How did it go?” Rina asks me.


“Wait, what’s with that troubled look? Is he actually a super bad guy or something?”

“No, um…” He was more like one of those protagonists who long for someone who doesn’t even give them the time of day.

“I’ll just keep an eye on him for now…”

“Hmm…” Rina looks at me suspiciously.

I’m serious, though. I need to keep an eye on him… There’s still the chance that he might turn into a villain.

“I won’t let you try to solve everything by yourself again.”

“Huh?” I raise my face, and Rina’s staring at me with a serious look in her eyes.

“He might become a problem for my sister and Yui-kun, two people who are very dear to me, so… I’m going to help you no matter what.”

“Um, you…”

“I can’t let you shoulder it all every single time, Kasashima.”

Damn, you can’t just say that kind of stuff with such a serious expression on your face!! Don’t you know what that does to me?!!

“…He’s a tough one.”

“You think so too, Kasashima-kun?”

“Huh? Ah, yeah…”

I mumbled that to myself, but Mahiro managed to hear me.

Having left the diner, we now find ourselves in the middle of the shopping district, walking around aimlessly. It seems making Saionji Rento give up will take some time…

“Rento-kun looked like such a nice guy, though…” Yuito says.

“That’s because you’re a bit too trusting, Yui-kun. There’s always something wrong with guys who seem that kind,” Rina replies.  

“Really? Hmm… What a pickle…”

What a pickle, indeed…

If Saionji were planning to force Mahiro away from Yuito or do some other terrible thing, I would be able to intervene as an arbitrator of sorts and put a stop to it for them. The problem is that Saionji Rento himself seems to be hesitating, as though in the middle of a moral dilemma, which is why if I were to intervene as things stand, I would just be a busybody. I mean, being in love isn’t a crime in and of itself, so… yeah, I probably should leave Saionji Rento alone for now.

Also, I thought having Yuito play the role of Mahiro’s fake boyfriend was a pretty good idea, but I wonder if she’s got another plan to resolve the issue for good…

“Yuuji-sama, your face gets even more intimidating when you frown like that.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know, Hibari. No matter what I do I always look scary.”

“Please don’t sulk, Yuuji-sama.”

“I’m not sul—Hm? Woaaah?! Hibari?! What are you doing here?!”

“You just noticed me?”

I was replying to her reflexively, but it took me a moment to realize that Hibari was walking right behind me.

“I come here quite often,” she says.

“Right, this is the shopping district, so… I guess that makes sense.”

“Hello, Hibari-san!” Yuito greets her amicably.

“Aah, you’re Kasashima-kun’s maid… Thank you once again for being so kind to us during our study session,” says Mahiro.

“H-Hi. I see you wear your uniform even when you’re outside,” Rina remarks.

“Yes, I’m Yuuji-sama’s maid, after all.”

“Kasashima, are you into that kind of stuff or something…?”

“I’m not forcing her to wear it!! I always tell her to dress as she pleases outside!”

But she still chooses to wear her maid uniform. It’s totally not a weird fetish or anything of the sort… although, I do think maid uniforms are kind of nice.

“By the way,” Hibari begins as she stops walking, “it’d be a shame to let this chance go to waste, so do please allow me to drive you all home.”

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