Reincarnated as the Childhood Friend That Dies Protecting the Heroine in an Eroge, I’ve Decided to Dote on and Care For Her


Before he knew it, our protagonist had turned into a baby!

Hearing his mother pronounce his name, he realized he was now in the world of that Eroge he used to play…

And at that moment, he swore he’d escape his fateful death and shower the heroine with love, in more ways than one.


Shimizu Shuu

Height: 178 cm

A handsome guy.

Main Heroine:

Himeyuri Amane

Height: 159.6 cm

A beautiful girl.


Action, Romance, Comedy, Fantasy



Novel Updates Page:


Volume 1: Overcoming a Fateful Death.

Chapter 1: I reincarnated.

Chapter 2: Newfound Strength.

Chapter 3: The Little Heroine Was as Cute as Always.

Chapter 4: The Girl in Love with Mr. Evildoer.

Chapter 5: Three Years as a Kindergartener.

Chapter 6: The School Play.

Chapter 7: My Unfortunate Divine Arms.

Chapter 8: Turning Misfortune into an Opportunity. 

Chapter 8.5: Calamity Ranks and How to Differentiate Them.

Chapter 9: Let’s fight! And wear some clothes.  

Chapter 10: Transcend.   

Chapter 11: The Strongest Man.

Chapter 12: An Eye for an Eye and Aggression for Aggression. 

Chapter 13: Dimensional Slash.

Chapter 14: Familiar Summoning and Life Energy Measurement.

Chapter 15: Asuka and an Ambush.

Chapter 16: I Got This.  

Chapter 17: Three Years Later and a Secret Revealed.

Chapter 18: More Training and a New Brother.

Chapter 19: A Sudden Parting.  

Chapter 20: My Love for You.  

Chapter 21: To Die Protecting the Heroine of an Eroge.

Chapter 22: The Underworld.

Chapter 23: I Now Understand How the Children of the Sai no Kawara Feel.

Chapter 24: The Piggy Duke.

Volume 2: The High School Arc.

Chapter 25: Prologue.

Chapter 26: The School’s Snow Princess.

Chapter 27: The Men’s Bath.

Chapter 28: Reconciliation.

Chapter 29: This World’s Protagonist.

Chapter 30: Swimming Class.

Chapter 31: Kaito’s Wrath.