RCF – Chapter 31: Kaito’s Wrath.

Translator: Haruto.

I’m currently waiting for the others in front of the station to go to the pool today just like we promised.

I arrived about an hour early, which some may think is kind of creepy but if I make beauties like Amane and Ayame wait, there’s no doubt some dudes will try to chat them up.

And as there’s no freaking way I’ll let that happen, I decided to arrive early and wait by myself.

The participants of today’s pool outing are Amane, Ayame, Akatsuki, Momoka, Asuka, and Kaito.

I think this a good chance to talk a little about their appearance. After all, they all changed a fair amount when they entered high school.

First, Amane. Her silver hair is as perfect as always! It’s gotten pretty long, now reaching her hips. And talking about her hips, her figure has also gotten more mature if you know what I mean. She’s remained as slender as before, though, and she currently stands 158.9 cm tall.

Next, Ayame. Her pink hair is styled into a ponytail and her body is plump all around but her fruits in particular can easily make any guy lose his mind. She’s now 154 cm tall.

Moving on, we have Akatsuki Toru. He’s got a slick back hairstyle, a lot of muscle—he loves to work out—and whoever sees him knows instantly that he’s a reliable guy. He’s 180 cm tall.

Now let’s talk about Momoka. Her black hair is cut into a bob, she’s 160 cm tall, and she’s quite the looker, although nowhere near as gorgeous as Amane, of course.

Okay, next there’s Asuka, with her nice red hair and twin tails. Asuka’s currently 157 cm tall, however, her you-know-what remain as small—Agh! Who punched me just now?!—A-Ahem, as modest as when we first met.

We also can’t forget about Kaito. He’s got auburn hair styled into an undercut, and although we can’t call him buff exactly, he does have some muscle. He looks like your typical carefree player. He’s 176 cm tall.

And finally, there’s me, with my bluish-black hair and up-bang hairstyle. I’ve gotten rather muscular because of my training and I’ve also grown a lot even though I spent so much time in a half-dead state. It seems I have Hades to thank for that. I heard he used a regeneration technique on my body or something like that. At any rate, I went through a growth spurt and I now stand 175 cm tall.

And so, since I’ve finished giving you a picture of what our group members look like, let us return to me waiting in front of the station, where—believe it or not—a couple of so-called gyaru are trying to chat me up!

“Come on, you’ve got nothing better to do, right? Let’s go somewhere fun!”

“We’ll make sure you enjoy it…”

“No, um, I’ve got a girlfriend…”

I’ve never been approached by girls like this before, not even in my previous life. Chances are that if I didn’t have a girlfriend, I would have accepted their offer without a second thought. That’s how beautiful these two gyaru are. However, I now have Amane so the only thing I’m experiencing right now is awkwardness.

I keep thinking of the proper way to deal with them until I suddenly feel someone grab my arm from behind and something soft press against it. I instantly knew it was Amane.

“Excuse me, my name is Amane and I’m his girlfriend. We’re about to go on a d-date… so, um, please leave.”

She must have gotten embarrassed while saying date since her voice kept getting quieter and quieter. Regardless, the two gyaru give up without a fight and leave, which kind of surprised me.

“Phew. Thanks, Amane. What are you doing here, though? It’s still pretty early, you know?”

She got here forty minutes early. I know I did pretty much the same thing, but hey, that was because I had to be ready to protect her if need be.  

“Huh? Ah, um… I was so excited that I just couldn’t help arriving a little early…”

Man, Amane looks like a freaking angel when she gets all bashful!! Especially with that white dress she’s wearing. The only thing she’s missing is a set of wings on her back.

“There’s still some time left before the others arrive so how about we take a seat?”


We sit on a bench together.

A beautiful girl is sitting beside me, smiling at me and with her silver hair swaying in the air. Not even the people around us can keep her eyes off her.

“That girl is stunning!”

“It’s the first time I’ve seen someone with silver hair.”

“That dress is so sexy!”  

“She’s adorable… I wanna bury my face in her—”

Hey!! Who the hell just said that?! Show your face! I’ll #$@&%* you up!!

I get pissed so I decide to take Amane’s hand and intertwine my fingers with her like lovers do.

Look, suckers! The cute girl who’s blushing while holding my hand is my girlfriend!

I ended up creeping them out because of how hyped I was…

After thirty more minutes of flirting, the others finally arrived.

“Okay, let’s go, guys!” says Ayame, and we all head to the station.


Amane and Asuka are just as excited as Ayame. The three of them are chatting and sticking to each other cheerfully. Gotta love Yuri! This is a feast for the eyes!

Meanwhile, Momoka is all by herself, fidgeting bashfully as though she wants to join in on the fun.

“Just talk to them already.”  

I give her a little push on her back.

“Hey! What do you think you’re doing?!”

She got angry at me for some reason.

“Oh, shush. It’s obvious you wanna join their little chat, so just go already. We wanna have a man-talk here.”

“Uh…! Y-You don’t get it!!”

“Just go talk to them. Bye-bye!”

I give her another small push and she finally begins walking over to Amane’s group.

“Gee, he’s always so…”

With Momoka gone, I’m finally able to talk about what’s been on my mind all this time with Kaito and Akatsuki.

“Hey, have you guys seen their swimsuits already?”

Their faces get all serious all of a sudden.

“No, Asuka said that a lady needed to keep a few things private so she couldn’t show it to me yet.”  

“Me neither. Ayame just told me, ‘Wait for the surprise, Toru-chan.’”

“I see… We’re all in the same boat, huh.”

It seems none of us has had the chance to venture into that unexplored world. I wish Amane had given me at least a sneak peek beforehand. Since I’m going in blind, I might just die from cuteness overload.

“I can’t promise I’ll come out of this alive, boys…”

“Same here… Ayame in a swimsuit… Waahh!!”

“Toruuu!! This is bad, Shuu! Toru’s nose is bleeding like crazy, and now the dude’s unconscious!”

“Pull yourself together!!”

We almost lost a soldier on the way, but we somehow managed to make it to the pool.

“I-I lost too much blood.”

“I lost too much Amane-energy.”

“Look alive, guys! Aren’t you two strong? Or are those muscles just for show?” Kaito asks ruthlessly, to which we both reply, “There are things in this world that not even muscles can defend you against.”

“You’re just spouting nonsense now.” Kaito scoffs at us.  

“Very well. Try imagining Asuka wearing a swimsuit, then.”

“Hmph! I’m already her fiancé. Picturing her in a swimsuit is a piece of cake for me.”

“So you say but your nose is bleeding.”

“D-Don’t misunderstand! It’s totally not because I’m imagining her wearing a swimsuit! I mean, there’s now her teeny-weeny—Ghaaahhh!!”

Kaito is blasted away by Asuka’s axe after it came flying at an incredible speed.

“What were you guys saying about my breasts…?”

“Nothing, ma’am.”

I swore in my heart to never joke about Asuka’s breasts.

As though we were running away, we enter the men’s changing room as fast as we can.

Kaito joins us a few minutes later with a huge goose egg on his head. It’s kind of impressive how that’s all he got after that hit.

Before Amane and the others leave the changing room, the boys and I decide to look for a nice place away from the sunlight.

After finding the right spot, we leave some chairs and our bags there.

Then we return to the changing rooms to check on the girls and see that a crowd has formed in front for some reason.

“Check those girls out! They’re freaking cute!”

“I wanna talk to them!!”

We hear all sorts of things from all sides, however, two voices stand out from the rest.

“Come with us already!”

“We don’t want to!”

They belong to some guy and Asuka. Kaito runs toward them as fast as his legs can carry him, and we follow close behind.

Once we get to the center of the crowd, we find Amane and her friends surrounded by a group of sleazy-looking college students.

Asuka and Momoka are trying to protect Amane and Ayame the best they can.

“I don’t care! Just do as I say!”

The guy that was arguing with her grabs Asuka by the arm. She obviously tries to defend herself but since her strength is sealed at the moment, her punches are doing no significant damage to him.

“Ow!” He forcefully raises Asuka’s arm high.


A deep voice is heard. It belongs to Kaito.

“That’s my girl. Who the hell gave you permission to touch her?”

Kaito’s usual carefree expression has been replaced by a terrifying scowl. Kaito grabs hold of the guy’s arm and begins tightening up his grip, which seems to inflict a lot of pain on the college guy since he has no choice but to let Asuka go.

Asuka stumbles for a second but Kaito catches her in his arms.

What the hell?! When did he get this cool?!

“Are you okay, Asuka?”

“Huh?! U-Um, yeah…”

Asuka nods, blushing furiously.

“Who the hell are you?!”

“Are you slow or something? I’m her boyfriend.”

“Her boyfriend, huh? Let me have her for one night, then. You can already do her every single day so it wouldn’t kill you to share a little!” the guy exclaims with a huge grin on his face.

Kaito walks up to him in silence, punches him in the face and blasts him away.

I had a feeling this would turn into a bit of a mess, but seeing Kaito get so angry felt so refreshing that the idea of stopping him never even occurred to me.

Kaito runs off to keep beating the college guy up, and in the meantime, we deal with his little friends to protect Amane and the other girls.

Once we’re done with them, we go see how Kaito is doing and find the college guy on his knees asking for forgiveness.

“Don’t you ever show your face around here, you trash!!”


The guy runs away with his tail between his legs. We also leave the area soon after to avoid being caught by a security guard.

When we return to the spot where we had left our bags, Kaito starts patting Asuka’s body for some reason.

“Hyaa?! W-w-w-w-what are you doing?!”

“I’m checking for injuries. How are you feeling…?”

Kaito then brings Asuka into his arms.

Amane screams excitedly and puts her hands over her eyes but leaves a small opening to not miss anything.

“I-I’m okay… I-It took you too long to get there, you dummy… And… what you said about me being your girl… A-Aah…” Blush.

Asuka’s blushing so much it feels like steam is about to come out of her. Her voice also got super quiet at the end, so no one understood what she was trying to say.

Even I can’t help but think she looks adorable right now… I-Is this what people call gap-moe?!!

…At any rate, there really is more to Kaito than meets the eye.

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