VSA – Chapter 18: “I Just Want to Know Why My Yui-Kun Is So Drawn to You.”

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This is a triple release (Ch18-19.5).

“Rina-chan is taking a while. Maybe she got lost?”

“Hmm. I doubt it.”

“Hm? We’re not waiting for her? Ah! You want us to go look for her, right?”



Mahiro puts her hand to her chin as though she’s thinking about something important. Yuito tilts his head, looking at her curiously.



“I’d like us to get on a ride just the two of us at least once. What do you say? I’ll of course text Rina to let her know where we are.”

“Huh? But having fun by ourselves while Rina might be lost would be kind of…”

“Meeting in front of an attraction would make it easier for her to find us. We’ll just be riding it while we wait for her. So, can you go along with my little request?”

“Hmm… Okay, let’s ride that one while we wait for her.”

“Uhh! Thank you, Yuito!”




Rina and I stare at each other in complete silence.

On my way back from the restroom after ruining the nice moment Hibari and I were having, I ran into one of the two sisters I’ve been trying to keep my distance from, Rina.

Sumino Rina…

She’s got dark brown hair styled into twin tails, blue eyes, and large breasts that attract the attention of all men, or to be more exact, their lecherous gazes. Perhaps it’s because of the size of her breasts, but she likes to wear clothes that are too big for her. Even her school blazer fits her loosely.

At first sight, she may seem like a little succubus, but she’s just a Yandere girl that’d do anything for the guy she loves.

More importantly, though…

Seriously?! Again?! How many times do I have to deal with these people?! First the protagonist, then the older sister, and now the younger one! I’m just trying to lead a chill life so why the hell do the main characters keep approaching me?!

“What are you doing here?!” Rina breaks the silence first, pointing her finger at me.

I think of telling her, “Why do you care?” but I stop myself. Instead, I try coming up with a better way to deal with this situation, however…

“You’ve got the wrong person.”

In the end, I just pretended not to know her.

“Yeah, right! You’re Kasashima Yuuji! Yui-kun talks about you all day and no one else has that kind of intimidating face!”

It appears she remembers me well because of Yuito and how I look.

Refusing to let me escape, Rina closes the distance between us.

“…Why are you getting so close…? There’s no reason to get involved in each other’s business. We both got our reasons to be here so how about we just ignore one another?”

“I don’t know why but the thought of you ignoring me pisses me off.”

“Talk about unreasonable! But like, didn’t you come here with someone? You should return to them.”

“Aah, it’s okay. Knowing my sister, she must be enjoying her alone time with Yui-kun getting on rides together or something like that.”

“Sometimes I can’t tell if you two get along or not.”

“My sister shows no mercy when it comes to love.”

Yeah, I know very well how merciless you two can be when Yuito is involved. Also, she just dropped this bit of information on me like it was nothing, but Yuito and Mahiro are also here?!

While I’m still processing the situation, Rina talks to me one more time.

“Do you like Yui-kun?”

“Wha-?!” I blurt, dumbfounded by her unexpected question.

…Hm, I guess I’ve got no choice but to answer her.

“I like him as a friend. Nothing more nothing less.”

“What?! There’s no way you only like Yui-kun’s friend-mode!”

“You’re a pain in the ass, you know that?”

And what’s Yuito’s “friend-mode” anyways?

“Like I said, I only like him as a friend. You’re even getting jealous of dudes now?”

“N-No! I just want to know why my Yui-kun is so drawn to you.”


By drawn to me she means as friends, right?

“What Yui-kun has told me about you isn’t enough to figure you out, Kasashima Yuuji. Like, your face is super scary…”

“There’s obviously more to me than my looks! And stop calling me by my full name… More importantly, though, someone is waiting for me so I’ve gotta go.”

“Don’t be like that. Let’s talk for a bit longer!”

“See ya.”

Rina is making a fuss behind me, but I just continue to ignore her and walk away.

Then she goes silent out of nowhere.

“She finally gave up—”

“Hey there! Are you by yourself? That’s quite a pretty face you’ve got.”

“Wanna hang out with us?”

Seeing her alone, a group of guys jumps at the opportunity to flirt with Rina.

But well, that’s got nothing to do with me…

“Amusement parks are not the right place to pick up girls, you know? You’re bothering me so can you please get lost…? Trash.”

“What did you just call us?! You cocky little…”

“She thinks she can say whatever she wants just ‘cause she’s cute.”

Is she for real? Couldn’t she have thought of a better way to turn them down?! Why is she trying to pick a fight with those guys?!

“Oh noo! I’m just a poor helpless girl! Whatever am I to do?”

“It’s too late to apologize now!”

“We’re gonna drag you into a stall and have some fun with you.”

“Ow! Don’t grab my hand like that! It hurts!”


Aaagh! You’ve gotta be kidding me!!!


“Huh? What the—? Eeeek?!”

“T-That guy is totally dangerous!”

I glare at them, moving closer and closer until they can’t help but shriek in fear and run away with their tails between their legs.

I look at Rina and she’s smiling, as though everything went according to plan.

“…So, you acted like that just to keep me here?”

“You went out of your way to save me. What a kind gentleman you are!”


“As a token of my gratitude, I offer you the chance to talk to me for a bit longer!”

“Are you an idiot?”


Rina doesn’t know when enough is enough, so I say, “As I told you a moment ago, I’m with someone. What if a guy tries to bother her like they did to you? Beautiful girls are never left alone no matter how quiet they are… Haa… Besides, you should also return to your group. I know what you said, but there’s no way your sister isn’t worried about you.”


“See ya. Hope you have fun today.”

“…Okay. I’m sorry for troubling you…”

“D-Don’t worry about it.”

I trot off, feeling kind of surprised by how shy Rina got all of a sudden.

I must say, though, it’s really impressive how aggressive the sisters can become when Yuito is involved…

Aah, are you talking about those rumors saying he’s involved in some sketchy business? I know quite well how it feels to be judged by my looks so I never pay those kinds of rumors any mind. I only believe the things that I can see with my own eyes.

Rina sinks in thought as she walks toward the attraction where she’s supposed to meet Mahiro and Yuito.

“To think he turned me down… He’s a pretty strait-laced guy despite how he looks… It sure was exhausting acting so mean in front of those annoying guys, though… But well, it’d be kind of hard to abandon this little persona of mine…”  

Rina is always carefree and meek when she’s at home, so she can’t help but sigh at the thought of having to keep up her act.

“Also, that thing he said…”

As I told you a moment ago, I’m with someone. What if a guy tries to bother her like they did to you? Beautiful girls are never left alone no matter how quiet they are…

“So he’s with a girl… Hmm.”

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