VSA – Chapter 19: The Villain and the Maid Are a Great Team.

Translator: Haruto.

This is a triple release (Ch18-19.5).

Here’s chapter 18.

We were having so much fun that time seemed to fly by…

“We got on a lot of rides, huh.”


Hibari and I got on the Ferris wheel as our last ride of the day. The view from my fancy apartment is impressive but this one is also quite beautiful. I can see the entire town from here.

“You seem to be enjoying the ride.”

“Yeah, gotta love how slow it is.”

We also got on that thing that takes you super high and then drops you at full speed, and that other one called a flying trapeze, but I could barely stand afterward…

When we reach the top of the wheel, Hibari says, “Yuuji-sama, thank you for today.”

“Did you have fun?”

“Yes, I enjoyed myself a lot,” Hibari answers, resting her hands on her lap and looking into my eyes.

“I’m glad to hear that,” I say back with a smile.

I’m honestly glad we both enjoyed ourselves and did everything we wished to do today.

Once the wheel completes a full circle, our visit to the amusement park will come to a close… I’m starting to feel kind of sad for some reason.



“I would like… to tell you a bit more about me.”

“Please do.”

I straighten up and begin to listen to Hibari’s story.

“Since I was little, I’ve been blessed with talent but I’ve also been called tedious. The reason… has always been the lack of emotion on my face. Whether I’m happy, sad, having fun… I’m unable to let it show well, and that’s why I’ve never been able to fit in anywhere.”

Hibari squeezes her hands together on her lap. That’s enough to let me know how painful it must have been for her.

“At some point, I convinced myself that there was nothing I could do about it—that that was just the kind of person I was. And so, when the time to choose a profession came, I looked for one that’d allow me to carry out my duties well despite how expressionless I was… That’s how I decided to become a maid.”

“…Please continue.”

“I believed that as long as a maid was talented that was all that mattered. You see, maids can be as cold as they please and that has no impact on their masters, who don’t usually have that much interest in their maids, to begin with. So I thought that I’d also just keep this stone face of mine forever as I continued to fulfill my role… but things have changed…”


Her voice begins to shake…

“At first you only saw me as a tool, and yet…”

Hey, Maid.

Yes? How may I help you, Yuuji-sama?

Ahem… Thanks for everything, I guess. Keep taking good care of me, will ya?

“One day you decided to thank me despite how out of character it was for you.”

…That was the conversation we had right after my soul came into this world. I knew she would be taking care of me from that moment on so I wanted to express my appreciation.

“Those words were enough to ignite in me the desire to get close to you.”


My eyes widen in surprise at Hibari’s unexpected statement.

“That was the first time I received words of gratitude. Other people always just took whatever I did for granted, so my interest in you grew.”

She takes a small breath and continues.

“And in return, you showed more interest in me and talked to me whenever you could… I did find your fetishes a little questionable, though.”

“So you teased me for it but inside you were actually creeped out?!”

“I still treasure that moment as a nice memory. Same as today. Which is why I can say confidently…”

“Say what confidently?”

“That I’m glad from the bottom of my heart that you’re my master.”

Her voice is not cold like usual. It feels brighter and filled with all sorts of emotions, even if her tone remains kind of low.

“Are you okay with me being your maid, Yuuji-sama?”

“I mean…”


“Of course I am!” I say, raising my thumb with a tinge of bashfulness, and the corners of her lips curve slightly… That was the second time Hibari smiled in front of me.

After leaving the park, we take the train, get off, and walk back home.

“Now that I think about it, I heard an event will be held by your school soon.”

“An event?”

“Yes, an event that’s supposed to bring your entire class together.”

“Huh. It seems I’m badly suited for that event, then.”

I’m unable to figure out which event she’s referring to, so Hibari enlightens me, “The school camp will begin in two weeks. Please mark the date.”

“The school… camp?”

Aah, yeah, there was a similar event in the game where something big happened…

Hey! Who was it?! Who stole the envelope that contained all the money we gathered to cover the cost of the present we bought for our teacher?!

The Missing Money Event.

The culprit was someone else but Kasashima Yuuji tried to pin the blame on Yuito because he hated how close the protagonist was to the two beautiful sisters

Needless to say, I’d never do that to the protagonist.

However, I’m still pretty sure the event will occur. The problem is that in the game the culprit only spoke through text and their voice is never heard so I can’t take preemptive measures.

And to add salt to injury, there’s no doubt that the first suspect will be the guy with the lowest reputation in the class, aka me…

…Hmm? Hold on, isn’t that a greater threat to me than the two sisters right now?

“Say, Hibari.”


“Can you come up with a nice excuse so that I can ditch the school camp?”

“What a silly idea. You will go to the camp, okay?”

“Yes, ma’am…”

It looks like I’ve got no choice but to take care of it myself!!!!

—Volume 1 End—

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