VSA – Chapter 19.5: Characters.

Translator: Haruto.

This is a triple release (Ch18-19.5).

Here’s chapter 18.

Kasashima Yuuji.

Role: The Villain.

He’s the villain of a R18 Eroge where two beautiful sisters sit on him and abuse him until he runs out of strength.

A new soul takes over his body and he tries the best he can to avoid the bad ending. He’ll actually end up getting everyone to fall for him—although, he doesn’t know that yet.

He also doesn’t know who will be riding him until he runs out of strength…


Role: The Villain’s Maid.

Back in the game, she was an NPC that had almost no screen time. She’s as multitalented as they come.

Because of how difficult it is for her to express her emotions, she’s always kept her heart under lock and key. Things change when Yuuji begins to encourage her and, little by little, she learns how to be more open with her feelings.  

Incidentally, she can’t wait to go out with Yuuji again.

Saeki Yuito.

Role: The Protagonist.

The original protagonist of the game. He’s your typical dense-as-a-rock hunk that’s completely unaware of the heroines’ feelings.

Because of the two sisters and the jealousy that other guys feel toward him, he’s never had a male friend aside from Yuuji.

After they become friends, he sticks to Yuuji like glue and tries to bring him and the two sisters closer together.

Sumino Mahiro.

Role: Heroine.

One of the game’s heroines and the oldest of the two sisters.

She’s a dashing girl who likes to go on and on about how cute Yuito is. She also looks like a calm, mature girl, but in reality, she’s a Yandere that’s willing to do anything for the guy she likes.

At the moment, she only cares about Yuito, but well… let’s see how things turn out in Volume 2.

Sumino Rina.

Role: Heroine.

Another of the game’s heroines and the youngest of the two sisters.

She’s interested in Yuito and has the kinds of curves that attract the gazes of all boys.

While she looks like a seductive little succubus, she’s just a Yandere that’s capable of doing anything for the guy she likes.

She’s currently keeping an eye on Yuuji just in case, but she still only cares about Yuito… Let’s see how things change in Volume 2.

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