RCF – Chapter 25: Prologue

Translator: Haruto.

Volume 2: The High School Arc.


“Well then, I wish you luck…”

A ker-chack is heard as the door is shut…

I find myself in front of a large futon… with Amane.

The moonlight shines dimly into the room, the shoji screens produce a pleasant feeling of openness, allowing me to look out into the garden as much as I please, and the floor is covered with traditional tatami mats.

However, what must be emphasized here is the fact that Amane is right beside me.

“Um, I guess we should hit the sack, huh?”

As soon as the words leave my lips, Amane’s face turns beet red, completely flustered.

“Ah, shoot. I didn’t mean it that way… okay…?”

After winning the tournament, I wanted to head home but we were taken here instead, and well, that’s basically how we ended up in this situation.

I’m sure it’s not hard to imagine how surprising this turn of events was to us.

I suppose they want me to seal the deal and pierce Amane’s Absolute Terror Field.

Something along the lines of “Do it or get the heck out!”

“Um, Amane.”

My voice cracks out of nervousness.

“Y-Yesh!! W-W-W-W-W-What is it, Shuu-kun?” Amane asks while standing as stiff as a rock.

How can she be this adorable?

“Don’t worry. I won’t lay a finger on you, okay?”


Tears well up in Amane’s eyes after hearing my little promise.

What the…? Looks like I messed up somehow.  

“A-Am I that unattractive…?” Amane wonders.

“No, it’s not that… Um…”

“It’s okay, I understand. My hair color is creepy, my skin is too pale, my eyes are sharp and my breasts are not that big…”

Uh-oh, this is quickly going from bad to worse!

“You’re cute, Amane! I love your silver hair, your white skin, your eyes, and, um… your breasts, too! I love everything about you!”



Alright, crisis averted.

“Then prove it,” Amane says while holding my hand tightly and bringing it close to her chest.


The soft sensation being transmitted from my hand overloads my brain.

I can’t believe this is happening!!

But I can clearly see my hand resting over Amane’s clothes, which appear to have been prepared specially for this occasion, touching her breasts, and sinking in.

As quickly as my brain recovers, my holy sword Excalibur rises high for all to see, and its two loyal oval friends start up the machinery in wait for action, regardless of whether or not they’re empty.

My reason tells me, “Keep it together!” while my instincts yell, “Let’s get our freak on!!”

And while my reason is doing its best to keep things in check, it begins to fade away little by little since it’s unable to overshadow the intense sensation in my hand.

“I’m okay with doing it if it’s you. I want you to be my first…”

Blushing, Amane begins to remove her clothing.

Normally, I would jump at the opportunity and say, “Oh yes!! It’d be my honor!!!”

However, now that the chance is actually being presented to me, I end up hesitating.

It’s similar to how most people would hesitate to take a large sum of money from a friend after carelessly asking for it.

Man, if I were one of those playboys, I’d probably take her offer without a second thought.

I can’t help but feel somewhat jealous. After all, I’m the type of innocent virgin that hasn’t yet made his contribution to the continuation of the human race.

But well, when all it’s said and done, if you give a virgin like me the chance to make love with such a beautiful girl as Amane…

I’ll obviously lose all self-control sooner or later.

Oh, whatever! I’m a man!! It’s my holy sword’s time to shine!

I unsheathe my sword.


Amane stares at it.  

“It’s so, um… hard… and big… I wonder if it’ll fit.”

She voices her thoughts without ever taking her eyes off it.

On the other side of the coin, I’m close to reaching enlightenment thanks to the sight of Amane’s naked body.  

Yeah, if I died now, I’d have no regrets.

Our first mock battle begins.

Tonight’s training aims to strengthen Amane’s mind by having her experience the intense stimulus of my sword’s advances so that she can build up resistance to the calamities’ attacks.

Amane twitches time and time again, while fainting briefly here and there, and dripping all over.

She takes my constant attacks deep inside as her face is tainted with ecstasy and she does her best to remain conscious.

Considering how dangerous it’d be to take all my attacks inside without protection, a durable and thin barrier covers my sword.

Our voices echo loudly in the room, however, mine is nothing compared to Amane’s “Aah!! Umm!! Yes!!!”

I’m glad she’s got such a marvelous fighting spirit.

In the end, our mock battle lasted until three in the morning.

Amane fainted briefly a grand total of 31 times, took my final moves 21 times inside, and her body twitched uncontrollably 68 times.

The next day…

Chirp, chirp…

So this is how it feels to wake up the morning after the deed… Not bad.

I hear Amane breathing calmly beside me, wearing nothing at all.

If someone told me this is paradise, I’d believe them without a second thought.

However, all good things must come to an end; it’s time to inform my family and friends that I’m up and kicking once again.

I’ll start with my parents…

I’ll have to face the consequences of running off without saying a word to them.


My mom stands before me as intimidating as a real demon.

I’m on my knees.

To be honest, I’m more scared of her than a rank-one.

My dad is in the corner being careful not to infuriate my mom further—just waiting out the storm.

“Do you know how worried I was?! I was this close to having a panic attack when I heard you were in a coma!!”

It looks like my master was tactful enough not to tell them I was actually half-dead.           

“Your mom’s right! Thank goodness Shikiryuu-sama was there to take care of your curse!” my father exclaimed having found the right time to throw in his two cents.

From what I heard, my master told them that I was in a comatose state as a result of a rank-one’s curse, and I must say, that’s quite the convincing setting he came up with.

He told them that since it was a peculiarly strong curse only someone as strong as him could get close to me and that, for that same reason, it was unclear when I’d wake up…

“Have you even thanked him for what he’s done, Shuu-chan?” my mom asked.

“Huh? Not yet…”

“In that case pick up the phone and do so.”

“Aw, but he’s…”

“No buts!!”

Heeding my mom’s insistence, I pick up the phone and call my master.

“H-Hello, master? It’s me, Shuu.”

“Ohh. I’ve been expecting your call. Although, I’m sure you just called me because your mom told you to.”

“Um, yeah, sorry…”

“I don’t mind, but if you’d like to thank me for everything, how about you go to the public bathhouse with me for a dip one of these days?”

“That’s all you want? I mean, you’ve really done a lot for me…”

“Why, what a grateful disciple I’ve got!! But yeah, I just don’t want to go there by myself.”

“Alright, I’ll go… And, um, thanks.”

“It’s a promise! And remember, a man doesn’t go back on his word.”

“Yeah, I know.”

Next, I called Asuka and Kaito and apologized for worrying them.

I also took the chance to ask Asuka a question that had been looming in my mind.

“Say, how come you guys had no contact with Amane even though you go to the same high school?”

“Aah, that’s because her grandparents came to our houses to make it clear that we were not allowed to hang out with her. And so, in order to prevent a feud between our families, we couldn’t chat with Amane even though we were so close to her,” answered Asuka, “With that said, now that she’s engaged and she’s fulfilling her role as a shrine maiden, I think they’ll finally be okay with us talking to her.”

“I see. Man, shrine maidens sure have it rough.”

“You should stay on your toes, though. Those people only really see Amane as a pawn. They might have agreed to your engagement for now, but if a better suitor comes along, they could break it off,” she warned.

“I’ll keep it in mind. Thanks.”

Amane’s grandparents, huh.

They won’t be easy to handle, that’s for sure.  

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