VSA – Chapter 62: Rendezvous with the Villain. ①

Translator: Haruto.

It’s been ten days since the summer break began, and I’m finally going to experience a proper “summer event.”

“You’re all going to the pool?!”

“Yup! And I was hoping you’d tag along, Yuuji-kun…”

It’s the middle of the night. I’ve just received a call from Yuito and he’s invited me to the pool next week. I spent the past few days finishing my homework as Hibari kindly kept an eye on my progress, so I honestly couldn’t be happier about being invited to the pool.

I already had to worry about summer homework in my previous life, so it’s not nice having to do it all over again in this one, and more importantly, going to the pool with your friends is what summer is all about!

“So, do you think you’ll be able to come?” Yuito asks me.

“Yeah, of course!” I answer in a heartbeat.

He then let me know where we’re supposed to meet, who’ll be coming, and how much money I should bring…

After hanging up, I go get a cup of iced coffee… Man, I’m so excited I can’t wipe this huge smile off my face.

“It seems you’re in a great mood, Yuuji-sama,” Hibari remarks.

“I sure am! Nothing beats going to the pool with your friends!”

“I hope you have fun.”    

Aaah! I can’t wait for next week!



The day has finally arrived. We agreed to meet at the station closest to our school. From there, we’ll take a couple of trains to get to the waterpark that is found right beside the amusement park, and which only opens in the summer. I heard it was renovated not too long ago, and that they added plenty of fun attractions.

“I got here early, huh.”

I take a seat at a bench in front of the turnstiles and wait by myself. I check my phone and see that I’ve arrived thirty minutes early.

“Oh well, I wouldn’t have been able to relax at home anyway.”

And Hibari also said I should come be restless and fidgety here instead…

Twenty minutes after I start playing games on my phone to kill time, someone finally arrives.


“Ohh! Yuito!”

It’s none other than Yuito.

He’s looking as great as ever with his hair curled slightly at the ends, a dark brown checkered shirt, and black pants. Honestly, the game’s protagonist is not only dashing but stylish as well. On the other side of the coin, I just went with a loose-fit shirt and jeans—a pretty simple outfit.

“It looks like we both got here ahead of time,” Yuito remarks.  

“Yeah. Come take a seat.”


Now that Yuito’s here, I won’t have to kill time playing games on my phone all by myself.

“Were you so eager to go to the pool that you couldn’t help getting here early, Yuuji-kun?”

“Yeah, kinda. You too?”                                                   

“Hehe, yup! I’ve been looking forward to it for days!”         

Same here. I even checked my clothes and the things I was going to bring multiple times last night.

“I’ve been to the pool with my family before, but from this year onwards… I want to start going there with you and the others whenever we can!” Yuito says.

“Yeah, me too.”

I’m sure Yuito and I will lead a fun and peaceful school life from now on as we make more and more friends. However, I still have to be careful not to fall back into the bad ending where the two sisters sit on me and abuse me until I run out of strength.

“I can’t wait to get to the pool!” Yuito comments.

“I feel you.”

Now that I think about it, we’re alone right now so this might be a perfect chance…

A perfect chance for what, you ask? To make the ever-so-dense Yuito take even the slightest notice of the two sisters’ feelings for him, of course! Those two will be visiting the pool with us, and I’m pretty sure they went all out with their swimsuits. That’s why if Yuito doesn’t react the way he’s supposed to when he sees them, I’m confident those two will be venting all their frustration on yours truly.

Long story short, I gotta make sure Yuito notices how hard they’re trying for him!

“By the way, Yuito, for men like you and me, there’s actually something particularly exciting about visiting the pool, you know?

Alright, now’s his turn to say, “Are you talking about seeing girls in swimsuits?” while getting all bashful and stuff.  

“I do know!! Going down the water slides!! I heard two people can go down at the same time, so let’s pair up, Yuuji-kun!”

“You’re right, my boy—Wait, no, that’s not what I meant! There’s something even more thrilling than that!”

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about going down the water slides, though.

“True! There are also food stands! We’ll get to eat shaved ice, fries, and sausages too!!” Yuito responds.

“Come on now, don’t forget about the chicken skewers and the fried noodles!”                      

“Yeah, thank you for reminding me about those, Yuuji-kun! We should split everything between the two of us so that we can keep trying all kinds of food!”

“What a great idea!! Wait, no, that’s not what I was referring to either!!!”

I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited about buying stuff at the food stands, though!!

“Other than that, well… I’m also delighted to enjoy the summer with my friends like this… Hehe…” says Yuito.


He might be dense… but his heart’s made of gold, man…


“Ah! Erm… Listen, Yuito, there’s one more thing that is very exhilarating about going to the pool… Swimsuits!!”  

“Totally! I actually bought a new swimsuit.”

“Yeah, me too. But I didn’t mean ours. The girls will be wearing swimsuits, too, won’t they?”

“No doubt. I mean, it’s the pool.”

“That’s right. We’re going to the pool, which means that everyone will be wearing swimsuits, and I bet those two went all out with theirs.”

“Did you also bring a nice swimsuit for the occasion, Yuuji-kun?”

“Me? Um… Yeah.”

Hibari’s the one who picked those shorts with the little sharks on them for me, though.

“Me too! And I think everyone else bought new swimsuits for today, too.”

“Yeah, and that’s why I want you to take proper notice of the girls’ swimsuits and offer them a compliment, got it?”


Yup, he totally doesn’t get it. I bet he’ll just tell them something along the lines of “It looks nice!” and be done with it.

But anyway, it’s been almost ten minutes since we started talking. The others should be arriving soon…

“Sorry, but we’re not interested, okay?”

“You’re a bit of an eyesore, so can you get lost?”

I recognize those voices. I turn around towards the sidewalk in front of the station, and…

“Don’t tell me…” I mumble.        

“Ahaha… Trouble seems to follow Mahiro-chan and Rina-chan everywhere…” Yuito says.

Two dudes are trying to pick up Mahiro and Rina.

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