VSA – Prologue (Part 2): The Maid’s Diary.

Translator: Haruto.

Volume 4:
Falling for the Villain in the Summer.


Yuuji-sama acted a bit strange today.

I’m so puzzled by what happened that I have decided to write a diary of sorts.

The same Yuuji-sama who had seen me as nothing more than a convenient tool all this time, expressed his gratitude to me. I was delighted to hear those words coming from him, but unfortunately, I was also so surprised and confused that my body just froze in place.

As always, however, I remained expressionless…

This trait of mine is the reason why no matter how I’m feeling, I doubt anyone will ever notice or even care about the things going on in my heart.


It seems Yuuji-sama is experiencing some difficulties at school due to his appearance. I arrived early to pick him up today, and he was the first student to step out of the gate.

While I was still trying to figure out what I should say to him… he ordered me to give him my “paw,” and to “beg.” I didn’t quite understand what he wanted of me at first, but when he asked me to “beg”… I decided to tease him a little.

And yet, Yuuji-sama did not get angry. He simply looked amused as he smiled at me, and the instant I saw that smile… I had a feeling he enjoyed being with me despite my flaws.  


Apparently, Yuuji-sama has made a new friend. As his maid, that makes me happy.

His friend’s name is Saeki Yuito. He’s a polite, kind, and good-looking boy. I must admit, it’s a bit of a mystery to me how he became Yuuji-sama’s friend.

(I have confirmed that Yuuji-sama did not pay him to be his friend.)


The school camp has begun. I’m now completely alone at home. I don’t have as much work now, but I still take care of my daily duties.

While I was tending to my chores earlier today, my mind went back to the time Yuuji-sama took me to the amusement park. It was also the day I told him about the difficulty I have showing my emotions. Truth be told, I think I opened up to him because a part of me believed that just by doing so my worries would be eased.

Yuuji-sama had already noticed that I had problems expressing my emotions, and he told me that… he understood me.

Like me, Yuuji-sama knew how it felt to be constantly misjudged and so he had no problem accepting me for who I was.

Not only did he not think of me as a tool or a creepy, expressionless maid, but Yuuji-sama saw and accepted everything about me.

That was the moment my interest in him began.


Today was the second and final day of the school camp.

Yuuji-sama was absent from home almost all day, but he returned in the evening at last.

When I went to pick him up, I noticed that he’d made some new friends. Among them, I caught sight of two pretty girls… Their names are Sumino Mahiro and Sumino Rina.

It appears people like to call them “the two beautiful sisters.”


I received a text from Yuuji-sama saying he’d be home late today.

While he was away, my sister came to visit the apartment, and she suggested I should give Yuuji-sama a reward. I decided to give it a try and later that day, I washed Yuuji-sama’s back, as per his request. It was the first time I’d ever washed the back of a man. His was bigger and stronger than I imagined.

When I asked him what he wished me to do next, he said we should call it a day. I feared I had done something to make him mad, however, it turned out he was simply feeling bashful since I was wearing nothing but a towel.

As his face turned beet red… for the first time in my life, I felt glad that my emotions hardly showed on my face.


Today was Saturday. I wasn’t able to drive Yuuji-sama to the store to get new swim shorts for him, because I had something else to attend to.

Yuito-sama and I went to a café in secret to talk about Yuuji-sama. It was Yuito-sama’s idea. He told me he was too embarrassed to ask Yuuji-sama those kinds of things, so he decided to ask me instead.

After I answered most of his questions, he told me about how he had pitied Yuuji-sama at first because the people in his class kept him at arm’s length. However, once he realized how charming Yuuji-sama was, he felt the urge to find out more about him and make everyone at school see Yuuji-sama in a better light…

Realizing that what I was witnessing didn’t stem from pure friendship alone, I hung my head low for a moment as though to hide my worry.


I haven’t been able to spend as much time with Yuuji-sama lately. He’s been spending most of his time with either Yuito-sama or the two beautiful sisters.

It certainly is good that Yuuji-sama is enjoying his summer break like any young student should: going out with his friends, visiting their homes, etc.

I already graduated from college so I can’t experience those things alongside Yuuji-sama the way people his age can.

Nevertheless, I… I wish to be by his side more than anyone else. These days that’s all I can think about.


I don’t want to write in my diary today…

Yuuji-sama… is not here… He’s not here…

Yuuji-sama… where are you?

I want… to see him… and yet…

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