VSA – Chapter 61: “…Nothing to Do with Me.”

Translator: Haruto.


I-I’m so sleepy…

I’ve had to hold in numerous yawns now.

We have to keep waiting here until Yuito and the girl he’s with decide to leave the café, but since we’ve got no idea when that’ll be, time seems to pass at a snail’s pace.

“You look sleepy, Kasashima-kun.”

“That’s because I am…”

Even though it’s been an hour already, there are no signs of fatigue on Mahiro’s face… It’s honestly amazing how energetic she is.

I could entertain myself with my phone, but Mahiro hasn’t touched hers even once so it’s kind of hard to bring out mine…

“I wonder what Yuito and that girl are chatting about,” I say.

There’s no way they’ve been on their phones the entire time… which means they’ve been talking for an hour now. What kind of topic is so interesting that you can keep talking about it for that long?

“Yeah, I’m curious, too,” replies Mahiro.

“Maybe the person they like? Hahaha…”


“…I’m kidding so can you please stop gripping your cup so hard? You’re gonna break it.”

The poor thing’s beginning to crack.

“It’s your fault for saying something like that, Kasashima-kun.”

“I just meant there’s a chance they’re—Ah, yeah, I’m gonna shut up now…”

I’ve got to stop blurting out that sort of stuff. I’d forgotten that when Yuito’s love life is involved, the sisters can go absolutely nuts. Although, this is still nothing compared to when they lost control of their feelings in the game.

“Oh, it seems they’re leaving,” Mahiro says.  


I peek behind me at Mahiro’s words and see Yuito and the girl leave their seats, and walk in our direction. They’ve put on their hats and glasses again. As they walk past us, Mahiro and I lower our heads to prevent them from recognizing us.

“…Are they gone?” I ask.

“Yup. Let’s go, shall we?” Mahiro responds.  

We pay for our drinks, leave the café and run after them.

“Huh, it looks like their secret meeting is over,” remarks Mahiro.

Yuito and the girl are at a small plaza in the middle of the mall, and we’re keeping an eye on them from behind a large pole. Just as Mahiro said, their meeting appears to have come to an end. Yuito waves to the girl and she bows before they go their separate ways.

“I thought their date—I mean, their meeting would be longer, but they already said goodbye, huh,” I comment.

“Still, if it was that short, it can only mean they’ve been seeing each other often. I can’t let my guard down…” Mahiro says.

Wait, she’s not going to bring me along each time those two have a secret meeting, right?

“Don’t worry, Kasashima-kun. I won’t bother you anymore.”

“Ah, alright…”

It seems she figured out what I was thinking. Well, I’m glad. I could have a heart attack if I had to watch Mahiro get pissed every time those two see each other in secret.

“I guess we should call it a day, too. Whew. I’m so tired…” I say.

“Yeah, I suppose. Thanks for tagging along, Kasashima-kun. I’m really grateful.”

“Don’t mention it. See you later, Mahiro-san. Try not to do anything crazy by yourself, okay?”

I walk away, praying in my heart that she can keep her Yandere urges under control for as long as possible.

“In the end, we never found out who that girl was. Oh well, whoever Yuito hangs out with has nothing to do with me.”

If you ask me, I think it’s good that Yuito’s gotten a new friend.

As such a thought crosses Yuuji’s mind and he puts his hands in his pockets, Mahiro, walking in the opposite direction, touches her lips and whispers confidently, “I’m almost certain that girl was Hibari-san… Hmmm… It looks like Kasashima-kun’s path is not the only one that’ll intertwine with ours but hers too…”


“Alight, time to get me some new swim shorts!”

Having consulted the mall’s map, I now find myself in front of a swimwear store.

The mannequins at the window are all wearing what I suppose is the latest in swimsuit fashion. There are also a lot more girls than guys at the store, so I try my best not to look their way as I walk over to the men’s section.

“Man, there are so many different shorts here.”

Some are monochrome while others have various designs on them. But that’s not all, they sell leggings that are worn under the shorts as well. Honestly, it’s hard to choose having so many options.

“How about these?”

“Aah, swim briefs, huh? Sorry, those are not really my style… Whahh?! You’re here, Hibari?!”

I thought the person talking to me was a store clerk, but the moment I turn around, I see Hibari in her maid uniform.

“But wait, it’s summer, you know? Why’re you still wearing that uniform?”

Hibari’s got on her usual long-sleeved maid uniform, which has got to be too hot for the summer. Doesn’t she have, I don’t know, a short-sleeved maid uniform or something like that?

“Because I’m your maid, Yuuji-sama.”

“Yeah, again, no one’s taking that away from you, but… Oh well, more importantly, what are you doing here? I thought you had something to take care of.”

Yuuji-sama, I’m terribly sorry, however, I won’t be able to take you there due to some business I have to attend to.

That’s what Hibari told me.

“That’s done already,” she says.  

“Huh, really?”

“Yes, and after I finished with that, I just happened to see you, Yuuji-sama.”

Oh, that’s quite a coincidence.

“Are you not sure what swim shorts to buy?” Hibari asks me.

“There are just too many to choose from, you know?”

If a guy like me finds it hard to decide on one pair of swim shorts, I can’t even begin to imagine what girls go through when they buy their swimwear. Unlike guys who just have to get some shorts and they’re good to go, girls have to choose a top as well.

“Do you have a swimsuit, Hibari?”

“Yes, I do.”

Hmmm… I guess most people have one, huh?  

“I don’t want to waste more time picking one, so can you choose one for me?”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, I feel like I should just leave it to you. But no swim briefs, okay?! Just some good ol’ swim shorts like the ones you see here!”

“Very well, I choose these.”

“That was fast! Ohh, you chose these, huh…”

The gray swim shorts that Hibari selected in less than a second have some rather cute little sharks drawn on them.

“I believe these would suit you well, Yuuji-sama.”

“I do like the color and the sharks are not too childish either. I’ll go with these. Thank you.”

“You’re welcome.”

“I’ll go pay for them.”                                     

I’m sure I’ve got enough in my wallet to—


“Hm? Hibari?”

As I start to walk toward the register, Hibari tugs at my shirt gently from behind.

“Is something the matter? Did you find another good pair of shorts?”

“I’ll go with you.”

For a moment, I think of saying that she doesn’t have to and that she can just wait for me outside, but something tells me that’s not a good idea.

“Okay, let’s go together,” I reply.

“By the way, Yuuji-sama.”


“It is good for you to enjoy the summer break, but please don’t forget to do your homework.”

“Ah, yes, of course. I’ll totally get to it eventually…”

— Volume 3 End —

Translator’s Note:

Volume 3 is finished! This volume was pretty interesting to me since it seems to have set up a lot of things for the future. As always, thank you for reading, and see you in the next one.

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