VSA – Chapter 60: The Maid and the Protagonist’s Conversation.

Translator: Haruto.

Yuito-sama, could you please tell me the real reason why you’ve decided to accompany me?

I guess it was too obvious that I didn’t just want to give you a hand with the food, huh? I’m sorry if I made you feel uncomfortable.  

No, it’s okay.

I’m glad. The thing is, Hibari-san…


I want… to have a chat with you.

It all began the day of the study session… when Yuito and Hibari left the apartment to buy lunch.

The two of them talked back then, and they met again today to…

“What is… Yuuji-kun’s favorite food?!” Yuito asks excitedly.

“I’m not entirely sure, however… he seems to enjoy fried pork with ginger. He had quite a smile while eating it. Also, I believe he loves Hamburg steaks and fried chicken.”

“I see! I love those, too!”

…talk about Kasashima Yuuji.

That’s right. Last time, and this time too, all they’ve done is chat about Yuuji.

“How’s he at home?”

“Yuuji-sama is pretty much the same at home and outside. He’s cheerful, always says thank you, and likes to help me with the chores around the house.”

“Ohhh…! So Yuuji-kun’s the same at home! He’s so cool!”

They go on to discuss Yuuji’s current hobbies and how he spends his days off until Hibari proposes taking a short break.

“Thank you for your help, Hibari-san.”

“I’m also thankful to be able to talk with one of Yuuji-sama’s friends.”

“I know I should ask him these things directly, but… I’m a bit embarrassed to do that for some reason.”

“You are?”

“Yes. Besides, I’m sure there are some things Yuuji-kun hasn’t realized about himself, so since you’re his number one, I figured it’d be better to ask you, Hibari-san.”

“His number one…? Well, I suppose I am the person who has spent the most time with him,” Hibari says, stretching her hand toward her teacup.

Yuito adds some milk and Gomme syrup to his iced coffee and drinks it through a straw.

They remain silent for a while as they drink, but… it doesn’t take long before their conversation resumes. Needless to say, Yuito opened his mouth first.

“You know, this is the first time I’ve ever wanted to learn so much about someone.”


Hibari instantly notices that, unlike the passionate tone in which he was talking a moment ago, Yuito has now begun to talk in a rather calm and composed manner.

“Last time we talked I told you how Yuuji-kun became my friend, didn’t I?”

…Yeah. The thing is, I haven’t had any male friends since before middle school. It’s not like I didn’t get along with the guys in my class. We used to talk occasionally, but there was never someone I could call a friend, you know? So, it’s the first time a guy has called me ‘Yuito’.

Yuito told Hibari about how he first met Yuuji at a convenience store by chance.

“The way he was so kind to me and how he called me by my first name made me incredibly happy. I knew at that moment that I had made my first male friend.”

“And that’s why you wish to learn more about him?” Hibari asks.

“That’s one of the reasons.”

One of the reasons…

Hibari waits for him to continue.

“The day of the entrance ceremony there were some awful rumors about Yuuji-kun making the rounds, so everyone in the class kept him at arm’s length.”

And Yuito was in that class, too…

Um, what about that guy? Should we invite him?

…Nah, he’d just ruin the mood for everybody.

But, like, what if he’s not as bad as he seems?

Yuito noticed quickly that Yuuji was going to be isolated from the rest of the class.

“…I see. It is easy for people to get the wrong idea about him,” Hibari says.

“The wrong idea… Yes, it is. At the time, I didn’t know anything about Yuuji-kun and failed to see what kind of person he really was, so I…”

Yuito takes a deep breath, and… with an apologetic expression on his face and tears in his eyes, he says, “I pitied him—more than I pitied myself.”


“But I don’t think about him that way anymore.”

Sorry for talking to you out of nowhere like that. Ah, I’m in your class. My name is Saeki Yuito.

“No matter my motivation for talking to him that day at the convenience store… I’m truly glad I did.”


“And I’m glad I discovered what a good person he is.”


“Now it’s my turn… No one at school knows more about Yuuji-kun’s awesomeness than me.”

“…In other words, you want everyone there to take notice of Yuuji-sama’s charm… correct?”


“Mahiro-sama and Rina-sama included?”

“Of course. Which is why, Hibari-san, I’d like you to please teach me all the things that make him such a great guy.”

In response to Yuito’s earnest gaze, Hibari can only look back at him with her usual deadpan expression.

“Our conversation took quite a turn, didn’t it? Hehe… Ah! I almost forgot! I have some photos of Yuuji-kun from class and the school camp. Would you like to see them, Hibari-san?”

“I certainly do.”

Hibari turns away from Yuito, who’s still searching through his gallery, and lowers her gaze.

Normally, she doesn’t need to lower her head to conceal what she’s feeling since she always remains expressionless, however… right now…

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