RCF – Chapter 26: The School’s Snow Princess.

Translator: Haruto.

I put my arm through the sleeve of my new uniform.

My heart races in my chest as I finish getting ready. Today’s my first day of high school.

I make my way to school, hoping that my classes will be a breeze thanks to my memories of my past life.

The school is treating me as a transfer student so I’m supposed to arrive earlier for a bit of counseling, which is also why I wasn’t able to walk to school with Amane.

As soon as I make it to school, I meet with my homeroom teacher, and they go over the school’s rules and regulations with me, before showing me to my new classroom.

The Purging Mask always assigns three to four purgers to the same class.

More often than not, though, they put two male and two female purgers together, which is why I was assigned to Class 1-5, since there are only three purgers there.

The first girl in my class is, you’ve guessed it, my angel, Amane!

No idea who the other chick is.

The only thing I know about her is that she’s a shrine maiden and that she’s engaged.

More importantly, it seems another reason why I was put in Class 1-5 is that they knew I was close to Amane. I honestly can’t thank them enough for their consideration…

I wait in front of the classroom door, beside myself with anticipation.

“Alright, come in, Shimizu.”

I do as the teacher says and step into the classroom.

All the students’ eyes focus solely on me as I come in.

Shoot, I’m getting nervous…

Ahem. My name is Shimizu Shuu. I still don’t know the school that well so I might ask for your help from time to time. I hope we can get along.”

The entire class claps, and I even hear some of the most outgoing guys shout, “Welcome!”

“Okay, let’s see, you’ll seat… Ah, yes, over there,” said my homeroom teacher, pointing to the seat closest to the door.

I walk over and take my seat.

“Hey! Nice to meet you! My name is Yozakura Ayame, but just Ayame is fine! Can I call you Shuu-kun?”

A chirpy, beautiful girl introduces herself to me. Her hair is pink as a cherry blossom.

Her eyelids swoop down adorably, and her breasts are the size of melons despite how small she is.

Huh, so she’s the other shrine maiden in this class.

She’s the type of airhead that doesn’t understand the meaning of personal space—an accidental femme fatale.

The jealous and murderous gazes of all the boys in class fall on me.

This is the heroine that used to occupy the fourth place in the popularity rankings.

I turn to check on Amane and she looks as white as a sheet. She’s panicking for some reason.

Perhaps she’s worried that I’m going to call this girl by her first name too.

“No, I don’t want to cause any misunderstandings, so do you mind if I just call you Yozakura?”

“What misunderstandings? I really don’t mind. Everyone calls me Ayame.”

I could tell her that it’s because I’ve got a fiancée, but I doubt Miss. Airhead here can keep a secret.

Chances are that if I let her in on the scoop, she’ll yell at the top of her voice, “Whaaaaaat?! You have a fiancée?!!”

And I’m not sure how I’ll respond…

“Sorry, I only call people by their first names when they’re really important to me, so I think I’m going to stick with Yozakura.”

“Hmm, okay, fine. I guess I’ll just have to strive to become someone important to you!”

And there’s another statement that could easily be misunderstood. This girl is not your average airhead. Her accidental flirting is a force to be reckoned with.

Not to me, though! I’m already head over heels for Amane!

Also, as a little side note, this girl’s route had lots—and I mean lots—of NTR and rape scenes.

In order to clear her route, you had to steal her away from her fiancé, and the game allowed you to see the whole thing from the poor chap’s perspective; you know, for all those who’re into cuckolding.

Akatsuki Toru. That’s her fiancé’s name.

He’s a mature, thoughtful guy.

And, again, the dude who gets NTR’d.

There are a few reasons why such a terrible fate befalls him but the main one is Ayame’s personality…

You see, because of how outgoing and touchy-feely she is, it’s easy for guys to get the wrong idea.

And among those delusional guys, some are just insane.

Back in the game, Akatsuki tried his absolute best to keep them away from Ayame, but they would just not give up. That’s why he decided to work behind the scenes to solve the problem…

Something that eventually became his downfall.

As he spent all his time working behind the scenes to protect Ayame, he ended up neglecting her, causing loneliness and frustration to grow in her heart.

Unfortunately for Akatsuki, that’s when the protagonist swooped in to steal the limelight and Ayame’s heart.

The protagonist would always appear at the right time and the right place to rescue Ayame from whatever predicament she was in, even though that was originally Akatsuki’s job.

After a while, the protagonist confronted Akatsuki and declared, “You’re not fit to be Ayame’s fiancé!” and took her away.

Your typical, ruthless NTR route.

But that wasn’t all. The developers came up with some truly messed up stuff…

After Akatsuki’s downfall, Ayame and the protagonist spent most of their time bumping uglies. However, one day, Ayame found out about how much Akatsuki exerted himself to keep her safe.

She went to meet him, but he was in tatters.

Crushed by the guilt, she decided to deceive herself to relieve the pain. She had sex with the protagonist while imagining that she was actually having sex with Akatsuki.

I told you it was fucked up.

But hey, there’s more! Some dirty otaku even had his way with her by force after getting the wrong idea… Needless to say, that scene was a total hit with a particular part of the player base.

I, on the other hand, detest NTR. I totally only played through her route to get the achievement…

I see the pitiful Akatsuki looking our way nervously from his seat near the window.

I feel bad for him, so I’m just going to make it clear that I’ve got absolutely no interest in Ayame.

As soon as the first-period teacher steps into the classroom, I cut our little chat short and get ready for class.

Lunch break…

I didn’t understand anything at all. High school is freaking hard.

My memories of my past life were not helpful either.

I don’t even remember having studied any of those subjects.  

Who cares about probability?! When will I even use all those equations again?!

Why do we have to study old-ass writings?!

Dejected, I let myself fall on my desk.

“How did you feel in class? Did you understand everything?”Amane asks.

“Nope, nothing at all.”

“Um, how about I help you study?”

“Huh? Really?! You’re an angel, Amane! Thank you!”

“Hehehe! You’re overreacting.”

“No, I really appreciate it.”

“Okay. For now, let’s enjoy our lunch together.”

“Alright, give me a second. I’ll bring my desk close to yours.”

What seemed like nothing more than a pleasant chat to us left the rest of the class in complete shock.

The thing is, until not too long ago, Amane acted terribly cold toward her classmates, just like in the original storyline.

She would only talk to them when it was absolutely necessary, and people found it hard to approach her.

Eventually, they started referring to her as “The Snow Princess” because of her beauty and lack of emotion.

But what’s the Snow Princess doing now? Showering the transfer student with love and affection, that’s what!

It’s clear that they’re all asking themselves, “Who in the world is that guy?”

The once expressionless Snow Princess is now looking at the transfer student with a radiant smile on her face and love in her eyes.

All of our classmates are captivated by the sight.

Except for one!

Okura Momoka, Amane’s self-declared best friend!

She hates men with a passion, so she enjoyed staying close to Amane, as no man dared go near her until now.

It seems Amane also talked to her from time to time.

Momoka waits until Amane’s distracted to ask the question that’s looming in everyone’s mind.

“So you’re Amane’s acquaintance, huh?

“Hm? Yeah, that’s right.”

“What did you do to Amane?”

“I didn’t do anything to her.”

“Then why is she being all sweet with you?!”

“She always is.”

What is this girl’s problem…? I don’t remember seeing her in the game.

“So, do you need something from me?” I ask her.

“Stay away from Amane. I don’t know what kind of dirty trick you are using on her, but someone like you is not worthy of being by her side! Do you get it?”

Haa… That’s just what you think.”                                                  

“I don’t care. No man should ever go near her.”

It’s the first time someone has treated me like this just for being a guy.  

“I do not approve of you!” she exclaims.

“Like I care. You’ve got no right to decide who goes near her.”

She was beginning to piss me off so my tone ended up being kind of harsh.

But, come on now, that’s childish. She’s just a young girl.

A true gentleman must be polite to all ladies.  

“My bad, that was a bit harsh.”  

I act as gentlemanly as possible toward the cocky little bi—I mean, the refined lady.

I’ve just got to show her how in love Amane and I are, and I’m sure she’ll leave us alone!

“Okay, I’m done getting everything ready, Shuu… kun?”

Uh-oh, Amane’s looking kinda scary for some reason.

“Momoka-san, why are you getting so close to Shuu-kun?”

Dear Amane, I believe that’s not the kind of pressure you should exert on a friend.

I guess I’ve got to intervene.

“I was just asking her what you were like at school before I arrived.”

“Oh, really? That’s fine, then. ♪ Just remember, Shuu-kun… Cheating is a big no-no.♡”

“Yes, ma’am!!”

There was a terrifying aura emanating from her so I ended up raising my voice without thinking.

“Great! Let’s eat, shall we?”

Amane takes out two lunch boxes.

She’s obviously not going to eat both lunches.

One is for me.

“Here! This one is yours, Shuu-kun.”  

I would have been okay with buying my lunch at the store, but Amane asked me to let her prepare my lunch.

I’m as happy as a man can be.

I take the lid off and discover a nutritious and well-organized meal.  

It’s honestly impressive.

“You cooked all this?”

“Hm? Yeah, I did.”

I’m so glad I’m alive to experience this…

I thank Amane from the bottom of my heart and begin eating.

I start with the small rolled omelets. Inside them, there are little pieces of ham cut into hearts.

Every bite is a blessing to my tastebuds.

“How is it?”

Amane asks what I think, visibly nervous.

“These are ten thousand times more delicious than all the other rolled omelets I’ve ever tasted.”


Amane jumps in delight after hearing my honest opinion.

All the students around us remain in absolute disbelief of the scene unfolding before them.

“No way, is that really the Snow Princess…?”  

“Ugh… So this is what being NTR’d feels like…”

“Nah, dude, you were never her boyfriend, to begin with.”

I hear all sorts of comments coming from all directions.

But I just keep eating my lunch with a smile on my face.

Man, life’s good!!

I enjoyed my time with Amane fully, forgetting all about how terrible I was doing in class.

And, needless to say, I didn’t understand any of the other subjects we studied that day.

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