VSA – Chapter 8: The Protagonist’s Kindness Is Giving the Villain a Stomach Ache.

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“It’d be kind of weird to talk here, so how about we enter the store already? I’m dying for some ice scream. When I was in middle school, my mom and dad didn’t let me go out at night to buy some… so, I now feel a little nervous, as if I’m doing something wrong, you know? Haha…”

His expression and reason to be here are both freaking adorable!!!

The protagonist, Saeki Yuito, is eagerly talking to me, but all I can do is nod along to show him I’m paying attention.

And who could blame me? He appeared out of nowhere so my head is still in a state of panic!!

I had planned to keep my distance today and come up with a good strategy for the future, but who would have thought I’d encounter the freaking protagonist of all people? Well, I’d take him over the two sisters any day of the week. The problem is that if I’m not careful here, I’m definitely gonna be hearing from the sisters soon.

I remain quiet after stepping into the store.

“Ah, there it is! Black Mont Blanc is without a doubt my favorite ice cream! What are you getting, Kasashima-kun?”



The protagonist tilts his head in confusion once again. I feel bad for ignoring him.

But, you see, if I take just one wrong step here, I’ll be heading straight to the bad ending in which I’m sat on and abused until I run out of strength!

Think, Villain! Think, Kasashima Yuuji! You’ve got to find a way to interact with the protagonist that won’t attract the sisters’ attention!

1. Act the same way as in the game.


“What?! Show some respect! I’m the one and only son of the great Kasashima Family!”

“Huh? Ah, I’m sorry…”

“Hey, aren’t you friends with those two beautiful sisters? I’m actually tired of the chick I’m seeing. How about you introduce me to them?”

“No, they are…”

“Tsk! Come on, dude, it’s not like you’re really dating. Stop pretending you’re their boyfriend already! But, fine, if you wanna be difficult, I’ve got ways to make you change your mind… Hahaha!”

The next day, a gang of delinquents attacks the protagonist.

Nooo! No way in hell! That’s just awful! And, more importantly, the sisters would be after my ass right away! Game over!!


2. Ignore him and exit the store.



“Kasashima-kun! Wait!!”

The next day…

“Yuito, you look sad.”

“Are you okay, Yui-kun?”

“Well… It’s just that I met Kasashima-kun at the store yesterday but he ignored me. I wonder if I did something to make him mad…”

“He ignored you, huh.”

“H-He dared…”

I fall into the sisters’ crosshairs.

And the next day, bam! I’m gone!


3. …


“Hm? Ah…”

The protagonist can’t even begin to imagine all the possible scenarios that are playing out in my head. In the end, I wasn’t able to settle on one approach, but I just ended up speaking without thinking.

“You were deep in thought, huh…?”

Well, of course, I was. My life depends on it.

At any rate, now that I’ve opened my mouth, I can’t remain quiet anymore. I’ve got to think of a plan of action…


Aaagh! Whatever! I don’t even care anymore!

3. Just go with the flow!

“Y-Yeah, my bad, Yuito. I was dealing with an awful stomach ache, but don’t worry, it just went away. Ahaha!”

My grandpa used to say that as long as you always end what you do with a big laugh, things tend to just sort themselves out!

I closed my eyes while laughing, anxious about how the protagonist would react. I begin to open them little by little…

He looks amazed.

“Kasashima-kun, you just called me Yuito…”

“Huh? Ah, my bad!!”

I didn’t use any honorifics!!

Even if we’re classmates, this is still the first time we’ve talked! And yet, I just called his name like we’re the best of buddies or something!

“N-No, don’t worry! Actually…”


“It made me happy…”

“I-It made you happy?”

Yes, that’s definitely what Yuito, the game’s protagonist, just said while fidgeting bashfully.  

“Yeah. The thing is, I haven’t had any male friends since before middle school. It’s not like I didn’t get along with the guys in my class. We used to talk occasionally, but there was never someone I could call a friend, you know? So, it’s the first time a guy has called me ‘Yuito’.”

“I-I see…”

It was obviously because of the two sisters. The guys in his class must have been jealous of the affection those two hold for him. Love can be quite a pain in the ass sometimes.

And it seems being the protagonist can be pretty troublesome as well.

“That’s why hearing you say my name like that made me happy. To be honest, I was a little afraid of you the first time I saw you. But now that I’ve gotten a chance to exchange a few words with you, Kasashima-kun—No, Yuuji-kun… there’s no doubt in my mind that you’re a good person.”


Oh, hey, looks like I scored a few points with him.

And, now that I think about it, wouldn’t the chances of me being attacked by the two sisters be extremely low if I just score more and more points with the protagonist? I mean, the only reason why I ended up incurring their wrath in the game was that I started messing with him, so…

Yeah, this is it!!! This is the path I must take in my new life! I’m gonna max out the protagonist’s friendship bar!!  


“What is it, Yuuji-kun?!”

“Haha, no need to be so nervous when you call my name. We’ll be friends from now on so doing this should be a piece of cake. Anyway, I hope we can get along.”

Yeah, yeah, I know I sound rather lame, and I’d die of embarrassment if Hibari saw me right now…

Nonetheless, it seems to have been super effective with the protagonist.

“Uuuuhhhh! Yeah, I’m sure we’ll be really good friends, Yuuji-kun!”

There’s a huge smile plastered on his face.

“Hey, look at those two boys… How precious. Do you think they’re a couple?”

“A strong man and an adorable guy… Right up my alley.”

Uh-oh, it appears we’ve attracted the gazes of some BL-loving girls.

We leave the store after buying some stuff.

“It must have been hard for you today, Yuuji-kun. You know, with the entire class being scared of you and all…”

“Nah, don’t worry about it. I’m used to it.”

“Really? But… I still don’t want them to be afraid of you and leave you all alone! I’m going to make sure they know what a great guy you are!”

“For real?!”

The protagonist himself will help me achieve a peaceful school life! How kind can this guy be?!

“Of course! We’re friends!”

Being friends with the protagonist… rocks!

“Okay, first…”

Come on, lay it on me! I wanna know what you’ll do for me first!

“I’ll talk to my best friends, Mahiro-chan and Rina-chan, about you!”


My mind went blank.

“Alright, see you tomorrow, Yuuji-kun!!”

Yuito waves cheerily at me as he walks away.

Now all by myself, I turn around…

I’ll talk to my best friends, Mahiro-chan and Rina-chan, about you!

Mahiro-chan and Rina-chan…

“The last two people I want to get close toooooooo!!!!”

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