VSA – Chapter 7: The Sisters Are More Malicious than the Villain.

Translator: Haruto.

“Thanks for the food. It was delicious.”

“I’m glad you enjoyed it.”

I had lunch after returning to my fancy apartment. Hibari’s cooking is way tastier than any of the stuff I could get outside so I asked her to make something for me.

It was quite a feast. The only problem is that she used walleye pollock roe on everything: the pasta, the salad, and even the other small side dishes.

“Yuuji-sama, I have an errand to run so I’ll be going out.”


“Do please try to avoid engaging in any unsavory acts while I’m gone. For example, I hope you won’t remember how you toyed with me earlier today, and play with yoursel—”

“I won’t!!”

This maid just blurts out the most outrageous things with a deadpan look on her face!

“Pff… I see. Well, I’ll take my leave then.”

“Hold on! You totally laughed just now!! Hey!!”

Hibari leaves the living room in a hurry.

Now completely alone, I head over to the sofa to lie down comfortably for a bit while patting my full belly.


I try to hold back a yawn.

It’s hard not to feel sleepy after a nice meal, but that’s not the only reason why I’m letting myself doze off without a care in the world. I feel free and relaxed knowing that everything is smooth sailing between the protagonist and the sisters.

“…Hmm… Hm…”

I fall asleep on the sofa.



I find myself in a dark, quiet place, experiencing what could only be described as true fear.

My legs are tied, a bunch of tools are laying around, and someone is sitting on top of me. I can’t move an inch.

My nails have been ripped off and I’ve been forced to drink some strange drug that has numbed my entire body…



I can’t even hear the two sisters properly anymore.

What will they do to me next?

How will I die?

They’re smiling at me but their eyes are devoid of any emotion. They extend their hand down toward me once again…


The moment they were about to touch me, I finally woke up.

“I-I’m alive… It was a dream…”

I touch the nape of my neck only to realize it’s covered in sweat. Even the top of my shirt feels wet. What an awful way to wake up…


“Huh? Ahh, it’s you, Hibari…”

Hibari’s standing still in front of me, extending her hand in my direction. It seems she was trying to wake me up.

She returned home already, huh. I guess my little nap ran long.

“S-Sorry for startling you like that. I had the weirdest of dreams…”

“I see…”

I felt like Hibari’s serious expression turned into one of worry for a second.

The window’s curtains are open; it’s completely dark outside. Man, you really get quite the view from up here.

“Yuuji-sama, would you like to have dinner?”

“No, I’m fine. Sorry, Hibari, do you mind if I go outside for some fresh air?

Haaa… I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed the night breeze this much.”  

I take a deep breath as soon as I step out of the building. Thankfully, my sweat is completely gone by now.

The scenes of the bad ending play vividly in the back of my mind over and over again. I’ve got quite the trauma, huh.

It’s like both my mind and body are fully aware of the kinds of atrocities they’ll experience if I get involved with the two sisters.

As to why those two sat on me and abused me until I ran out of strength in the first place, well… it’s because I bullied the heck out of the protagonist.  

And they just went nuts.

It just goes to show how head over heels they’re for him. They’re the type of girls who’re willing to do just about anything for the guy they love—the so-called Yandere.

Those two beauties are far more malicious than even I, your good ol’ villain, will ever be…

“Aaahh! Stop thinking about it! At this rate, I won’t even be able to enjoy my peaceful school life because of this trauma… Alright, I know what to do at a time like this: Go to the convenience store, buy some potato chips and chocolates, and eat my worries away!!”

I saw a store while riding the limousine and I got an idea of how to get there. I’m not carrying my wallet right now, but I should be able to pay with my phone. Pretty convenient. I take it out and check my balance just in case… Damn, I’m loaded.

After a 10-minute walk, I arrive at the store.

I’ll buy everything I can get my hands on…

“Huh? You are…”

I turn around to find a guy my age whose face I know a little too well. My mouth begins to open little by little in shock until my jaw drops completely.

“You’re Kasashima Yuuji, right?”



He tilts his head in confusion. He used to do the exact same thing in the game all the time. This is my first time seeing it in person, though.

“Sorry for talking to you out of nowhere like that. Ah, I’m in your class. My name is Saeki Yuito.”

What the hell is the protagonist doing heeeeerrreeee?!!!!

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