VSA – Chapter 6: The Villain Wants to Break the Maid’s Stone-Cold Expression.

Translator: Haruto.

“Okay, that’s all, guys. Be careful on your way home!”

We got off early because of the entrance ceremony, and all we really did during the first period was introduce ourselves.

As soon as the teacher steps out of the classroom, everyone surrounds Mahiro and Rina, eager to enter a close relationship with the two sisters.

“Hey, guys! How about we have a little welcoming party of our own so that we can all get to know each other better?” asks one of the so-called cool kids.

And after a brief moment of silence…

“Great idea!!”

“Yeah! I can’t wait to make new friends!”

The students express their approval one after the other.

It’s obvious there’s already a strong sense of comradery between them… I’ve been totally excluded, though.

“Um, what about that guy? Should we invite him?”

“…Nah, he’d just ruin the mood for everybody.”

“But, like, what if he’s not as bad as he seems?”

I’m keeping my eyes close, but I can tell I’ve caught the attention of some of my classmates.

The man known as Kasashima Yuuji has an intimating face and a bad reputation.

I can’t blame them for looking at me with displeasure, or not wanting to have anything to do with me. At the end of the day, we always judge people by their appearance, even if we try our best not to be superficial.  

That’s why, if I want to change their perception of me, I have to take action. I could, for example, talk to them as friendly as possible, and prove that I’m not such a bad guy through various means…

However, by the looks of things, I won’t get the chance to score any points with them today, so I’ll just keep my distance for now and try some other time.

“I’ll just go home.”

For a moment, I was afraid their opinion of me would drop even further seeing me leave so quickly by myself, but it seems my worries were unfounded.

The moment I said I was leaving, an expression of relief appeared on the faces of my peers.

Oh well, it is what it is. I’m sure the welcoming party is just an excuse to have the opportunity to get close to the two beautiful sisters anyways.


After Yuuji left the classroom, Saeki Yuito stared gloomily at the door…

“Is something wrong, Yuito?”


“Huh? Ah! No, it’s nothing… So, are you two going to attend the welcoming party?”

“No way.”

“Nope. I prefer being alone with you, Yui-kun!”

“Why, Rina, are you planning to leave me behind?”

“My, I would never…”

Having listened to their conversation, the entire class exclaimed loudly…

“Whaaaaaaaaaat?!! You’re not coming?!!”

They begin making a ruckus, utterly disappointed.

“That’s right. And so, we’ll be taking our leave now!”

“Bye, guys!”

“Huh? Hey wait, I actually want to attend the… Uh-oh, come on you two, no need to pull me like that!”

With the three of them gone, the entire classroom falls silent.

“…Let’s forget about the welcoming party and just hang out with whomever we want.”

“Yeah, let’s do that…”  

As Yuuji speculated, most people just wanted to attend the welcoming party to get chummy with the two sisters.


“I wasn’t able to accomplish anything today, not even making a single friend…”

But well, it’s just the first day; I’ve still got plenty of time.

Although, my menacing face and nasty reputation are definitely going to be an obstacle to the peaceful and those-beautiful-sisters-free life I yearn for… Now that I think about it, I really enjoyed my high school life in my previous world. I wonder how my friends are doing…



Having lost myself reminiscing about my old school life, Hibari’s voice came in to break me out of my reverie.

“I’ve come to pick you up.”

“Ah, yeah, thanks. Did you wait long?”

“No, I just got here.”

That means she must have predicted exactly when I’d leave school! This maid of mine is something else.

“Did you have fun at school today?”

“Are you seriously asking me that after seeing me leave so early all by myself?”

“I apologize. That was rude of me.”

You know, that response actually hurts more for some reason, even though I know you’re just trying to be polite with your oh-so-lonely master…

I must say, though, while Hibari is beautiful, can cook, do household chores, and is just basically the perfect maid… she’s always got the same stone-cold expression on her face.

We’ve been together for two days now, but I’ve yet to see her face show any real emotion.   

I’d like to see what that’d look like, even if just for a second.

Luckily, the street is almost empty. I’m going to try a little trick that a masochist friend of mine told me about in my previous world. It starts off as a light-hearted joke, but its ending should be able to make any girl frown in disgust.



“I promise it won’t last long. I just need you to play along.”  


“Alright, first… Paw.”  

“You worried me for a second there… Okay, here you go.”

Hibari rests her curled-up hand on mine. She looks adorable, even though she’s got the same serious expression as always.

“Now the other.”


She gives me her other hand. She’s freaking cute. Her expression hasn’t changed at all, though.

Alright, time for the grand finale.


Beg: A dog training command that makes the dog lift its two front legs, stand straight, and bring its chest forward.

No girl in her right mind would agree to take on such an indecent pose. My masochist buddy used to have the girls in our class follow the first two commands as a little, friendly joke, but then he would pull out the last one out of nowhere and the girls would look at him with absolute repulsion in their eyes…


Oh, Hibari’s gotten as stiff as a rock.

Alright, lemme see that expression of disgust—


Hm? What’s she…? She just took a deep breath for some reason. And now she’s making a circle with her hand, placing it in front of her mouth and…

Mwack, lick lick lick lick, pwahhhh!


Stop! I don’t want to hear those kinds of sounds coming from a girl with such a serious expression on her face!!

“Are you satisfied, Yuuji-sama?”

“You totally just did that to mess with me!”

That moment when she got all quiet, she must have been thinking of a way to tease me!!

“My, do you still wish to continue, Yuuji-sama? However, going along with these peculiar fetishes of yours in public is… a little embarrassing…” Blush.

“How the heck can you blush while keeping the same serious expression?!! Also, I’ve got no such fetishes!!”

“I see. I must be mistaken then.”

Hibari opens the limousine’s door, completely unbothered by what just happened.

In the end, I wasn’t able to see any trace of emotion on her face, but there’s something I’ve learned about her…

“You’re bananas, Hibari…”

“I consider myself more of an apple person.”

“That’s not what I meant!!”

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