VSA – Chapter 1: The Villain Who’s Sat on and Abused Until He Runs Out of Strength.

Translator: Haruto.

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In any story, there’s always a villain.

After all, villains are basically great plot devices that help push the protagonist’s relationship with the heroine forward, even though they’re usually regarded as awful beings.

They force the protagonist to take himself and his love to the next level, and yet they’re treated as a persona non grata. Such is the fate of a villain.

They make the world a better place with their sacrifice, but no one in their right mind would ever desire that role for themselves.  

In a game I used to play, the villain’s fate was particularly terrible.

I really wouldn’t want to be in that guy’s shoes.


On a certain day, I suddenly remembered my past life. Memories of being sat on and abused until I’d run out of strength came rushing back to me. Alright, they weren’t exactly mine. Those memories belonged to the villain of an eroge I used to play.  

“Hehehe… Let’s see, which nail should I rip off next?”

“Sis! I think you should go for his thumbnail!”

My arms and legs are tied up. There are all sorts of tools lying around me. Someone is sitting on top of me, preventing me from moving. I have no idea how many hours have passed since this ordeal began… My whole body is going numb…

“P-Please stop this… I beg you…”

“Stop? What a strange thing to say. Have you finally lost your mind or something?”

“Wow, sis, you look terrifying right now. But, like, I totally understand. This guy can’t be seriously asking us to stop when he was the one who picked a fight with us…”

“I-I didn’t try to p-pick a fight with you two! All I wanted was to make that guy…!”



Two pairs of eyes glare at me from above. I can’t talk and I’m even having trouble breathing.  

These two are insane. Hell’s all that’s awaiting me, I know it. They’ll just keep abusing me until I run out of strength… or until I’m dead.

“Okay, that’s enough chatter. Let’s continue, shall we?”

“Yup. He probably won’t die anyways…”

“Aah… Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!!”


I hold my head in my hands and roll around on my bed.

All those traumatic scenes are running through my head like flashbacks.

I look at the mirror and I see Kasashima Yuuji, the villain of that R18 Eroge I used to play for days on end, who suffered all that abuse.

“I’m Kasashima Yuuji… I’m screwed…”

Alright, time to stop wallowing in despair. Now I need to ascertain the situation.  

“…Have I made contact with the two sisters already? Have I met the protagonist? How many days do I have left until I meet my doom?! Aaaah!!”

At the moment, the only thing I know is that I’ve become Kasashima Yuuji. That’s all.

Searching for more information, I look around the room. There’s a paper on my desktop.

“These are the entrance ceremony guidelines…”

It must be for our guardians… More importantly, though, this means I haven’t yet met either the two sisters or the protagonist…

And so, instead of that awful bad ending that I suffered in the original storyline…

“I-I’ve got the chance to live a healthy and peaceful life…!!”

No way in hell I’ll go through that traumatic bad ending.  

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