VSA – Prologue: Diary.

Translator: Haruto.


I recovered the memories of my past life.

I’m afraid I might forget at any moment so I’ve decided to write a diary of sorts.

Alright, listen well, me!!

This is not your original world. This is the world of that R18 Eroge you used to play for days on end.

You’re inhabiting the body of another person.

His name is Kasashima Yuuji. And your role in the game is… that of the villain. Also…

Hmm. No, let’s just skip that for now…  

Anyhow, there’s someone you need to watch out for.

You’d better stay away from those two beautiful sisters, you know who… far, far away.


They’re gorgeous, though. Looking at them on a monitor could never compare to looking at them in real life.

They smell nice, their boobs are huge and their voices are just lovely…

But, no! I can’t let myself be bewitched by them! Those sisters are a menace.  

Dear Protagonist,

Please snatch them away as soon as possible… Although… Man, it’s hard not to feel jealous…


I ended up becoming friends with the protagonist.

And as a result, I’m always near the two sisters as well.

They still treat me harshly, though.

It’s all good still.


The school camp has begun.

I’m enjoying myself with my new friend, the protagonist.

On our way here, we stopped at a rest area, and I saw the younger of the two beautiful sisters get into a fight over a boy… Alright, I’m sure that wasn’t it. But she did get yelled at by another female student for some reason.  


It’s the second day of the school camp. The final day.

And just like in the game, some money has gone missing.  

Someone accused the younger sister of stealing it. It seemed like they had something against her.

Things got a little complicated at first, but in the end, the issue was resolved peacefully.


The younger sister said she wanted to thank me. I didn’t do what I did to help her or anything, though…

I told her she didn’t have to but she wouldn’t take a no for an answer.


There’s no school today. The protagonist is hanging out with some other girl.

The older sister is standing beside me…

She’s freaking scary. I can’t even look her in the eyes.


The protagonist fell in love not with the two sisters but with some other person.

…Well, I’ll be damned.

I’m rooting for him, of course, but man, there’s no way those two sisters will be happy about this.

Soon after, they said they wanted to talk with me. I’m sure they want to take the protagonist back.

They said they wanted to thank me for some reason…

Alright, I’ll just ask them to lemme touch ‘em boobies…

Relax, I’m just kidding.


H… Help…

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3 thoughts on “VSA – Prologue: Diary.

  1. Dear mc-kun, you will be remembered to our hearts. We will never forget your sacrifice to these yandere twins that have obssession to you know. You tried your best to be the protagonist’s best friend role, side character role but we all knew it was in vain. It’s all for the sake of mob character’s plot having harem, and that’s why we, the council of weebs are grateful to you getting their attention, as if they are not…the world will end. Thank you, Kasashima Yuuji.
    ~Leader Of Council Of Weebs

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