RCF – Chapter 28: Reconciliation.

Translator: Haruto.


As the antiseptic spray makes contact with the cut, acute pain spreads quickly through my body.


Amane is currently taking care of my injuries.

After what happened, I did my best to explain myself and somehow was able to quell her anger.

However, realizing that I really wasn’t at fault, Amane is feeling guilty for what she did.

If she had dog ears, there’s no doubt they’d be drooping.

To be honest, I find it adorable.

I feel the urge to tease her a little.

I know that’s pretty immature of me, but she’s so cute I just can’t help it.

“I’m really sorry, Shuu-kun. You even tried to stop them, and yet…”

“It’s fine.”

“I-I should have listened to what you had to say… Ah! I still don’t want you to look at any naked girls except me, though!”

“So it’s okay if it’s you, huh?”

“Y-Yes… You are… special to me,” said Amane raising her eyes at me.

W-What’s this…? Are you trying to kill me with your cuteness or something?

“On that note, I now must teach you a lesson for having seen the naked bodies of other girls.”

“Huh? Didn’t you already give me a good beating?”

“That was different!”

“Aw, come on.”

“Your punishment will be to stay with me for the entire weekend at this bathhouse’s lodging facilities.”  

Huh? That’s no punishment.  

That’s a blessing.

Heck yeaaaah!

After so many years, I finally get to put my training-only lifestyle behind me!

This is one of the four summer activities that I’ve been wanting to do the most!

And if we’re staying here, I’ll probably get to see Amane wearing a yukata as well…

Crap, I might get a nosebleed.

“A-And to start things off, I’d like you to… join me… in the hot springs—Eek?!!”

Ah, she bit her tongue.

Alright, I’ve got to keep my cool like a proper gentleman…

“Huh? Are you sure? This is not a mixed bath, you know?”

“We might get in trouble, but… I’ve been dreaming about enjoying a hot spring with you since forever!”

“Let’s do this,” I answered immediately without a second thought.

And so, I now find myself alone with Amane in this bathhouse that people rarely ever visit.

My master and the others left after repairing the wall to prevent any issues.

I sit against one of those big rocks you see in hot springs all the time and raise my eyes to the sky.  

I feel strangely relieved knowing the rock is large enough to hide both Amane and me.

Night has fallen, revealing a sea of stars that spreads wide across the sky.

The cool breeze and the croaking of frogs nearby make it clear that summer has arrived.

I went through a lot today because of the peeping incident, but I’m enjoying myself fully right now.

Amane, on the other hand, is worrying about someone coming in and finding us.

“If you’re that scared, maybe we should call it off.”

“No way!”

She’s so cute.

“By the way, Shuu-kun, why have you been staring at the sky instead of me? You’re going to make me jealous, you know?”

“I was hoping you wouldn’t ask that question.”

There’s no way I can tell her that I’m trying to avoid looking at her body since a towel is the only thing covering it.

“Hold on, haven’t you already seen her naked before?” you ask?

Well, let me answer your question with a question. Do you really think it only takes one time seeing the girl you love naked for you to get used to it? Of course not, right?

Tolerance for this kind of thing is not something you can acquire easily.

And as to illustrate my point, my holy sword is standing tall and proud.

If I were to look at Amane directly right now, I’d probably lose all self-control.

Also, I’m so glad this is one of those so-called milky white hot springs. It’d be pretty bad if she could see through the water.

“The starry sky is just so captivating.”

Okay, that should explain why I’m staring at the sky. Hopefully, she’ll buy it.

“I suppose it is.”

Is she gazing at the sky now…?

I-It should be fine to take a little peek… Having lost to my worldly desires, I throw a glance at Amane, but I find myself making eye contact with her.


Amane turns her face away in a hurry.

“Is there a reason why you were looking at me, my dear Amane?”

“I-I… was just thinking that your body’s surprisingly big… And, umm… I was also kind of impressed… by your muscles… I’m sorry.”

“I see. I guess it’s the same as me admiring your chest and hips… You really got some great hips, Amane.”

“Aah! You dummy! Y-You’re a perv, Shuu-kun…”

Yes! I sure am!

This is the best…

As our little chat rolls on, I’m unable to prevent my eyes from looking down.

I might actually get a nosebleed this time. Her boobs are just something else.

They aren’t huge or anything.

But they’re beautifully shaped, soft, yet surprisingly firm to the touch, and above all, terribly alluring.

Noticing my gaze, Amane attempts to hide her breasts bashfully and glares at me. Far from scary, however, her glare is adorable… Glare at me more, please.

Some things are simply unavoidable, though…  

Her slightly flushed skin, her damp hair resting on it, and her cleavage, perfectly visible from under the towel, are far too seductive.

We lock eyes with each other.

A minute ago, Amane was bashfully hiding her chest, but now she’s looking at me with a certain expression of resolve on her face…

Still blushing, she moves her arm away and draws closer to me.

As her face comes slowly near me, her eyes close.  

She wants me to kiss her…

And there’s no way I’d refuse.  

However, I also want to be a little playful.

I keep looking at her.

Since the kiss that she was expecting never came, Amane opens her eyes and glares at me again while pouting.

“Why?! You know what I want…!”

“My, whatever do you mean? Perhaps you should spell it out for me?”


Hanging her head shyly, she whispers, “…me.”

“Hm? Sorry, I can’t hear you.”

When I ask her to repeat what she said, her face turns so red I fear steam may come off it at any moment.

Nonetheless, Amane yells, “A kiss…!! Please kiss me!”

I wrap my arms around her and lay my lips on hers.

Amane seems startled for a second, but then relaxes her body and brings it closer to me.

Now pressing against mine, her body feels warmer than usual because of the heat of the bath.

I can tell how fast her heart is racing.

That’s how close we are.  

Our kiss becomes more and more intense.

Her tongue enters my mouth lustfully.

And my lips crave insatiably more of hers.

I love everything about her; the sound of her breathing, her reactions…

I also can’t believe how lewd she’s become.

Our bodies embrace each other and a wave of pleasure and joy washes over me.

Kisses do feel incredible.


Our lips separate for a brief moment. Amane’s eyes are full of passion and impatience, and she has an expression on her face that should never be shown in public.  

We savor the aftertaste of each other’s lips.

And just as things are about to get heated again…



“Oh, so this is the place that Ayame-chan recommended!”

“It’s huge!”

We hear footsteps and voices.

They belong to some of our male classmates, whom we haven’t seen since yesterday.

“When I saw her message in the class’s group chat, I knew we had to come!”

“Totally! Especially after she said that even the Snow Princess was here, too.”

“Some of Ayame-chan’s smell must have lingered in the bath! Let’s enjoy it to our heart’s content!”


What the hell are those guys doing?!!

Amane and I remain hidden behind the big rock so our five classmates can’t see us but they’re also blocking the exit.

Amane is starting to freak out.

(Shh. We have to be quiet.)  

(Okay, but… what are we going to do?)

(I’ll distract them to give you a chance to escape…)

(Um, sorry… Our kiss was a little too intense, and… I feel kind of weak in the legs… I don’t think I’ll be able to walk on my own.)

(Really? Hide behind me, then. I’ll exchange a few words with them and find a way to get us out of here.)

(I’m sorry for troubling you, Shuu-kun.)

(Don’t worry about it.)  

Amane nods and positions herself behind me.  

Dear gods of the anime industry, please lend me your strength!

Send my way all the mysterious rays of light and ridiculously thick fog that only show up during lewd scenes in PG-13 anime!!

I use life energy to accumulate as much steam as possible and fill the entire bath with it.

I begin walking toward the exit. Amane follows right behind me.  

Two soft things are pressing against my back, making it hard to think straight…

There’s no doubt our classmates will see me, but I pray to the gods to at least keep them from noticing Amane.

“Huh? There’s someone else here? Ohh! That’s the famous transfer student!”

The guy who was standing in front of the rest notices me.

“Yeah, it really is him! Did you also come to enjoy Ayame-chan’s lingering smell?”

“No, not really. I simply came to enjoy the bath.”

I act as calmly as I can, but I’m actually pretty agitated. I really, really don’t want them to find out that Amane is here as well.  

“I see… You know, it’s great to find you here. We need you to pay the price for seducing our goddesses!”

“Yeah! You lucky bastard!!” the others exclaim.

“First, you’ll have to tell me what the Snow Princess was like when she was little!”

“I want you to give me your seat in class!”

“Gimme some tips on how to become popular!”

“Sorry, guys. I’m leaving already.”

“You demon! You don’t even want to hang out with us because we’re not as popular or muscular as you?! For real, though, you’ve got some muscles… Hm?”

“S-Something the matter?”

“Hey, is it just me or there’s like a second shadow behind you?”

“What? Oh, you’re right!! There’s someone behind him!”

“I can only see a silhouette, but that’s definitely a girl.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

Crap, they noticed.

The moonlight must have accentuated her shadow.

I can hear Amane freaking out behind me.

I don’t even have to turn around to know she’s as white as a sheet right now.

But don’t worry, I’m pale as a ghost, too.

What should I do? How do I deal with them?  

Drops of sweat slide down my forehead.

How could I have made such a mistake?

This is the world of an Eroge.

That thick fog and those mysterious rays of light that protect girls’ bodies in anime don’t exist here.

This world actually does everything in its power to expose them.

The same moonlight that distracts the attention of the viewer in anime becomes the perfect spotlight in the world of an Eroge.

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