RCF – Chapter 1: I reincarnated.

Translator: Haruto

I know it’s sudden, but it seems I’ve reincarnated.

You may be thinking, “huh? What makes you so sure that’s the case?” Well, let’s just say that when your body shrinks out of nowhere two years after joining the workforce, it becomes pretty obvious. Someone, who I suppose is my mother, offers me her bountiful breasts. And here I am now, sucking on them…

In case you’re wondering, her milk tastes like cow milk or soy milk diluted with water. If someone asked me what I thought of it, I’d have to say it tasted good. It’s tasty to a baby with a still immature palate anyways.

It’s only been a couple of hours since I realized I reincarnated. Not knowing what in the world was going on, I started freaking out and bawling my eyes out. It was then that my mother appeared and that’s how I ended up in this situation.

I suppose my current body is influencing my mental age since, for some reason, I just can’t help but break into tears. Oh well, crying is a baby’s job after all. There’s nothing wrong with me, I’m sure!

But then, I hear a shocking revelation coming from my mother.

“There, have you had enough, Shuu-chan?”

“Babu?” (Huh?)

“That’s right! Your name is Shimizu Shuu! Do you understand?”

“B-Babu…” (W-What?)

“Babuuuuuuuuuu?!” (What the heck did she just say?!)

As you may have guessed, I’ve heard of this Shimizu Shuu before.

He appeared in the Eroge I was hung up on in my past life, as the childhood friend of the heroine who died protecting her…

That’s who Shimizu Shuu is.

A few days have passed since I reincarnated, and there’s no doubt this is the same Eroge I was so hung up on, Calamity, Seven Heroines, and Me.

Also known as Calamity Heroines.

It was a teen love comedy that focused on the game’s protagonist who possessed paranormal powers and seven shrine maidens who fought against evil creatures, aka calamities. At the end of the story, they purge the calamities’ boss “The Divine Ghost Maiden,” and the protagonist gets together with the girl he scored the most points with, or some other girl when certain conditions have been met.

Furthermore, this organization that fights against calamities and whose name is “The Purging Mask” was founded by a family of shrine priests and priestesses, and as expected of the heroine’s childhood friend, I come from a similar family.

Also, there are more female members than males in the Purging Mask. As to why that is, well, it’s because of a special “mechanic” of calamity-purging. You see, it’s said that girls can gather more life energy than guys. Yeah, your typical BS reason.

Nonetheless, let’s elaborate. Life energy is usually gathered in the lungs. Depending on its density, a person’s strength, or lack thereof, can be surmised. However, for whatever reason, girls are also capable of accumulating life energy in their wombs, and such energy is far denser than what it’s gathered in the lungs.

And that’s basically why girls are supposed to be stronger.

It has its downsides, of course, but well, let’s leave that for later.

Now then, let’s talk about the heroines, shall we? There are seven in total, they’re all shrine maidens, and I, some guy who is actually blessed with overwhelming strength and hidden talent, am the childhood friend of the heroine called Himeyuri Amane.

Amane, a total beauty whose silverish hair alone is a sight to behold, has a pretty and somewhat childish face, not too big, not too small breasts, and feminine curves that befit a girl who’s still in her growing years. What’s more, she stands head and shoulders above her peers in terms of life-energy density and quantity.

All the heroines are gorgeous, but she was definitely my favorite. In the game, she was always quite cheerful and adorable, until she lost her childhood friend, that is. The calamities took his life and the life of her parents, sending her down a path of reckless exertion and mercilessness for the sake of vengeance, which earned her the title of “The Ruthless Ice Princess.”

Nevertheless, the pain of losing the people who were so dear to her never faded, and her heart grew colder and colder…

Until one day, the game’s protagonist arrives to thaw her frozen heart and…! Yeah, you get the idea.

More importantly, however, as you could expect from an Eroge, the attacks of the calamities were spectacularly lewd. It had NTR, humiliation, mind break… Basically, all the usual (?) tropes.  

And so, it’s time to discuss the downsides of the power that the heroines gather in their wombs! Believe it or not, the calamities grow stronger by contaminating life energy. They usually kill humans or force them into a pit of despair to contaminate said energy, however, because of the amount of life energy girls accumulate in their wombs, the calamities choose to rape them instead.

When doing so, the calamities use their you-know-what on the girls, making them lose their minds in ecstasy, the so-called mind break… Then, their spirits are defiled and it’s so… well… once again, you get the idea.

As they say, “hard to build, easy to destroy.” Obtaining life energy is already difficult as it is, and yet you’re always one misstep away from losing it all.

By the way, we all hold within us some life energy. But, unlike the members of households that come from a long line of shrine priests and priestesses, most people only have enough power to keep themselves alive.

Anyhow, in a few words, when men lose, they get killed. And when girls lose, the aforementioned happens. The heroines are no exception; when they lose, they’re raped, humiliated, and then they lose their minds to pleasure. Game Over. I can’t tell you how many times I spanked the monkey to those scenes.

That being said, this is now my reality. I’ll never let Amane be subjected to something like that. So, from today onwards, my objectives are to get stronger, prevent my own death and protect Amane! That’s all!

An infant—yet strong—fist is thrown in the air in excitement.  

Let’s do this! Heck yeah!


Ah, right, I’m still a baby.

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