RCF – Chapter 2: Newfound Strength.

Translator: Haruto

Hello there, friends. It’s me, Shuu.

About four months have come and gone since I was born. I’m currently in my bed, moving my fingers around like there’s no tomorrow. Why, you ask? To improve my skills, of course. Infancy represents the most important period of a person’s growth. Babies are much like sponges in the way they absorb knowledge.

I’m also trying to develop my physical condition, though. As my nerves are far from mature, I’m trying to move as much as possible in order to stimulate them.

You see, I believe there are two types of talent. The first one is inherent talent. The type that no matter how much you endeavor yourself, you’ll never obtain. And then there’s the kind of talent that you acquire through much effort. It’s what you get when you devote yourself to something from an early age.

Kids that are fast on their feet in elementary school, tend to remain as such all the way to high school. The same goes for people who are good with their hands; as they age, their dexterity tends to stay with them. Don’t get me wrong, there are indeed exceptions to the rule. I’m just saying that’s how it usually goes.

And so, I’m now exerting myself to get an early start.

After this, I’ll try to crawl and roll over—unsuccessfully—to strengthen my hips and legs.

Then, I’ll sleep.

And sleep.

Hey, cut me some slack. I’m still a baby…

Moving on, there’s something I’ve come to realize regarding life energy. As you know, life energy is normally gathered in the lungs. So, what if I could apply the same principles of diaphragmatic breathing to life-energy control?

Fortunately, I had the time and energy to put it to the test.

At first, things didn’t go as planned and I ended up with a particular smell coming from my derriere… Yeah, this isn’t working. I’m really just tensing my stomach.  

After trying this and that for two weeks…

At long last, I felt some power welling up in my abdomen!

Heck yeah!

Now then, let’s talk about what transpired after I started polishing my life-energy-gathering skills.

First, all my food—in other words, my mother’s milk—was coated with life energy, probably as a result of the life energy in my throat becoming denser. Also, my digestive system seems to have improved. I think so anyways…  

The bottom line is that increasing the amount of life energy you’re able to accumulate is extremely beneficial. Even my other organs, especially my lungs, appear to have gotten stronger.

Alright, it’s time to move on to the next stage. I need to augment my life energy even further in order to protect Amane and surpass the game’s protagonist.

You may have heard of some things found in the lungs called the alveoli. They’re charged with picking up oxygen and passing it to the body. Let’s see if I can infuse life energy into them, shall we?

Hmm, nope, it’s not working… I’ll try combining life energy and oxygen directly instead.

Thanks to the last two weeks I’ve spent practicing life-energy control to store energy in my abdomen, I’ve become rather adept at handling it, or to put it differently, now that I’ve reached such a level of intricate life-energy control, combining life energy with oxygen, sending it down my bloodstream and into my whole body should be a walk in the park to me.

On that note, we’ll start by mixing the life energy into the oxygen and then add it into my blood. I promise this is harder than it sounds. I know what I said a second ago about how easy it is or whatever, but even I think this is some complicated stuff.

The thing is, combining life energy with oxygen and attaching it to my red blood cells is simple enough, but the hard part is introducing a foreign substance into my blood without disturbing the balance of its components.

Our blood is a mixture of different elements, and forcibly adding life energy into it is not a piece of cake. It hurts like crazy when I fail, and if I’m not precise, its strengthening effects will be insignificant.  

Nonetheless, after three weeks of struggle, I finally pulled it off.

It’s probably all thanks to me being in my most important growth period. I’m certain that if I had tried this as an adult, I would have failed. My body would be simply too big.

At any rate, I succeeded at mixing life energy into my blood. I can already feel my body getting stronger. This technique is incredible.

The first time I put this body-strengthening technique to the test, I was utterly surprised. I mean, I made a hole in the ceiling just by swinging my arm.


It resembles the kind of power superheroes have. I also tried to flick my finger but I failed. Once again, I’m still a baby, okay?

More importantly, when I made that hole in the ceiling, it threw the place into a panic…

The grown-ups thought a calamity had broken in, so they armed themselves, came running to the side of my bed, and checked my entire body to make sure I was okay.

On the verge of my life-energy quantity being exposed, I desperately looked for a way to hide it, and guess what I found out as a result. It seems some life energy made its way into my heart. I guess this is what people call a blessing in disguise.

I’ve decided to name my body-strengthening technique “Divine-Blood Strengthening.”

Honestly, how lucky it was that life energy made its way into my heart. Using your heart to strengthen yourself allows you to take in as much life energy as you please without it ever overflowing. It’s the best.

Well, it’s actually no surprise how amazing it is since you also need to use Divine-Blood Strengthening whenever you pour life energy into your heart.

You could say that the lungs and the stomach are like the engine of a small vehicle, the womb like that of a sports car, and the heart like a jet engine.

Now you may be wondering how car and jet engines differ from each other. You see, while a car engine must undertake four processes to generate energy, a jet engine can do so in one go. And that alone makes a world of difference.

Just a bit of trivia for ya.

Most people use life energy like this:

  1. They extract life energy from their lungs.
  2. They condense it.
  3. They transfer it to wherever they wish to use it.
  4. They release it.

I figured it out while watching the adults train.

On the other hand, the heart allows you to release life energy with just one beat.

Talk about a marvelous discovery!

And so, that’s basically how I obtained power similar to that of a jet engine.

…Some time later. Dinner time.

“Here, Shuu-chan. Say, ‘aahh.’”

“Buaah!” (Aaah)


That’s right! I’m eating actual food for the first time!

And guess what…! My first real meal is the one and only rice porridge with vegetables!

Delicious… Although my teeth have barely started growing and biting is proving a little bit of a challenge, I still manage to chew the food with my front teeth, put it on top of my tongue and savor it.


That hits the spot!!

I keep enjoying my food.

Rice porridge is so freaking good!!

At bedtime…

“Hey, Dear, would you like to… ♡”

Hmm? There’s a strange smell…

I sleep in the main bedroom. There are tatami mats covering the floor, and to prevent me from falling, I’ve been put in some sort of bed. My parents sleep right beside me on a traditional futon mattress.

Ah, almost forgot. My father’s name is Shimizu Haru and my mother’s is Shimizu Karen. My mother’s hair is bluish-black, the same as mine. Her eyes are dark, and you could say she’s a voluptuous woman.

My father has brown hair and is a somewhat muscular guy. His shoulders in particular are so wide. I feel strangely calm whenever he carries me on his back, even if it’s rock-hard.

“No way. Our son is watching.”

“Don’t worry, he’s fallen asleep already. ♡”

It looks like I might be getting a sibling soon.

As such a thought passes through my mind, I fall into a deep slumber.

Hopefully, it’s a boy.

“Huh? Dude, you should wish for a little sister instead!” you say?  

Don’t make me laugh. Sisters are tyrannical, cheeky little monsters that got no idea how to have fun.

What you see in anime is all fiction! I shan’t be fooled!                                                 

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