VSA – Chapter 56: The Villain Wants to Buy Some Swimwear.

Translator: Haruto.

Volume 3.5:
The Villain Is Roped In.

I had a weak constitution when I was little.

I was so fragile that doing any intense exercise was completely out of the question, and sometimes even attending school became impossible for me.

Those days, I’d stay at home bedridden and alone, and as I spent more and more time in solitude, making friends and even communicating and forming basic bonds with others became a challenge. Thankfully, my little sister Rina would always hurry back home out of concern for me. She’d chat with me and help me however she could.

Even if I didn’t attend school much, I somehow managed to get into fifth grade, and by that time, my body’s condition had started to improve. When I got into sixth grade, I was already able to attend school every day.

I enjoyed the next couple of years to the fullest. I only had to stay home a handful of times because of a cold or some other minor thing.

At last, I was able to go to school, participate in sports, and talk to other students—things that were a rarity for me a few years prior—and before I knew it, others had taken to refer to me as a “perfect person.”

I’m not perfect.

I do play the part of a perfect girl in public, so I can’t blame them for it, but…

Perfect people can’t show any weaknesses, and all I really want… is to be pampered by someone.   


Rustle, rustle, rustle…

“Shoot, they’re not here either!”

After allowing myself to sleep in and take my sweet time enjoying my first summer vacation breakfast, I’m currently turning my apartment upside down looking for something.

And that something is…

“I wanna go to the beach or the pool, but I can’t find my shorts!!”

That’s right, my swim shorts are nowhere to be found. Going to the pool or the beach is what summer’s all about, but all I’ve managed to find are my school swim shorts. I’ve got zero idea where my regular shorts are…

“Hibariiii, have you seen my swimsuit? I can’t find it anywhere.”

“Your thong? I’m afraid I haven’t seen it, Yuuji-sama.”                                  

“I only wear shorts!!”

I’d never wear a thong! I don’t want other people to see my bulge!!

“I really don’t know where they are, Yuuji-sama.”

“I see.”

I just can’t believe the old Kasashima never bought any swim shorts. I mean, the guy was filthy rich. I bet he used to buy new ones every year…

But well, since I can’t find them, all I can do is buy a new pair.

“I guess I could go the store tomorrow and buy them with a few pool accessories.”

“Yuuji-sama, I’m terribly sorry, however, I won’t be able to take you there due to some business I have to attend to.”

“Ah, okay, that’s fine. Don’t worry about me and go take care of whatever you gotta do.”

“Thank you.”

Hibari’s got a life outside of work, too, so I’ve always told her that she’s free to go out and take care of her affairs when needed. Now that I think about it, I should give her some time off during the summer.

“Maybe I’ll invite Yuito to come with me.”


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