VSA – Chapter 26: The Villain Departs for the School Camp.

Translator: Haruto.

The morning of the school camp has finally arrived.

“You woke up surprisingly early this morning, Yuuji-sama.”


Hibari has entered my room. I suppose she was planning to wake me up but I beat her to it. I’ve even changed into my uniform already.

“You must be quite excited about the school camp.”

“You betcha.”

“…Especially since you’re not a loner anymore.”

“That’s right.”

“I trust you’ll be careful during your trip?”

“Of course.”  



For some reason, it’s hard to keep the conversation going. And Hibari’s probably thinking the same thing since her lips are opening and closing, as though she’s trying to find something to say.

We both remain silent for a few more seconds until—

“…Do you wish to head to school earlier today?”

“Yeah, I wanna avoid the stress of getting there at the last minute, you know?”

I put my travel bag on the bed, lay out its contents over the sheets, and check them all one last time as Hibari watches me from behind.

…This silence between us feels strangely refreshing.

Once I’m done checking my things, I pack them again and put the bag over my shoulder.

“Time to go, then. Can you drive me to school?”


Hmm… Yeah, things are weirdly calm and quiet between us today. No, maybe it’s actually weird how rowdy we always are.

“Will you be okay by yourself, Hibari?”

“Yes. I’ve always been alone, after all…”

“Alright, alright, let’s not go down depression lane! I promise I’ll take you out when I return.”


“I’ll try to enjoy the school camp the best I can, and I’d like you to also have fun here while I’m gone, Hibari.”

“I do not have anything in particular I wish to do here all by myself, but, more importantly, please try not to throw caution to the wind and enjoy yourself a little too much out there, okay, Yuuji-sama?

“Got it.”

“Especially with those…”


I stare at Hibari, waiting for her to finish her sentence, but right when she seems to be about to let the words out… she seals her lips again.


“No, it’s nothing. I hope you have fun during the school camp.”

I step into the school grounds where our class is supposed to meet. Since it’s still early in the morning, there aren’t that many students around, and the ones that are already present are all quiet. This place feels so peaceful I fear I might fall asleep at any moment…

However, as departure time draws nearer and nearer, the number of students progressively increases.

“Good morning… Yuuji-kun…”

“Morning, Yuito. Man, you look sleepy.”

“I am…” Yuito walks drowsily toward me while rubbing his eyes.

It’s rare to see him so groggy when he’s usually such a perky guy. He seems to be in dire need of a nap.  

“You didn’t get a good night’s rest or something?”

“The thing is… I was so excited about the school camp that I couldn’t sleep a wink last night… Hehe…”

Yuito smiles at me, drowsy still, and I can’t help but get a little flustered for an instant. I’m sure anyone would react the same way, though…

Yuito-sama’s a girl until proven otherwise.

…Yup, I’m totally not letting Hibari’s words get to me…


“Yuito, are you really…”


“…a guy?”

“Yes? I am a boy…”

Right, I knew it. If he says he’s a guy, then he is a guy.

“O-Of course you are! Sorry for asking such a strange question.”

“It’s okay. Did you dream that I was a girl or something like that?”

“Y-Yeah, something like that.”

I can’t tell him my maid thinks he’s a girl.

“Haha! What a weird dream.” Yuito laughs heartily.

I honestly can’t blame Hibari for assuming he’s a girl, though. His heroine-aptitude is way too freaking high…

But setting that aside, it’s nice to see him smile with me like this. After all, if I made that smile disappear or, even worse, made him cry, the sisters would sit on me and beat me to a pulp…!!

Afterward, the teacher in charge of our grade gives us some guidelines for the trip, and we begin boarding the bus. I take a window seat all the way to the back, and beside me sits none other than…

“Yuuji-kun, do you mind… if I take a little nap…?”

“Not at all. I mean, you can barely keep your eyes open. I’ll wake you up when we arrive at the rest area.”

“O-Okay… Please do… Zzz…” Yuito closes his eyes, his breathing slows down, and an instant later, he’s fallen asleep.

The bus finally departs when all the students are on board.

“The school camp, huh… I really hope I’ll get to enjoy it…”

I pray I won’t get caught up in some mess because of this menacing face of mine or those awful rumors going around about me…  

I observe my reflection in the window for a while, until—

Click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click, click. The sound of multiple pictures being taken is heard.

Exasperated, I throw a peek in the direction of the culprit and…

“…Mahiro-san, I won’t stop you from taking pictures of Yuito—even if I should—but you should at least silence your camera…”

“Ah, I forgot to do that!”

“You’re being too noisy, Sis… Fwaahh…”

Naturally, the two sisters have taken the seat next to ours.

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