VSA – Chapter 30: The Villain Makes Sure There’s a Ding-Dong. ②

Translator: Haruto.

This is a mass release (Ch29-33).

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“Wow! It’s huge!”

“Yeah, it’s pretty big.”

With a towel wrapped around our waist, Yuito and I step into the large bath where we find two hot and cold bathtubs and a nice sauna. It’s kind of exciting knowing we’ve got the entire place to ourselves.

We first head over to the showering area, which is adorned by a mirror on the wall, and start cleaning our bodies before we jump into one of the bathtubs.

I throw a peek at Yuito sitting beside me; he still has his towel wrapped around him, keeping a certain area of his body out of sight.

“Make sure to clean yourself well, Yuito.”  

“Okay!” he answers me, unaware of what’s going through my mind right now.

He’s got to clean himself down there eventually, so… Come on, Yuito! I’ve got to make sure you’ve got a ding-dong!!

“And… there…” Yuito mumbles as he stands up…


And he turns his back to me before he starts cleaning his lower half.

“…” I also focus on cleaning my buddy downstairs, and—


I fill a bucket with water and pour it all over my head. I ended up using a little too much force, however, causing a loud splash.

“Uh-oh?! Y-You scared me, Yuuji-kun. What happened?”

“Nothing… I just felt like pouring some water over my head to cool myself down.”

“Ah, okay,” Yuito says and turns around once again.

Thus, I lost my chance to make sure he was a guy while we were still cleaning ourselves.



“Uhh! It’s so warm!”

“Yeah… That hits the spot.”

We both smile pleasantly as we take a seat inside the large, hot bathtub and the water reaches our shoulders. Bathtubs feel better somehow when there aren’t many people in them. I can feel how the hot water is taking all my fatigue away…

Incidentally, there’s a weird ray of light obstructing my view of Yuito’s you-know-what.

What the heck, dude?! Are we in a PG-13 Eroge or something?!

…Ah, yeah, kind of. This world was originally an Eroge.

Still, it’s not like I can get closer to get a better look. I don’t want to spook Yuito. Oh, whatever. The two sisters always talk about him like he’s a guy, so he must be a guy. Yup, no doubt about it…

So there’s no need to make sure…

“Are you excited about tomorrow, Yuuji-kun?”

“Yeah, I’m looking forward to the events scheduled for tomorrow.”

“It’s also the last day of our trip, though, so I’m a bit sad… But, even so, I can’t tell you how grateful I am to be your friend and to have had the opportunity to make so many great memories with you during the school camp!”

“…Right back at you, Yuito. I really enjoy hanging out with you.”

“Hehe, I’m glad to hear that.”

“Let’s make even more great memories tomorrow.”

“Yes, let’s!” We both smile again.

After hearing Yuito’s kind words, I can’t help but feel ashamed about how obsessed I got with making sure that he’s a guy. He really is nice… and I’m just awful in comparison.

I hang my head in shame, unable to look at Yuito’s radiant smile directly.

“It’s gotten a bit too hot for me here so I’ll go cool down in the cold bathtub.”

“Got it…”

Yuito steps out, walks towards the cold bathtub, and starts taking his towel off as he’s about to go in…

Ohh!! Now’s my chance!! Just a bit more! Just a bit more and I’ll know if—



Suddenly, I hear the sound of an elephant in my head. My entire body is frozen in place.

“Look, Yuuji-kun! Water is coming out of that lion’s mouth!”


“What’s wrong, Yuuji-kun? Are trying to imitate that lion or something?”

I remain motionless, with my jaw dropped to the floor. Yuito has long entered the cold bathtub and is currently looking at me curiously.

I couldn’t see it clearly, but I did see a silhouette.

The game mentioned that Kasashima Yuuji was well endowed, and it’s true that my buddy down there is pretty impressive—even if Hibari snorted when she saw it—but my guy Yuito here is a whole other beast. And like, I barely caught a glimpse of it from afar. Imagine what it’d look like to a girl from up close…


“Yes, Yuuji-kun?”

“You’ve got my respect…”

“Thank you?”

He might be a perfect heroine on the inside, but he’s a full-fledged dude downstairs… That’s the original protagonist for you.

“Crap! I’m late!”

When I look at the wall clock in the changing room, it’s already 9:35 p.m. I’m supposed to meet with Rina after this, and I told her I’d be out of the bath by 9:40 so I’ve gotta hurry…!

“Sorry, Yuito, I’m going to have to ask you to leave the door unlocked again. There’s something I need to do.”

“Huh? Ah, okay…!”

I put my clothes on, organize my things in a hurry, and run out of the changing room with my hair still wet.

“What a shame. I wanted to play a mobile game with Yuuji-kun…”

A few minutes after Yuuji left the changing room, Yuito finishes drying his hair and looks at his basket to make sure he hasn’t forgotten anything…

“Ah! Yuuji-kun forgot his phone!”

Near his own basket, there’s another one with his friend’s phone still in it. It appears Yuuji was in such a hurry that he completely forgot to take his phone with him.

“I guess I can just give it back to him when he returns to our room. But, hold on, what if he notices his phone is gone and comes back here…? But there’s also the chance that someone else might take it if I leave it here… Hmmm…”


“Wha—?!” Yuito hears a loud sound coming from Yuuji’s phone while he’s still trying to figure out what to do. It seems Yuuji just received a text.

The name of the sender and their message is displayed on the screen.


Hibari: Yuuji-sama, are you enjoying the school camp?

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