VSA – Chapter 31: “I’m a Bit Jealous.”

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I’m not popular because I’m cute.

People just enjoy judging me by my appearance and treating me like a used-up doll.

When I was in middle school, I was rather shy… and yet, I had the kind of figure and breasts that didn’t match well with my timid personality.

I stood out without trying. I was misunderstood…

Rina-chan! Are the rumors true? I heard you’ll do it with just about anyone.

You slut!! Stop flirting with all the boys!  

All I could do when I heard the things people spat at me was to hide behind my sister and shake silently in fear… I was a coward.

Middle school was a dark time in my life.                            


Sat on a wooden chair in a desolate place outside the main building, I’m currently listening to Rina’s story about her past.

And when she finishes…

“I see…” I fold my arms and try to organize all the information I just heard.

People have always misjudged Rina because of her appearance. When she was in middle school, she’d even spend her days being bombarded with insults from her classmates and being treated as if she was an easy girl. And unfortunately, she was a very shy girl back then, so she didn’t have the courage to stand up for herself.

Which is why when she entered high school, she pretended to be a devilish, foxy girl…

I read about her past in the game, but hearing it directly from her makes me really understand how hard it was for her.

With that being said…

“I have to ask, why are you really telling me this?”

I might be going through something similar but all I can really offer her right now are clumsy words of encouragement and sympathy, such as “Man, you’ve had it rough.”

“Do you perhaps… want me to find a solution to your problem?”

“I don’t.”


“I mean, I doubt there’s much a loner like you could do about it…”

“Right, who’d ask a loner like me for help, huh?!! But in that case, you honestly just wanted me to hear your story…?”

“Yeah… I’ve been keeping it to myself for so long, I just… needed a chance to vent, you know?”

“I understand what that’s like.” Finding a solution to your problems isn’t everything… Sometimes you just want someone to listen.

There’s an expression of slight relief on Rina’s face now that she’s had the chance to get everything off her chest.

I also feel more relaxed knowing that she doesn’t expect me to offer her a solution to her predicament or some motivational speech.

“By the way, I’ve thinking about this for a while, but…”


“I feel like you change the way you talk when you’re with me, Rina-san… like your tone and stuff…”

Usually, she’s got this coquettish and cheerful aura about her that makes guys’ hearts race and gives them the wrong idea, but now she seems so meek, and even a little bland.

Like back at the amusement park…

What are you doing here?!

I don’t know why but the thought of you ignoring me pisses me off.

What?! There’s no way you only like Yui-kun’s friend-mode!

…I saw no trace of her usual foxiness.

“I get tired of acting so cheerful all the time, so, yeah…”

“Why don’t you stop, then? And like, why did you even choose that kind of coquettish persona anyway?”

“Because acting all foxy and charming can get you lots of things. More often than not, a smile and a cheerful tone of voice are all that it takes to draw people close to you and get various advantages. Although, there are also bound to be a few girls that’ll shoot some cold looks at you and others that’ll criticize you for it…”

“…And some who’ll even hate you… like that girl this morning?”

“…” Rina goes silent.

I continue, “It was actually pretty hard on you, wasn’t it? To the point that it even made you want to tell someone about your past… What really happened back there?”

“No idea.”

“Come on…”

“Look, no matter how much I try to deny their accusations, I just can’t change the way other people think or act.”

Rina then stands up and says in a dark tone of voice, “In the end, people are bound to judge others by their appearance. And I don’t think that’s always a bad thing. Adopting that coquettish persona is just my way of accepting and dealing with it the best I can.”

I understand what she’s talking about… I’m also trying my best to deal with this menacing face of mine and the awful rumors people spread about me.

It is not my place to criticize how she deals with her problems.

“But, to be honest, sometimes I wish I could just yell and take all my anger out on the people that only care about how I look. Compared to them, Yui-kun is amazing since he isn’t superficial at all.”

“And that’s why you fell for him?”

“I guess… I do think he’s a little naïve, but… he was the first person I’d ever met that didn’t care about my looks and simply wanted to be my friend… And I’m sure you experienced something similar when you met him, right, Kasashima?”


I also think Yuito is a great guy. He’s kind, considerate and wants to be my friend despite my intimidating looks. In a world where we’re constantly being misjudged, he’s not only our friend but our support as well.

“…I feel like I need to ask again, are you after Yui-kun?”

“What are you even saying?”  

“It’s just that Yui-kun is so cool and kind… and my sister also said that love can come in all shapes and sizes, so…”

“I’m not entirely sure what you’re implying there, but I only like girls.”

“I see… Well, you did bring your girlfriend to the amusement park…”

“Huh? Girlfriend? I—A…”  




I ended up sneezing loudly after my nose started feeling kind of itchy. I made sure to sneeze the other way, of course, but Rina still looked quite displeased as she moved away from me.

“Can you at least try sneezing into your elbow or something…?” she asks.

“I couldn’t help it! I just felt a chill all of a sudden and—A-Achoo!!”

Even my throat feels itchy now, my sneezes are getting louder and louder, and… shoot, I think my nose is running…

“That’s what happens when you don’t dry your hair… No wonder you’re not popular.”

“What does that have to do with anything?! Besides, men can just let their hair air dry.”

“That attitude right there is what’s keeping you back. Yui-kun always uses a hairdryer. That’s why his hair looks so smooth and shiny all the time.”

“Don’t compare me to him!! Being rich is my only advantage over him!!”

“You got that money from your parents so let’s say it’s your total defeat.”

“Shush!!” I know full well that there’s no way a villain would have higher specs than a freaking protagonist.

I stand up, and we naturally begin walking back to the main building’s entrance.

“Thank you for listening to my story,” Rina says.  

“You can come to me again if you ever need someone to talk to. I’m sure you can’t discuss that kind of stuff with Yuito or Mahiro-san, which must have been yet another reason why you chose me, right?”

“…So you noticed…”

“It was pretty obvious. We weren’t even that close, to begin with.”

“…And yet, you still agreed to listen to my story? Why?” Rina stops walking, and I do the same.

I’m not sure what to tell her. It’s true that it was partly because I was afraid of the consequences of saying no, but… it was also…  

“Because you looked sad.”

“Huh…?” Rina murmurs quietly and her eyes widen as she looks at me.

“I wanted to help you feel even a little better and enjoy yourself for what was left of the school camp.”

I put my hands in my pockets and resume walking.

“…I think I understand a tiny bit better why Yui-kun is so drawn to you.”

“Huh? What did you say?”

“Nothing. Let’s return to our rooms before they turn the lights off.”

“Aah, yeah, let’s.”



“I’m sorry I said I didn’t care…”

“Hmm. Alright?”

I don’t even remember her saying that.

As though she’s in a good mood, a small smile appears on Rina’s face.


“I’m back, Yuito.”

“Welcome, Yuuji-kun. I have something to—”

“Sorry, Yuito.”


“I’m… wiped out…” After having had a bath and chatting with Rina, I can barely keep my eyes open.

“I’m really sorry… we’ll talk… tomorrow…”

Yuito probably wants to chat and play games with me but I just can’t shake off this drowsiness…

“You’re swaying from side to side, Yuuji-kun! Here, lay down.”


Yuito guides me to my bed, and once I fall on it, my consciousness begins to fade…  


“Looks like he’s asleep… I want to wake him up, but I know I shouldn’t…”

Yuito stares at Yuuji’s phone, which he tried to return a moment ago.

“What should I do…? He received a message from Hibari-san… but it doesn’t seem urgent, so I guess it can wait until tomorrow…”

Yuito then leaves the phone near Yuuji’s pillow.

“There. You forgot your phone, Yuuji-kun. Hehe, his face looks kind of adorable when he’s sleeping…” Yuito pokes Yuuji’s cheek gently. The latter seems to be terribly tired since he doesn’t react at all.

“Still, to think they’re so close that they text each other like that… I get it, though. Being with Yuuji-kun is a lot of fun… I’m a bit jealous of Hibari-san since she gets to hang out with him at home, too.”

Yuuji-kun is my first male friend, but there’s a little more to it than that. He’s also the first person aside from Mahiro-chan and Rina-chan in whose company I feel completely comfortable, and I think there’s something else, but I just can’t put my finger on it…

“I bet Hibari-san knows a lot more about him than me, being his maid and all. I wish I could chat with her at least once…”

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