VSA – Chapter 24: You’re All Mine After School.

Translator: Haruto.

Our fifth and sixth-period classes were canceled in order to prepare for the school camp. Being able to leave the books aside and focus on a special event like this one is certainly one of the best things you can experience as a student.

We were having so much fun that time seemed to just fly by…

“It’s gotten kind of late, huh. Today was all about letting you guys know how the school camp’s going to be, but tomorrow we’ll focus on assigning roles by groups. On that note, make sure to choose a leader for each group, okay? That’s all. See you tomorrow,” Mr. Takebayashi says and leaves the room.

“I can’t wait for the school camp!”

“We’ll have to walk and move around a bunch, but spending the night with our friends sounds like so much fun!” Once the school day’s over, the entire class starts chatting excitedly about the school camp.

Knowing Hibari is waiting for me, I pack my books in a hurry and get ready to go home. Yuito, however, finishes packing up his things first and walks over to my desk.

“Aren’t you excited about the school camp, Yuuji-kun?”

“Yeah. We’ll be hiking on day one, right? It seems we’ll get quite the work out from the start.”

“Yup! And we’ll make curry together after that. How fun!”

“I know.”

Just picturing it is enough to put me in a good mood. I close my bag and walk out of the classroom with Yuito.

“You’re not leaving with Mahiro-san and Rina-san today?”

“They told me that they had something to do so that I should leave first.”


Those two have been pretty busy today.

“Ah, right. Yuito, would you like to—”

“I would.”

“I haven’t finished my sentence, you know?”

“I wouldn’t say no to you, Yuuji-kun.”

How can this guy be so pure and trusting…?

“Is that so? In that case, what happened earlier today…”  

I feel like messing with him a little because of how pure he is.

“U-Um… It’s too embarrassing so let’s not talk about that…”

Yuito forms an x with his fingers and blushes slightly. It seems he’s remembering what happened back then. Sometimes I wonder if he isn’t actually a secret heroine. His heroine-aptitude is way too high.

“Or wait, do you really want me to do that…? I don’t know, Yuuji-kun… that’s a bit… but…”

“Relax! I don’t!! I just wanted to know if you’d like to exchange numbers! That way we can contact each other and hang out.”

“Oh! Gladly!” Yuito beams happily, and we exchange our contact information at last.

After reaching the lockers and putting on our street shoes, we begin walking toward the gate where we see Hibari already waiting for me, but…

“Man, to think maids still exist in this day and age! Crap… I think I can stare at her forever…”

“Whoever hired such a beautiful maid must be freaking rich!”

“She’s gorgeous… I wanna go talk to her…”

Today there are more students staring at Hibari than usual, and some are even getting a little too close to her when they pass her by. It seems a larger number of students ended up leaving school at the same time because of the special activities we had concerning the school camp.

But well, Hibari naturally stands out wherever she goes because of how pretty she is and her maid uniform.


Her expression remains as serious as always, but that doesn’t negatively affect her beauty. In fact, all the people around her appear to have been captivated by it.

“Hibari-san is super pretty, huh.”

“She sure is.”

I can’t believe how lucky I am to have such a beautiful maid by my side every single day. Even if she can be a little weird at times…

“I don’t want to make her wait long so I’m going—Hm?”

I then take notice of a couple of male students standing not too far away from Hibari.

“…Let’s go talk to her, dude.”

“I doubt she’ll pay attention to us, though…”

They whisper to each other before they begin getting closer and closer to Hibari…

“Sorry, Yuito. I don’t like where this is going, so I’m gonna use this menacing face of mine to scare those guys away. See ya!”

“Yuuji-kun, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with your face, okay?! See you tomorrow!”

I pick up the pace and run to Hibari as fast as possible.

Not too long ago, she…

Hey, Miss! Don’t ignore—Ghaa?!

…kicked a guy down there when he was trying to flirt with her, so I’ve gotta save those guys before it’s too late!!!

“Eeek?! Some scary dude’s running this way!”

“I ain’t dealing with that! Let’s get outta here!”

I furrow my brows and run as loud as I can, which is enough to make the two guys wanting to flirt with Hibari start running away.

“Good to see you again, Yuuji-sama. You look even more menacing than usual.”

“Yeah, all thanks to a certain beauty… Haa…”

“Hehe. Yuuji-kun and Hibari-san are as close as ever.” Yuito looks at Hibari and Yuuji with a smile plastered on his face. A moment later, Mahiro and Rina appear and walk to him.

“Kasashima-kun sure knows how to use everything he’s got at his disposal. He’s the perfect bodyguard to keep playboys at bay. Hehe.”

“Come on, Sis, anyone would freak out seeing him run toward them with such a fierce look in his eyes!”

“Ah, Mahiro-chan, Rina-chan! Are you ready to go home?”

“Yup. I was just having a little chat with Rina.”

“By the way, Yui-kun, do you know who that cute girl is?”

“That’s Yuuji-kun’s maid, Hibari-san. They’re super close!”

“You don’t say…”

“Are you into her, Yuito?”

“Hmm. I’m into kindness.”

“That’s not what I meant, but whatever… your answer was cute and that’s all that matters.”

“?” Yuito tilts his head in wonder and Mahiro looks at him with a smile. Meanwhile, Rina stares at Hibari as though she’s piqued her interest.

“A beauty who’s close to Kasashima Yuuji, huh… So the girl he was with at the amusement park… Hmm…”


“It’s nothing. Let’s go home, shall we?”

“…They’re certainly beautiful…”

“Hm? What’s wrong, Hibari?”

I walk to the limousine but I notice that Hibari hasn’t moved at all. She’s staring… at Yuito and the two sisters?

“It’s nothing. Let us go, Yuuji-sama.”



“We’ve arrived, Yuuji-sama.”


Hibari’s voice wakes me up.

I had closed my eyes trying to relax a little, but at some point, I just fell asleep.

“Here you go.”

“Thanks… Pwaah!”

Hibari opens the door for me and I step out of the limousine, drowsily rubbing my eyes.

“Hold on. This is…” My eyes widen in surprise.

I thought we had arrived home but this is just some parking lot.

“You’re all mine after school.”


“Let us go.”


“We’re going on a little after-school outing.”

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  1. ‘But’ he says, ‘but.’ I think it would be hilarious to have him as a platonic yandere seeing where this is going.

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