TSS – Chapter 12: Lulune’s Feelings and a Helping Hand.  

Translator: Haruto.

Having steeled my resolve, I, Lulune, run to the gate to leave Arcana until I catch sight of what seems to be a person walking wobbly into the city from the direction of the forest.

I take a closer look and realize that it’s none other than Alize-san; my former guardian, my master, and someone I hold very dear to me. He approaches me swaying from side to side and looking terribly worn out.

“What’s wrong, Alize-san?! You look sick!” I cry without thinking.

In response, a satisfied smile appears on his face, and he collapses on the spot. I rush to him hurriedly, fully perplexed.

However, for some strange reason, I just know what he was up to. He obtained some Mandragora Extract for Rhea-sama’s sake and mine.

I let him rest on my back and break into a run. I lack the physical strength to carry him properly, but I just keep running regardless. There’s no way I’ll let his efforts go to waste.

When I reach the Earl’s mansion, his butler steps out in a hurry and asks, “W-What happened to him?! Ah! C-Could it be…!”

“That’s right. After listening to our conversation, Alize-san dove into the Evil Forest by himself and slew a mandragora for us,” I answer once I’ve caught my breath.

Nevertheless, the bewildered expression on the butler’s face remains. “…It takes no less than three days to reach the land where mandragoras grow! How could he have obtained it in such little time…?! Wait, no… If anyone can, it’s him… He’s the man that trained the Great Heroes,” He whispers to himself while nodding his head. A second later, he welcomes me into the mansion.

I put Alize-san to sleep in one of the guest rooms and open the bag he was carrying. As I expected, the body of a mandragora is stored inside.

“Alize-san… You really are our pride…” I take a moment to caress his cheek gently before grabbing the mandragora and standing back up.

I turn to the Earl’s butler and say, “This is what we need to prepare her medicine. Can you please give me a hand?”

I must not let his efforts go down the drain. I have to make sure everything goes flawlessly during the preparation process.

Pride and resolve filling my heart, I begin brewing the medicine that’ll cure Rhea-sama’s Curse of the Woods.


When I open my eyes, I’m welcomed by quite a fancy ceiling. How did I get here…?

I’m still feeling somewhat groggy, so I wait until my mind is fully awake and—

“…Ah! The mandragora!!”

Crap! I was so dizzy I actually passed out! I doubt I slept for long but this is still a battle against time.

Right when I’m about to get up, however, the door of the room opens and Lulune appears. I guess she heard me yell. For some reason, she appears to be on the verge of tears.

It can’t be… Did we fail?

I worry for a second, but then Lulune starts shaking excitedly and throws herself at me.

“Alize-saan! Alize-saaaaaan!!”

“U-Uh-oh. What’s gotten into you? More importantly, though, what happened to the girl?!” I ask and Lulune simply turns to the door, where a beautiful young girl is now standing.

“I see… We made it, huh,” I say in a soft voice and the young girl answers me with a smile. Her eyes are watery as though she’s also about to cry.

With a shaking voice, she says, “I… I honestly can’t thank you enough, Alize-sama. You’ve saved my life.”

“No, I simply hunted the mandragora. You should thank Lulune instead.”

Lulune raises her head and sets her eyes on me. She seems apologetic.

“Why…? I didn’t do anything worth mentioning…”

“You did. Seeing you stand up without hesitation, fully determined to help her was what spurred me into action. Besides, I’m sure you were the one that prepared her medicine, Lulune. I don’t have the skill to make medicine as complex as yours.”

After listening to my words, Lulune can’t hold back the tears anymore and starts crying at the top of her lungs.

Man, this sure brings back memories. Ten years ago, there were nights when she’d slip into my room and break into tears just like this.  

While I’m still patting her head, I glance at the young girl and ask, “Um, how are you feeling? Have you fully recovered already?”

“Yes, and it’s all thanks to you two,” she answers and bows deeply to us.

Then she lets out a little giggle and adds, “I must say, though, it’s incredible how one of the Great Heroes lets herself be so vulnerable around you. It just goes to show how much she trusts you.”

Somewhat bashful, I scratch my head and say, “I suppose you’re right… I feel both happy and kind of embarrassed.”

“Hehe. I wish I could have a relationship like the one you two have.” Once more a smile appears on her face, but a moment later, her expression turns serious.

“Alize-sama, as much as I’m ashamed to admit this, the Arcana family doesn’t have the means to bestow upon you a reward befitting of your efforts…”

“Aah, a reward, huh. Normally, I’d tell you not to worry about it, but there’s actually a little something I’d like to ask of you.”

I then make my one and only request to the Arcana family.

“One day, a certain girl will come out of the forest and reach this town. When she does, I’d like you to teach her about the world and society. I’m sure she’ll have no clue about how things work around here.”

The young girl tilts her head curiously and asks, “Is that really all you want?”

“Yeah, that’s all. Well, it’d be nice if you could also become her friend. I bet you two will hit it off.”

“It’d be my pleasure! If I may ask, what is the girl’s name?”

Listening to her question, the memories of the girl I had to leave behind come rushing back to me, and I say, “Ruin. Her name is Ruin.”

— Volume 1 End —

Author’s note:

The first volume is now over! Volume 2 will begin soon and we’ll see one of the other heroes enter the main scene! Please look forward to it!

Translator’s note:

And that’s a wrap for the translation of the first volume. It was kind of short but I still enjoyed it plenty. Thanks for reading and see you in the next volume.

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