VSA – Chapter 23: The Dashing Girl Asks the Villain for a Favor… Denied!!

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When I go down the stairs, I find Mahiro waiting for me.

“Let’s go.”


I follow Mahiro to a certain hallway near the chemistry lab that’s usually deserted during lunch break.

“No one should bother us here, and we’re also close to the room where our next class will be.”

Mahiro looks straight at me.

“Sorry for asking you to come with me out of nowhere like that, and thank you for accepting.”

“Ah, it’s fine…”

“What’s wrong? Hehe. Are you nervous, perhaps?”

“I-I guess…”

Of course I am! In the game, she sat on me and abused me to her heart’s content… So, yeah, not only am I nervous, I’m kind of scared right now.

Unaware of what’s going through my mind, though, Mahiro continues, “This is the second time we’ve had the chance to talk one on one.”

There are too many people here and I don’t want to draw unnecessary attention, so how about we go somewhere else?

Now that I think about it, last time she also sought me out in the middle of lunch break. And once again Yuito is absent, which must mean that she doesn’t want Yuito to hear our conversation…

“…Are you going to tell me to stay away from Yuito, or something like that?” Believing that’s why she’s brought me here, I just go ahead and ask her directly.

A silence falls between us. All that’s heard in the desolate hallway is the distant sound of other students’ voices.

I hesitantly peer into Mahiro’s face and…

“Pfff!! Hahaha!” She covers her mouth with her hand as she breaks into a laugh.  


“Aah, sorry. What you said was so absurd that I just… Like, do you seriously think I’m such an awful girl?”


Not exactly. You’re just a Yandere that would do just about anything for Yuito…

“I actually have a pretty good eye for people, and more importantly, you’ve been nothing but kind to Yuito so there’s no way I’d tell you to stay away from him.”

“I see. So the reason why you haven’t interfered with my spending time with Yuito is because it makes him happy.”

“Yes, but that’s not all. You could also say I’m trying to show you some consideration. After all, without Yuito, you wouldn’t have anyone to talk to at school, would you?”

“You’re right…”

While I’ve become good friends with Yuito and he’s always nice to me, my other classmates are still afraid of me.

That’s why if they kept Yuito away from me, I would have to return to being a complete loner. And then, who knows, I might even try to hole up in my room forever out of sadness. Although, I’m sure Hibari would just find a way to make me go to school anyway.

“You know, I also didn’t have any interest in you at first, Kasashima-kun.”

“You sure are frank.”   

“But I’ve been looking at you for a while and the way you treat Yuito, and I’ve come to the conclusion that you’re not a bad person, despite what your face may suggest. You’re truly a good friend to Yuito.”

“I’m glad you think of me that way.”

“I can only imagine how hard it is for you to be misunderstood by everyone, though. But well, that’s just how it goes when you have that kind of menacing appearance.”

“Can’t you at least try to cheer me up a little?”

This dashing and refined girl does not mince her words. Well, it’s not like she’s wrong…

“Cheering you up wouldn’t solve your predicament… Besides, what truly matters is what’s on the inside. The more you change inside, the easier it’ll be to free yourself from a life of prejudice.”


Her words strike a chord with me. She’s basically summarized what I’m going through right now.

Hold on. Could she have realized that I’m a different person inside…? Nah, there’s no way. I’m sure she’s never met Kasashima Yuuji before anyways.

“Sorry, I got a bit sidetracked there. The reason why I’ve approached you today is because I have a favor to ask of you.”  

“Ah, so that’s why you brought me here. A favor, huh? Is it something I can do?”

“Yup, it’s quite easy, really.”


If it’s so easy, why are you asking me to do it? Or so I’d like to tell her but I’ll just listen to what she has to say…

“Please take lots of sneaky pics of Yuito during the school camp—”

“Are you an idiot?! Of course not!!” I answer in a heartbeat.

How can she ask such an outrageous thing with such a radiant smile?! This girl’s a pervert! And like, that’s even a crime!

Also, last time, didn’t she…

Yuito looks really adorable when he’s talking to you. I’d like you to take a couple of pictures of—

So that’s what she wanted back then! And she didn’t give up!!!

Mahiro puts a finger on her chin and says with a serious look on her face, “So sneaky pics are a no-go, huh. It’s a shame. Yuito’s natural cuteness shines best when you catch him off guard…”

“From that statement, I can tell you’ve already taken a few of those sneaky pics of him, but I won’t freaking do it, you hear?!”


I thought that’d be enough to make her give up on the idea, but then…

“Oh well, it is what it is. I suppose pictures of the two of you should do.”

“…You’re totally going to cut me out of the picture, aren’t you?”

“You’re quick on the uptake!”  

Yeah, no need to be a superdetective to figure that one out. Besides, I think there was a situation like that in the game, too.

By the way, at the end of the game’s main route…

Why… Why can’t you notice my feelings…? Oh well… I suppose I’ll just have to engrave them into your body…

The protagonist was so dense that he ended up being abducted by the heroines, and just like the villain, he was sat on and “abused,” although, in very, very different ways.  

…Hm? Hold on. Is it just me or are both endings kind of terrible? Well, what can you expect from a game targeted at Yandere lovers?

“Three pictures with Yuito in them. That’s all I want. Can you help me out?”

“When Yuito’s involved, you really…”

“Do you want to know why I’m so drawn to him or something?”

“No. I… can guess why.”

I played the game so I already know the reason. And it was such a peculiar event that… I’d prefer not to remember it right now.

Anyhow, I’m sure she’ll get mad if I continue refusing forever, so…

“Do I have to print them?”

“Nope. You can just text them to me… Ah, I haven’t given you my number, have I? Here you go.”


She gives me her number like it’s the most natural thing in the world.

“…You want them so bad you’d even give me your number?”

“Obviously,” she says with a smile.

“… Haa, fine. I’ll send you two group pictures.”

Somewhat reluctantly, I save Mahiro’s number on my phone.

“Only two, though. Three is too much.”

“Okay. If it’s still not enough, I’ll just have to figure out something by myself.”


After verifying that my contact information has been properly saved on her phone, she closes her phone case and says, “That’s all I wanted to discuss with you today. Thank you for listening to what I had to say. I’m off to buy something to drink downstairs.”

Mahiro waves her hand and runs off. When she’s finally out of sight, my shoulders drop in relief…

Haaa! That was nerve-racking…! I can’t believe that’s what she wanted. She really is a little crazy. Well, both of them get kind of aggressive when it comes to Yuito.”

As expected of the two Yandere sisters that kidnapped the protagonist.

“Hmm! ♪”

Mahiro taps her chin with her phone and hums cheerfully to herself as she walks.

And when she makes it to the vending machine…

“Hehe. I’m glad I got his number.”

She touches her phone and stares at the name on her screen. It says “Kasashima Yuuji.”

I really doubt we have to worry about him, though. They seem to be nothing more than friends.

I don’t even care about him.  

“It seems we were both a little shortsighted, Rina. We understand Yuito better than anyone, so there’s no way someone who’s captivated him so much wouldn’t catch our interest… The school camp promises to be a lot of fun… especially with those two around.”

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