VSA – Chapter 22: The Villain Is Dead if She Ever Finds Out.

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Translator’s note:

In Japanese, the dog command for “beg” can also mean “penis.”  

When lunch break comes around, Yuito and I decide to eat at the school’s rooftop. As always, my lunch was prepared by Hibari, and Yuito’s was made by Rina.

We chat amicably about everything and anything until Yuito says, “Mahiro-chan and Rina-chan totally want to get close to you, Yuuji-kun!”

“Gwaah?! Cough, cough!!”


Yuito’s absurd statement catches me off guard and I end up swallowing one of my rolled omelets without chewing it properly.

“I-I felt like I was gonna die for a second there…”

“No! You can’t die on me like this!”

I can see Yuito get all worried about me from the corner of my eye as I take a few sips of my tea and cough a little more. And once I manage to calm down…

“…Sorry, you were saying?”

“I’m sure Mahiro-chan and Rina-chan want to get close to you!”


“Are you okay, Yuuji-kun? You look like a zombie right now.”

He sure likes to exaggerate. Although, my face must indeed look kind of dead at the moment.

The sisters want to get close to me? Yeah, right.

“…Why do you think so?”

“That’s what my instinct as their middle school friend is telling me!”

Maybe you should tune that instinct of yours to detect romantic feelings, too.

“Nah, there’s no way the Sumino sisters want to be my friends. Besides, those two only really care about you…”  

“I don’t think so, though. Mahiro-chan and Rina-chan almost never remember people’s names, you know?”

“They don’t?”

What Yui-kun has told me about you isn’t enough to figure you out, Kasashima Yuuji. Like, your face is super scary…

Thank you, Kasashima-kun.

I’m certain Rina called me by my name at the amusement park, just like Mahiro did earlier. But, now that I think about it, I’ve never seen them address our classmates by their names when they’re talking to them.


“See? You obviously know what I’m talking about!”

“Nah, you’re reading too much into it. They just remembered my name because of how much time you and I spend together.”

“Nope! I’m sure they want to be friends with you!”

Considering how I’m always stealing Yuito away from them, those two must be beside themselves with jealousy. They probably just memorized my name as a potential threat.

“I think this is a good chance to ask. What do you think of those two, Yuito? First, Mahiro-san…”

“Mahiro-chan is smart, always calm and composed, and great at sports. Even though she’s in the same year as me, she’s so mature that I can’t help but see her as an older sister.”

“…Alright, and what about Rina-san?”

“Rina-chan is a super cheerful girl who loves to be pampered. She also prepares my lunch every day, and trust me, she’s a great cook! On top of that, she has an amazing fashion sense! She even helps me choose my outfits from time to time!”

I wanted to know if he saw them as possible romantic partners, not what their best qualities were, but well… I guess this is fine for now.

For some reason, seeing him talk about them with such joy puts a smile on my face, too.

“You’ve got a talent for praising people, Yuito.”

“Hmm. I’m not really sure what that means. I’m just telling you what I think.”

“Still, not everyone can praise other people as smoothly and openly as you. It’s amazing. You’re a genius at it, Yuito.”

“Y-You think…? Hehe…”

He’s got such a pure look in his eyes. I doubt he’s ever been mean to anyone in his life. I kind of wonder what he’d look like if he tried insulting another person…

And so, after we finish our meal, I try seeing it for myself…

“Say, Yuito…”


“Can you insult me?”

“No way. I’d never, ever want to insult you, Yuuji-kun.”

“I see…”

He turned me down without hesitation. He’s a great guy, all right. But there’s no way I’d back down so easily. If he’s not willing to insult me, maybe he can show me a little scowl? Let’s try that.

“Yuito. I promise it won’t take long. I just need you to play along.” 


“Alright, first… Paw.”  

“Here you go.”

Yuito rests his curled-up hand on mine.

“Now the other.”


He gives me his other hand. Everything’s going as planned.

Time for the grand finale.


Beg: A dog-training command that makes the dog lift its two front legs, stand straight, and bring its chest forward.

There’s no way the pure-hearted Yuito would agree to take on such an indecent pose.


He freezes for a moment.

Okay, bring it on! Let me hear you say, “There’s no way I’d do that, dummy!”

“Um, Yuuji-kun…”


“You won’t laugh…?”

“Of course I won’t.”

A man brave enough to pull off a perfect “beg” pose would be nothing but amazing in my eyes!

Yuito begins to move.

Clink, Clink.

He takes his belt off.

“Wait, wait, wait!! What the heck are you doing, Yuito?!”

“You told me to show you my—”

“Alright, I know what I said, but that wasn’t what I meant!”



“…You still ordered me to, so, you know…”

“…My bad.”

Seeing Yuito get red as a beet fills me with guilt.

What the hell am I doing?! I need to focus! Messing around like this won’t help me score any points with the protagonist or avoid the sisters’ wrath!

“Yuito, please forget what just happened.”


Things have gotten kind of awkward.


“Ah! I finally found you! So you two were having lunch here.”


“Oh?! Mahiro-chan!”

Surprised by the sound of the door opening and her voice, I turn around to look at Mahiro as fast as I can.

“Is something wrong, Yuito? Your face’s all red.”

“No! It’s nothing!”

“I’m glad… You look awfully pale, though, Kasashima-kun.”

“No, um… Don’t worry about it…” Shiver.


Thank goodness. It looks like she didn’t hear us… She’d kill me if she ever found out about what just happened.

“Do you need something from us, Mahiro-chan?”

“Aah, right. I have something to discuss with…”

Sensing that she’s got something to talk about with Yuito in private, I grab my lunchbox and stand up.

“See you later, Yuito. I’m going back to the classroom…”

“Wait. It’s you I want to talk to, Kasashima-kun.”

…Did I hear that right? Did she just…

“I’m going on ahead but I’ll see you in a bit, Kasashima-kun.”

Mahiro closes the door.                                

“I knew it, Yuuji-kun! She totally wants to get close to you! I’m going back to the classroom so you two have fun talking together!” Once again, Yuito’s kindness is giving me a stomach ache…

Still, what could Mahiro want with me?

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