VSA – Chapter 21: The Villain Sees the Dashing Girl’s Drooling Face.

Translator: Haruto.

This is a mass release (Ch20-23).

Here’s chapter 20.

“Did you guys say something?”

“I didn’t.”


“Me neither.”

Yuito and the two sisters shake their heads.

I thought I heard someone yell, “Hold on a second!” but it wasn’t any of us.  

“I must be hearing things, then.”

“It was us, dude!”


There’s that voice again. I turn around to see where it’s coming from and find a bunch of the class’s popular guys standing behind Yuito and the sisters, wearing displeased expressions on their faces.

…Huh. To think they’d be brave enough to talk to us…

This group has not only the two most beautiful girls in the class and the boy they’re always with but also the guy everyone fears. Quite a bit of courage is needed to come up to us like this.

I then notice that our teacher is gone. I see, so they were waiting for…



We stare at the group of popular guys, waiting for their next words, but it’s apparent they’ve been seized with fear since their mouths are just opening and closing without letting a single word out.

Hold on. What if they’re fed up with the two sisters turning them down all the time and they’ve decided to take their anger out on Yuito?

…How dare they…

A terrible scowl appears on my face as I wait for them to start yelling, but…

“Yes? Do you guys need something from us?” Yuito asks in a kind and calm tone. He really is nice to a fault. Well, he isn’t the protagonist for nothing.

Thanks to Yuito’s kindness, one of the popular guys manages to speak at last.

“It’s not fair… how you get to have the two sisters… a-all to yourself, Saeki!”


“T-That’s right! We also wanna get closer to the Sumino sisters.”

“Give us a chance, bro!”

Following their buddy’s lead, the others begin to voice their thoughts one after another.

Huh? Weren’t the popular guys in our class a bit more aggressive…? They’re still looking at me coldly, though…  

“Wha—?!” Yuito is at a loss for words. Actually, it’s not just him. The two sisters and I don’t know what to make of this unexpected development either.

Why are they talking to Yuito instead of… Aaah, I get it. They know that the two sisters wouldn’t give them the time of day so they want Yuito to cooperate with them. But come on guys, the sisters are right there! Yuito won’t be able to do anything for you.

“Please, Saeki! We wanna group up with them!”

“C-Calm down, guys!”


Unable to endure the pressure anymore, Yuito runs and hides behind me.

Phew… That was scary.”

My friend’s scared…. What should I do at a time like this? Pat his head? Nah, no way he’d want another dude to do that.

“Okay, okay. Give it a rest, boys,” Mahiro says clapping her hands and the popular guys go quiet instantly. She’s definitely the class’s boss.

Under the eyes of all our classmates, Mahiro says, “I’m happy to see how eager you are to be in the same group as us, but… we want to be with Yuito. Knowing how kind you all are, I’m sure you’ll understand.” And she finishes with a smile.

“Well, if that’s what Mahiro-san wants…”

“Y-Yeah, if she wants to be in their group…”

“Sorry for being so pushy, Saeki…”

“Ah! D-Don’t worry about it…”

Having calmed down, the popular guys return to their seats.

“That was awesome, Sis!”

“Hehe. It’s decided, then. We’ll all be together during the school camp.”

“Thank you, Mahiro-chan.”

“Anything for you, Yuito.”

The class gets lively again as though nothing ever happened. It’s impressive how she was able to bring those guys under control with a single smile… Mahiro’s as dashing and enchanting as always.


“…Hm…? Hmm?!”

I turn to Mahiro, believing I just heard her voice. She’s right beside me for some reason. My body freezes momentarily as she brings her mouth close to my ear. I guess she doesn’t want Yuito to hear what she’s about to say since she’s waited for him to get distracted.

“Thank you, Kasashima-kun.”

“Huh? I didn’t do anything, though…?”

Or, to be more precise, I just kind of faded into the background.  

“I got to see another of Yuito’s cute expressions thanks to you! Hehe.


I move away a little and look at her. She’s basically drooling.

Yuito is adorable! He’s the cutest!

Yeah, she’s as joyful as back then.

Once again, I have to consider the possibility that Mahiro bugged out when I started befriending the protagonist instead of bullying him like in the original storyline, but…


Perhaps she’s been like this from the start?

On another note, the fact that I’m the only one you show your drooling face to doesn’t make me happy at all, you hear?! Not one bit!!

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