VSA – Chapter 3: The Villain’s Popularity Level Is Low.

Translator: Haruto.

The next day.

“Yuuji-sama, I’ll be taking you to school today.”


After being surprised by how big my apartment building was, the next thing I see when I go into the street is one of those rare limousines, the kind you only see in movies.

“After you, Yuuji-sama…”

My maid, Hibari, opens the door for me. I take a peek inside and I’m stunned by its luxury. My body freezes for a couple of seconds but I soon go back to my Kasashima Yuuji role.


I get in as if it’s the most natural thing in the world.

“Now then, shall we depart?”


Oh, Hibari herself will drive!! I’ve got a beautiful maid driving a limousine for me… Talk about high class!

“I hope you have a wonderful day, Yuuji-sama.”

The limousine stops in front of the school and Hibari once again opens the door for me. As I take a step outside, I’m astonished by the sight of the huge and beautiful school building. I also catch a glimpse of the other new students, walking alongside their parents.

“It seems I’m the only one by myself…”

Well, I already knew it was going to be like this since the game also mentioned how busy Yuuji’s parents were and how little he saw them.

“I’m terribly sorry, Yuuji-sama.”


It looks like she heard what I just mumbled. Surprised by her sudden apology, I turn around to face her and I see her bowing her head down.

“Please, why would you… Ah, I mean, what the hell are you apologizing for?”

I almost sounded a little too formal for a second there, but I corrected myself in time. Talking to an older, beautiful girl in such a casual manner feels so strange that I’m reminded once again of the fact that this is another world.  

Hibari looks really apologetic as she says the following…

“You were left by yourself today because I wasn’t able to convince your parents to attend… I deserve to be the target of all your complaints.”

W-Wow, this maid sure is hard on herself…

I guess she really takes her job as my maid seriously, even though no one is forcing her to do this.

The problem is, I’ve got no idea what to do in a situation like this. Let’s see, I’m Kasashima Yuuji, so I can just use my position to…

“Hibari, raise your head.”


“Complaints, huh… Okay, sure. Hibari, I don’t want you to shoulder the blame for everything like that anymore. I don’t care about being by myself today. Besides, everyone has to head to school by themselves eventually. Just think of this as me being one step ahead of them.”

“Y-Yuuji-sama… Still, I…”

“Alright, see ya. Thanks for the ride.”

Without listening to what she was about to say, I cross the school’s gate.

I feel relieved after taking a few steps forward since it doesn’t seem like she will run after me.

I’m a little curious about what she’s thinking, but I decide not to turn around and just walk on.

Hibari, if you want to curse me for acting all high and mighty, at least do it when I’m not around!!

“I wonder why… since yesterday, Yuuji-sama has been so…”

Peek, peek.


I stroll through the school campus trying not to stand out, and yet I can feel the other students’ eyes on me.  

“H-Hey, look…”

“He’s the son of the distinguished Kasashima Group’s president…”

Needless to say, I can also hear what they’re saying.

I guess I’m somewhat famous? Well, that tends to happen when your parents are at the top of a major corporation—

“Oh, that’s the sex-crazed Kasashima! I heard he used to run all around town hooking up with a bunch of chicks his age!”

“Dude, someone told me he even stole guys’ girlfriends by offering them expensive stuff!”

“I heard he’s a drug dealer!”


Yuuji, just how evil were you?!!

No, wait, none of those things are confirmed facts. Perhaps those guys are just spreading misinformation.

There’s one thing I know now, though.

My popularity level is freaking low even though the entrance ceremony hasn’t even started! This sucks!! I’m basically playing this game on legendary mode!  

“H-Hey, he’s holding his head in his hands for some reason…”

“I bet he’s suffering the effects of some drug he took this morning…”

The only thing I’ve consumed today is Hibari’s superb breakfast!!!

Crap, my peaceful school life is already under threat…


“W-What’s going on?!”

A crowd forms around two people a little further away. Thanks to that, the students that were staring at me leave to have a look at them instead.       

The girls in the spotlight are none other than…

“Hi, guys! Good morning!”


The heroines of the game, the crazy yet beautiful sisters.

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  1. I’m only 2 chapters in but I feel like that ending could very well happen, but the 2 sisters are yanderes and jealous that the MC is only thinking about the protag lmao same ending but for different reasons

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