RTS – Chapter 3: Don’t Let Its Name Fool You.

Translator: Haruto.

On his fifth birthday, Arad received the Thread skill.

No one had ever received it—as far as it was known—so it was regarded as an extra skill. However, it was apparent it wasn’t a battle skill.

Or at least that’s what most people in the Percible family believed.

The fourth son, Drang, saw this as an opportunity to belittle his brother.

As for Phool and many of the servants of the Percible family, at first, they expected him to obtain a skill that would just blow them away, due to the incredible proactiveness and discipline that Arad had exhibited despite his young age.

Unfortunately, though, that did not come to pass.

After Arad’s birthday, Drang’s turn came. Ironically, the youngest child of the family received a sword skill, even though he hadn’t been able to master said weapon, despite his best efforts.

This was a sign that Drang actually possessed a talent for fencing that surpassed that of most people.

From that day on, Drang became even more arrogant toward Arad, believing that his strength was far greater than his brother’s.  

Albeit, Arad never once felt threatened by his brother or his new sword skill.

After all, Arad knew that his extra skill, Thread, was not useless in any sense of the word.

And little by little, his father Phool, his biological mother Arisa, and a few of the knights of the family began to realize the hidden potential of his skill.

Through most people’s eyes, a thread was simply something to sew fabrics with. A mere material, they might have called it. However, seasoned fighters knew that threads were frequently used as a weapon in the art of assassination.

“…I knew it.”

He had enjoyed a fair number of battle manga and light novels in his previous world and that was why he knew what kind of weapon he now held.

Thus, right after receiving his extra skill, Arad decided to add one more item to his training program: thread control.

Currently, he was in the mansion’s garden, using one of his skill’s techniques: Thread Circle.

It allowed him to slash the plants around him in a circular motion with a sharp thread.

“This will totally come in handy in the future… Hmm, I think it’s about time I try my luck with a monster.”

He knew what kind of power he possessed.

So, obviously, he wanted to experiment with it.

My Thread skill’s techniques are seriously not something that I should use on humans. Well, okay, there are a few exceptions, but for the most part, these techniques are designed primarily for taking the life of another being.

He still wished to find out how effective his techniques were, though.

Maybe I should sneak out of the mansion… No, that’s a bad idea. Even if I somehow manage to leave the mansion grounds, my parents will be worried sick about me… Um, now that I think about it, I bet my mom will be proud…

As expected of a former adventurer, Arisa was rather simple-minded. If Arad were to sneak out of the mansion, run through town, dive into the forest, and hunt monsters, she would be mad, of course, but she would certainly be proud of her little boy.

Phool, on the other hand, would be furious.

Just picturing it in his head was enough to dissuade him.  

…To be honest, I doubt I’d lose against a low-rank monster. While my physical abilities are still that of a five-year-old, I can use body strengthening. Not to mention, I also have my swordsmanship and magic at my disposal.

There were many people who had high expectations for Arad’s future, even if some of them didn’t fully understand the usefulness of Thread, however, there were also a few individuals who looked down on him.

“Hey, Arad!! What the heck are you doing here?! You must be just slacking off!!”

“…Mind keeping your voice down? What about you, Drang? What are you doing here?”

Drang, in particular, found the attention Arad received displeasing.

He had obtained a sword skill, just like his father, who had gone to become the vice-commander of the first chivalric order of the nation when he was still quite young.

He believed that he had the same kind of talent as his father so he no longer saw himself as Arad’s inferior.

The problem was that the people around him disagreed.

Even after receiving his Thread skill, never once did Arad skip a day of training.

Thus, the people under the service of the Percible family put their hopes on Arad instead of Drang. And while Phool tried his best to keep it a secret, he also had higher expectations for Arad than Drang.

In order to overturn the status quo, Drang would have no choice but to challenge Arad to a duel and win. He believed, or hoped, that such a victory would be enough to change things.

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