RTS – Chapter 2: The Only Path I Care About.

Translator: Haruto.

While Arad was able to go through the mansion freely now that he had better control of his body, he still didn’t go outside all that often.

Day after day, he would wake up early in the morning, eat breakfast, practice sword strikes with the wooden sword his father had bought him, and finally, he’d go for a jog to improve his stamina.

Arad had a clear idea of how he wanted to live in this world and in order to realize it, he needed strength.

After breakfast, he’d train and then he’d eat lunch. Next, he’d study how to write and read, math, and the country’s history for no less than two hours.

Drang, the fourth son of the marquis, who was born from his second wife soon after Arad, was struggling to keep up with the curriculum, however, Arad never once felt troubled thanks to the fact that his mother read books to him since he was little, and that he still retained the memories of his past life.

His arithmetic abilities, in particular, earned him the respect of his tutor. He was told that he could even pursue a career as an academic, but Arad disagreed without hesitation.

“I’ll become an adventurer.”

It was true that he wanted to follow in the footsteps of his mother, but it wasn’t just that. He simply believed that adventuring was the most enjoyable way of living.

After his afternoon classes, he’d move on to magic training. It focused mostly on mana control, so Arad still didn’t have that many chances to practice attack spells.

Nevertheless, thanks to his above-average understanding of the elements, Arad managed to learn magical skills unusually quickly.

Fire, earth, water, wind, and lightning.

There were extremely few individuals capable of learning the five main elements by themselves.

Actually, even that might be an exaggeration.

At any rate, it was Arad’s detailed knowledge of the composition of each element that allowed him to acquire magical skills at such a young age.

His biological mother, Arisa, was elated when she found out, to the point that she held her child high in the air and twirled around joyfully, over and over again. As for the handsome marquis that, as mentioned, had his own harem; his heart raced with excitement at the prospect of his own son becoming a court mage.

Surprisingly enough, Elia and Lina, the marquis’s first and second wives respectively, did not feel threatened. After all, Arad had always been respectful toward them and declared he wanted to become an adventurer in the future.

Unlike them, however, Gilas, Elia’s son and also the oldest child of the Percible family, and Drang, Lina’s son and the marquis’s fourth child, did see him as a threat.

Drang simply didn’t want to lose in a battle of strength against Arad since they had pretty much the same age. It was the kind of thinking you’d expect from a child. On the other hand, Gilas was afraid that Arad might snatch away his position as the next head of the Percible family.

I can’t wait to fight some monsters.

Unbeknownst to him, Gilas’s worries were completely unfounded; Arad had absolutely no intention of becoming the next marquis.

As soon as he would finish practicing magic, he’d have dinner. And then he’d once again train to improve his stamina and sword strikes.

Most people would object to a child undergoing such arduous training, but no one was forcing him to do it.

Arad practiced three times a day of his own volition.

The servants, soldiers, and knights of the Percible family would often advise him to take a rest, but he never did.

I need to surpass my peers as soon as possible.

He was able to learn magical skills because he was knowledgeable about the elements, but whether he had inherent talent or not was a completely different story. Motivated by a strong desire to surpass the so-called geniuses, he stuck to his harsh training religiously. Days and months went by, and before he knew it, Arad turned five.

Turning five was a special occasion for people in this world. When you turned five, you received a new skill.

Your skill would always differ, even if just slightly, from those of other people.

For example, even if you had the same sword skill as someone else, the skill’s bonus and effects could vary depending on the user’s ability.

With that being said, not everyone received a new skill when they turned five, which is why whether they received a skill or not heavily influenced the future of the sons and daughters of noble families.

And that’s how the night of his fifth birthday, Arad received the Thread skill.

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