VSA – Chapter 15:  Meanwhile, What Are the Sisters up to?

Translator: Haruto.

This is a double release.

“Yuuji-sama, we’ve arrived.”

“This is…”

After a long ride on the train, the place Hibari wanted to visit ended up being…  

Meanwhile, at the Sumino family home…

Clack! Munch, much


Rina, the younger sister, is eating chocolate sticks while relaxing on the sofa.

She’s wearing a black loose-fit hoodie and shorts of the same color that perfectly accentuate her beautiful legs. Surprisingly enough, Rina’s kind of sloppy when she’s at home. And, as though lost in thought, she’s been staring at the same spot on the ceiling since breakfast

Suddenly, the door of the living room opens.

Phew, the water was so warm… Rina, you’re still in your pajamas? It’s already past 10, you know?”

Her older sister, Mahiro, gives her a reprimanding look as she dries her hair with a towel. Mahiro just got out of the shower after having gone for a run earlier that morning.

“At least eat your snacks sitting straight so that you won’t get crumbs all over your chest.”

“Yes, ma’am!”

Rina sits straight and Mahiro takes a seat beside her.

“It’d be a waste to spend your entire day off just lazing around. You need to make the most of your free time!”

“Days off exist to give us a chance to be as lazy as we want, don’t you think?”

“In other words, you believe that people are free to choose how they wish to spend their days off, right? Oh well. More importantly, I’ve noticed you’ve been worrying about something for a while now…”

“…Huh, so you noticed. That’s my twin sister for you!”

“Yup, and before you tell me, I actually have an idea of what’s on your mind; it’s that boy, umm—what was his name again?”

“Kasashima Yuuji.”

“That’s the one! Kasashima Yuuji-kun. Wow, you almost never care enough to remember people’s names—Yuito is one of the very few exceptions.”

“I mean, he’s all Yui-kun talks about these days, so I was kind of forced to remember it.”

Yuito brings up Yuuji at any chance he gets lately. At first, Rina thought he was just excited to have gotten a new friend, but even now, no matter how many times she tries to change the subject, Yuito always circles back to Yuuji.

And every single time, he finishes by saying, “Yuuji-kun is a really nice guy!” with a huge smile on his face.

I thought you didn’t care about him.

I don’t… I just want Yui-kun to not care about him either…

Mahiro still remembers the conversation she had with her sister well, so she asks, “Are you really going to do something to him?”

“I don’t know anymore. You see, I have the feeling that if leave him be not only will he hog Yui-kun all to himself, Yui-kun will also never realize how I feel. You know how dense he is. Although, I do like that about him…”

“I know! Yuito is the cutest… But, back on topic, I assume what’s stopping you from doing something about Kasashima Yuuji-kun is the fact that he hasn’t done anything wrong?”

Rina furrows her eyebrows and says, “That’s it! He looks like a freaking villain but he never does anything bad! Like, I don’t know, blackmailing people or something! I don’t want to admit it, but he’s been a good friend to Yui-kun.”

“Right, you’ve never been one to believe in rumors, huh…”

“Aah, are you talking about those rumors saying he’s involved in some sketchy business? I know quite well how it feels to be judged by my looks so I never pay those kinds of rumors any mind. I only believe the things that I can see with my own eyes.”

“Yeah, I know.”

The way she pays no attention to silly rumors and judges people by their character and not their appearance is one of the things I love the most about Rina, Mahiro thinks and smiles softly.

Rina begins stretching her arms out, and says, “Haaa… I’ve never been much of a thinker so this is tiring me out! Sis, let’s go somewhere fun!”

“Good idea, and let’s not forget to invite Yuito.”

“Obviously! Though, I just know he’ll invite that guy.”

“Don’t worry, they haven’t exchanged numbers yet.”

“How do you know that?”

“I saw his contact list.”  


Hearing her sister announce proudly that she’d taken a look into Yuito’s phone, without permission no doubt, Rina can’t help but throw her an exasperated look before saying, “Alright, but where do you want to go? The mall must be crowded and I also don’t feel like walking from store to store…”

“In that case, how about we go somewhere we’ll be able to relive a bit of our childhood?”


Rina tilts her head in wonder and then Mahiro says…  

“An amusement park!”

“An amusement park, as you can see,” says Hibari at exactly the same time, standing face-to-face with Yuuji.

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