VSA – Chapter 50: The Maid’s Sister is a Free Spirit and a Troublemaker.

Translator: Haruto.

“I-I’m back…”

I hesitantly turn my key and open the main door.

Yuuji-sama… please be careful when you open the door of the apartment.

That’s what Hibari said during our call, so I’m trying to be cautious…

“Welcome home, Yuuji-sama.”

“H-Hey, Hibari…”

Hibari greets me by herself. I suppose she must have brought a guest and they already left…

“Sorry, Hibari. As I mentioned in that text I sent you, I ate a bunch of food earlier so I won’t be having dinner tonight.”

“That’s okay. I imagined you’d visit a diner with your friends to celebrate the end of the exams.”

“Ah, yeah…”

That’s most likely what we’d have done had I not gone to enjoy Rina’s cooking instead. Well, I already let her know that I won’t be having dinner tonight, so there’s probably no need to correct her misunderstanding.

“Yuuji-sama, the bath will be ready for you in a bit.”


I guess the water hasn’t fully warmed up just yet. That gives me time to work out a little—

Phew! That was a great bath!!”  

The bathroom door opens all of a sudden, and a girl appears, drying her damp hair with a towel…  

“Aah! Welcome back, Master-kun! Thanks for letting me use your bathtub!”

“Ah, yes, my pleasure… Wait, who the heck are you?!”

I first answered politely without thinking… but hey, there’s a stranger in my apartment!!

“Ahaha! I love that reaction.”

“I’m sorry, Yuuji-sama. This is my handful of a sister,” Hibari says.

“Huh? Your sister?!”

I have a sister who is two years older than me, and her personality is the exact opposite of mine.

Right, Hibari mentioned she had a sister this morning, and her face certainly resembles her sister’s.

Hibari’s sister has a beauty mark under her left eye and styles her hair in a ponytail. She is also a bit taller than Hibari, but even so, it’d probably be hard to tell them apart if they both wore their hair down…

“Dear Sister, Yuuji-sama appears bewildered still, so please introduce yourself properly.”

“Oh, okay! I’m Hibari’s big sister, and my name is Saori. Nice to meet you!”

“Ah, nice to meet you, too. My name is Kasashima Yuuji, and, um, your sister Hibari has been taking great care of me…!”

“Ohh! So my little Hibari is giving you her all as your maid?!”

“Yes, she treats me very well.”

“And she’s been treating your buddy downstairs well, too…?”

“We haven’t crossed that line!!”

“Ahaha, what a shame.”

“You’re disappointed…?”

“I apologize for how noisy my sister can be, Yuuji-sama.”

“Ah, no… Haha…”

Saori-san is quite a character. Her personality is definitely the exact opposite of Hibari’s.


“Dear Sister, you’re overwhelming Yuuji-sama. Please try to calm down.”

“Can you blame me? I’m super excited to meet the person you work for, Hibari! And I must say, he really seems to be a nice young man just like you mentioned.”

Besides, while it’s true that I spent my time at school completely alone, I also had a very noisy person in my life so I was never bored.

I can’t imagine how comforting it must have been for Hibari to have Saori-san around during those rough times.

“Ah, right! Sorry for dropping by unannounced, Master-kun.”

“Ah, no, you can stay as long as you—”

“Thanks for the offer, but I’ll be leaving now.”


She’s leaving already?!

“Oh? It appears someone’s sad to see me leave. What a kind boy you are, Master-kun!”

“Yuuji-sama is simply surprised by the sudden turn of events,” Hibari says.  

“Ah, is that so… Well, to be honest, I also wanted to stay the night, but I’ve got some work to tend to early tomorrow, and my boss keeps nagging me to stay at a hotel nearby.”

“I-I see…?”

“Besides, I had the chance to chat a bunch with Hibari and meet you as well, and that’s enough for me! See you some other time!” Saori-san picks up her luggage, which she seems to have organized beforehand, and leaves just like that.

We hear the sound of the door closing behind her and Hibari and I are left alone in the apartment.

“She’s like a storm…” I comment.

“She has always been that way.”



All I learned about Saori-san today is that she’s a cheerful and terribly energetic girl, and that she’s pretty busy with work.

“Yuuji-sama, I’d like to congratulate you for getting through the midterms.”


“Here’s a little reward from me.”

“Oh?!” I can’t believe I’m getting a reward from Hibari!

She then shows me three folded pieces of paper.

“Please choose one of these. A reward is written on each of them…”

“I can only choose one?”

“How greedy of you, Yuuji-sama. But if you take the three of them… my body might not be able to endure it…”

“What in the world did you write on them?!”

“Just so you know, this was my sister’s idea.”

“Aah, I bet she planned something crazy, then…”

Feeling suspicious, I pick one of them.  

“Please open it.”


Now, let’s see what it says…

Your favorite maid’s bath service!


“Please come join me after your workout.”


“And since we’ll be in the bathroom, please come in naked,” Hibari says as she unties her apron and walks toward the bathroom door.

“Hold on a second!! This is happening so fast that I’m having a hard time processing it all!!!”

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