VSA – Chapter 47: “I Want to Thank You Properly.”

Translator: Haruto.

“It’s gotten kind of noisy in the classroom, huh?” Mahiro remarks.  

“It sure has. I wonder what happened,” responds Yuito.  

When the two of them return to their classroom after having stepped out to throw away the thrash, they find their classmates in a state of commotion. It’s also surprising that such a large number of people remain in the classroom even though the school day is over.

“Ah! Mahiro-san’s back!”

“Let’s ask her!”

“Uh-oh! Come stand behind me, Yuito,” Mahiro says.

“Okay…? Whaa—?!”

Having noticed her, Mahiro’s classmates come rushing to her in droves. Yuito somehow manages to move behind her in time, avoiding being caught in the crowd.

“Mahiro-san! Rina-chan and that guy—Kasashima left together!

“Don’t tell me those two are… No, it can’t beeeee!!”

Everyone in the class is clearly in a panic, but the boys are taking it the worst since they’ve asked Rina out countless times in the past, only to be immediately shot down.

“Calm down, guys,” Mahiro begins, “we just asked them to wait for us near the gate, that’s all.”

Hearing her say that, her classmates finally calm down. The students that were surrounding her return to their seats, and begin packing up their things before heading home while others run off to their respective clubs.

“They’re so innocent. Dealing with them is a piece of cake,” Mahiro says.

“Ahaha…” Yuito lets out a chuckle. “Still, do you think Rina-chan and Yuuji-kun really left and walked home together? Or perhaps they went to celebrate the end of the exams by themselves?! Uhh! I just love how close they’ve gotten!!”

“Are you honestly happy that they’re getting closer, Yuito?”

“Of course! That’s proof that Rina-chan has finally realized what a great guy Yuuji-kun is!”

“I see. Yeah, I hope… I hope that’s the case…”                                                            





After going through the school gate, we keep walking side by side without uttering a single word.

I take another look at Rina; she’s got long eyelashes, big slanted eyes, a straight nose, and an ample bosom that easily stands out from under her uniform. She’s beautiful without a doubt, and she definitely deserves her role as one of the main heroines.  

“So, what’s the plan for today?”

She asked me to come with her because she wanted to thank me, but she still hasn’t told me what that entails.

Rina stops in her tracks, and I follow suit.

One beat later, Rina turns to me with an almost deadpan expression on her face, and answers in a calm tone, “I want to thank you properly, so I thought of various things…”

“I-I see. That’s nice.”

“I really put a lot of thought into it, but I figured buying you something expensive would make you uncomfortable, and going somewhere in public just the two of us wouldn’t be a great idea either…”


Even if she’s using past tense, it feels almost like she’s narrowing down her options as she speaks. Could it be that she still hasn’t decided what we’ll do?

“…However, I knew that my sister wouldn’t go home early today since she’d be alone with Yui-kun, so…”


“So, having remembered what you said last time we talked at your apartment, I realized what I should do… You mentioned something about my cooking, didn’t you?”

“Your cooking?”

By the way, Hibari is also a great cook. Her skills are on par with a professional chef

So she’s better than me?

…I mean, I’ve never tasted your cooking, so…

Ah, yeah, I did say that… But, wait, “her cooking”? Don’t tell me…

“As a token of my gratitude… I’ll cook for you. That’s why I want you to come to my place.”

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