VSA – Chapter 46: The Villain and the Devilish Heroine — The Maid and ???

Translator: Haruto.

“Yuuji-sama, how did you do on the exams?”

“I haven’t taken all of them yet! Today’s the final day!!”

I’m currently studying English while eating my breakfast despite knowing it’s bad manners to do this kind of thing. For some reason, it’s super easy to forget all the vocabulary you’ve learned after you go to sleep, so here I am…

Still, after our last group study session, I’ve been studying at the library with Yuito and at home with Hibari, and I’ve also been reviewing all the material in preparation for each test just like Mahiro advised. I doubt I’ll fail after putting in that much effort.  

“I trust you’ll do great all the way to the end.”

“Thanks! And thank you for the food as well!”

I’m done eating my breakfast and I didn’t leave a single grain of rice behind. Alright, let’s do this! I’m gonna keep giving it my all on the final day of the midterms!!

“You know, Yuuji-sama, it seems like you’ve been really enjoying yourself at school lately.”

“You think?”  

“Not too long ago, you basically held my mind and body in the palm of your hand and ordered me to think of an excuse to ditch school, remember?”

“Hold on, hold on, I think you’re exaggerating a bit there.”

Hibari has a natural talent for coming up with the most outrageous turns of phrase.

Please, Hibari, come up with some good excuse for me.

That’d be a pain in the butt so please just go to school.

Aw, come on, don’t be like that! You look pretty smart; I’m sure you can think of something!

Even if I did, I’m certain it wouldn’t be beneficial to you in the long run.

How come?

Since you have such a menacing face, if you were to skip a day of school, people would think, ‘Told ya! That guy is a delinquent! Let’s just stay the heck away from him!’ or something of the sort. The next day, they’d look at you coldly, and in the end, you’d be condemned to a life of loneliness for the next three years—

Aaaaaahhh!! I can definitely see that happening! Okay, I got it! Just stop!!

Man, I still remember how worried I was back then.

“If I’m able to enjoy my school life now, it’s because you convinced me to go to school that day, Hibari. I can’t thank you enough.”

“I’m just glad to have been of help to you, Yuuji-sama,” Hibari says as she begins to wash the dishes.


Sometimes I wish I knew more about Hibari’s school life… but I never ask her about it. As I’ve mentioned before, her past is a touchy subject for her, so it’s kind of hard to ask…

“Your expressions are so easy to read, Yuuji-sama.”

“Wha—?! I-I wasn’t thinking about anything!”

“Please don’t walk on eggshells around me. It actually hurts when you do that.”

“I, uh… I’m sorry, Hibari…”

“I’m just kidding… I don’t care as much about my past anymore…”

“I-I see…”

“Besides, while it’s true that I spent my time at school completely alone, I also had a very noisy person in my life so I was never bored.”


I can’t picture Hibari hanging out with a noisy person… Wait, no, I guess I’m also a noisy person so it might actually be fitting for her.

“I have a sister who is two years older than me, and her personality is the exact opposite of mine.”

“An older sister!”

To think Hibari had an older sister…! Hibari’s an incredibly talented and beautiful girl so I bet her sister is also quite impressive…

“But anyway, Yuuji-sama…”


“I’m terribly sorry for springing this on you, but something has come up, and I won’t be able to pick you up from school today.”  

“It really is sudden, but that’s fine. It’s nice to walk home from time to time.”

“Thank you for your understanding.”


“It’s finally oveeeeeeeer!!”

“Let’s go have fun!!”

It’s just before noon. Being the final day of the exams, school has ended rather early today. My classmates let out a collective sigh of relief as they begin to discuss where they should go to celebrate.

I’ve also put in a lot of effort today, so I’m thinking of rewarding myself with—



Normally, the first person who comes to visit me at my desk is Yuito, but… this time it was Rina.

“Are you free?”  

“Is this about…”



All it takes are a few words for me to figure out what this is about, which is no surprise considering that Rina texted me in advance about how she wanted to do something to thank me either today or tomorrow.

“Well then, let’s go,” she says.  


I sling my school bag over my shoulder and begin walking towards the door alongside Rina. However, seeing such a rare pairing, our classmates are unable to hold their tongues.

“Rina-chan is leaving with Kasashima?!”

“Whaaat?! No way… Is she going to go hang out with him?!”

“I-It can’t be… But they were chatting just now, so…”

“Nooo! I was shipping Kasashima-kun and Saeki-kun so hard!!!”

Putting aside what that last girl said, I can’t blame my classmates for being surprised. Rina has turned down all their invitations to hang out until now—even those from girls. And yet, that same Rina is now walking towards the door accompanied by the number one outcast of the class, aka me. Forget being surprised, they’re all absolutely dumbfounded.

Yuito and Mahiro are on class duty today, so they’re not in the classroom right now. Rina must have waited for them to leave before talking to me since it’s obvious she wants to keep this a secret from them.

“Did you tell your maid there was no need for her to pick you up today?”

“Ahh, well, something came up, and she won’t be able to come anyway. She didn’t tell me what she had to do, though.”

“Hmm, in that case, there’s no need for me to hold back…”

“Hold back? I thought you just wanted to do something to thank me…”

“I mean, yeah, that’s the idea…”

Uhh… I’m getting kind of scared now… And, come to think of it, should I have agreed to be alone with one of the two sisters, to begin with…? It seems rather dangerous…


Meanwhile at the airport…

Hibari is waiting in front of the clock tower of a certain terminal. She’s wearing regular clothes instead of her usual maid uniform.

“…I wish she was a little more considerate. I’m always telling her to call me a few days in advance whenever she needs a ride from the airport,” Hibari mumbles as she takes a look at the clock. The flight she’s been waiting for landed five minutes ago, which means…

“Uh…” Hibari’s body twitches.

Appearing from behind, two hands have started groping her chest.

“Oh, they’ve gotten pretty big!”

“Please don’t just start groping your sister in public.”

“This is simply my way of saying hi!” The two hands belong to none other than Hibari’s older sister.

She stops fondling Hibari’s chest and looks at her with a playful smile on her face.

“I’m back, Hibari!”

“Welcome home, my lady.”

“Aw, don’t call me that! Call me ‘Sisty’ like you used to!”

“I’ve never done anything of the sort. Let us go already. I have to return to my maid duties.”

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