TSS – Chapter 23: A Life That Saves, a Life That Is Saved.

Translator: Haruto.


Thanks to Kamia’s incredible speed, we’ve arrived at a place known as the Cemetery Labyrinth in almost no time. However, we also had to experience some crazy motion sickness because of it.

“M-Mia… please cast healing magic on us…” I request, clumsily getting off Kamia’s back.

Both Mia and Lulune are feeling just as dizzy as I am.

“O-Of course. Just give me a second.”

Mia then uses her healing magic on all of us, taking our dizziness away. Now feeling much better, I pull out my sword and shout vigorously, “Alright! Chaaaaaarge!!”

“I’m right behind you!!” Mia yells back, followed by Lulune who exclaims, “Wait for us, Haruka-san!” And the three of us enter the Cemetery Labyrinth.

Kamia has stayed behind because he’s got something else to take care of, but he should be back soon enough.  

Multiple undead monsters appear and stand in our way, but we cut them all down easily as we continue forward. It seems this “dungeon” isn’t all that deep, since it doesn’t take us long to reach the bottom floor.

“Um, is it just me or we got here a little too easily?”

“That goes to show how weak our enemy is!” Mia answers my question cheerfully.

Lulune, on the other hand, is still on guard. “You must stay on your toes, Mia. Haruka-san’s life is on the line.”

Yeah, she’s right…

And so, as we make our way through the bottom floor, we run into what seems to be a boss room and enter it. Inside we find Haruka-san, a weird thing whose face kind of resembles that of an octopus, and some old demon wearing glasses.

“Wha—?! So soon?!! I was sure it’d take you at least five more hours to get here!!”

The old dude looks baffled, but it’s understandable. He doesn’t know that Kamia helped us get here so quickly and that pulling off that sort of thing is a piece of cake for him.

The old dude stares at us for a moment before breaking into a smile. “…But well, at least it’s just Mia and Lulune… You two are the weakest out of all the heroes! You don’t stand a chance against the devil Gushire!”

Way to jinx yourself, dude. More importantly, though, it seems that thing is a devil and its name is Gushire. I have to admit, that’s a pretty cool name.

“And what’s worse, you only brought some old dude with you! My victory might as well be set in stone!”

“Who’re you calling an old dude, old fart?” I say calmly, and as a vein bulges on his temple, the demon yells furiously, “What did you just call me?!!”

“How dare you, Zizinha?! Alize-san isn’t old!”  

“Yes, that’s right! He’s still super young, okay?!”

Lulune and Mia try to back me up, but for some reason, their words are just dealing more damage to my heart.

“Oh, whatever! All I must do is finish reviving this devil and I’ll win!” Zizinha declares and the magic circle under Haruka-san begins to shine.

Yeah, that’s definitely not good…

I run at full speed towards the strange thing and try cutting it in one swing…

My sword slid through it like butter. Okay, not exactly. It was almost as hard as the skin of the monsters found in the Evil Forest, but still…

Easy peasy lemon squeezy! Haha!

One beat later, a clinking sound rings out, and the magic circle fractures. I actually can’t believe how easy that was, and it appears old Zizinha is as surprised as me since his eyes are wide open as he shouts, “What?! Gushire’s skin is supposed to be harder than steel!!”

Huh, really? Still, I’ve even cut Adamant before, so cutting through steel is not that special to me anymore.

Having lost his only chance of winning, Zizinha begins to shake uncontrollably. I fear he might try teleporting away just like Gagaitas did in the Evil Forest, so I rush to him and grab him by the shoulders.

“Alright, I hope you’re ready…”

“N-No, wait, please don’t! Stoooooooooooooop!”

Paying no heed to his pleas, I raise my right hand and punch his face in. Zizinha is blown away by the impact and passes out on the spot. It’s obvious he’s got almost no battle skill.

After making sure he’s completely unconscious, I walk over to Haruka-san and ask, “Are you okay?”

“Yes, thank you…” And yet, even though she’s now safe, there’s a dejected look in her eyes.

Noticing it, Mia asks her, “What’s wrong? Are you not happy we came?”

“No, it’s just… I realized how much of a burden I am…”

As someone with more mileage in life, I think it is my duty to correct her misapprehension.

“Haruka-san, you’re not a burden. The royal family aside, you have the support of the people of this nation… And, speak of the devil…” As soon as the words leave my mouth, knights, adventurers, maids, and all sorts of people come rushing through the door.

“Who’s the bastard that kidnapped Haruka-samaaaaa?!”

“Look alive, people!! We’re gonna teach that asshole a lesson!!”

“Onwards!! Into battle!!”

Gheeeeeee! I’m feeling sick, but count me in!!”

…Alright, alright, tone it down a little, guys.

They all got here either by riding on Kamia’s back or in one of the carriages that he was pulling. They look kind of dizzy because of it, though.

“See? Everyone here knows how hard you’ve worked all this time, Haruka-san. And, by the way, a little bird told me that the other members of the royal family are going to be exiled pretty soon…”

Tears well up in Haruka-san’s eyes. “Thank you so much, guys… I’m so glad everything I’ve done wasn’t for nothing…”

In response, everyone in the crowd blushes slightly and—

“Haha! We’ll do anything for you, Haruka-sama! That’s what we vowed the day you lost your dear mother!”

“That’s right! You can always count on us, Haruka-sama!”

“I would even lay my life down for you!!”

…Aah. Okay, I know how you feel, guys, but don’t just start kicking Zizinha like it’s the most natural thing in the world!

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