TSS – Chapter 31: The First Seat of the Round Table, Zenos.

Translator: Haruto.

I, Beatrix Austadt, have come to a tavern that a former member of my party runs.

“Hey, Benno! This place’s always packed, huh?”

There are no available tables inside, and there’s a long line outside, but that’s to be expected considering a former member of the Golden Horizon owns the place.

“Ah, Bea! A customer told me you had a duel with Alize.”

“…Yeah. He wanted to reach S-rank, so I went all out for him,” I say proudly.

Benno laughs with a tinge of exasperation. “Haha! You always look proud when talking about that brat!”

“Oh, shut it! Or is it perhaps that you want me to seal that mouth of yours for good?”

Paying no heed to my threat, Benno keeps laughing for a while until a serious expression appears on his face and he asks, “Has he grown much?”  

“Yeah… I almost didn’t recognize him. He’s a middle-aged guy now,” I answer as I take a seat at the counter and Benno begins to prepare a cocktail in a shaker.

“Hahaha! Why do you sound so surprised? It’s not like time’s been kind to us either,” says Benno.

“Still, I just… didn’t want to see him all grown up, you know?” I tell him.

Somehow, I believed Alize would remain a child forever, but he’s already turned into an adult. While that does make me happy, a part of me also feels melancholic…

“Well, I don’t blame you. I also never thought that there’d be wrinkles on that kid’s face one day back when we were traveling together,” Benno responds.

Alize brought light into our party. He illuminated the path for us after we’d given up on our main objective and were wallowing in self-pity. We saved him, and he saved us in return.

“…Just so you know, I haven’t forgiven you for taking him to that brothel,” I say.

“Aah, the good ol’ days… I’m sure he doesn’t regret it, though,” replies Benno.

I heave a sigh.

It’s their fault Alize reached “maturity” sooner than he should have. But well… I guess it was just a matter of time…

We continue chatting about this and that while I enjoy the cocktail that Benno made for me. Memories and feelings of the past flash through my mind as we talk, and before we know it, the night sets in.

“I should go home now,” I say.

“Bring Alize with you next time,” says Benno.

“…I’ll try.”

As I step outside, I’m greeted by the breeze of the night and the sight of a sky full of stars. Whenever Alize was sad or felt like crying, we’d go stargazing together. Man, these memories are making me emotional now—must be my age.

I keep walking through the town until—

I detect intense hostility coming from someone. I turn around in a hurry and see a woman wearing a maid uniform.

“Who are you…?” I ask her.

Judging by her stance and the aura around her, she’s not a regular person. Only an S-rank adventurer could possess the level of skill she seems to have, however, I don’t recall ever meeting someone like her.

“My name is Zenos and I occupy the first seat of the Demon Army’s round table. It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

“…You don’t look like a demon, though.”

She lets out a chuckle and replies, “Well, as my appearance suggests, I’m indeed not a demon.”

“…Then, why are you part of their army?”

The girl smiles and begins to walk slowly towards me. “Isn’t it obvious…? I detest humans.”


“Because of all the things they did to me… They never once showed me any affection… That’s why… I must make them pay,” she answers, drawing the sword at her hip. It’s a sinister, ebony sword.  

“So you want to fight me…” I say.

“Yes. I won’t kill you, don’t worry. I’m just going to make use of you.”

The girl disappears in an instant.

She moved faster than even Alize at his highest speed. My eyes weren’t able to follow her.

One beat later, I’m blown away. I crash against a wall before I can register what happened.


“Hmm… You are surprisingly weak for someone once known as an ‘SS-rank’ adventurer. What a disappointment.”

“…Shut up… It looks like your mommy and daddy never taught you to be gentle with the elderly, eh?” I tell her, forcing a smile on my face.

A vein bulges on the girl’s forehead. It appears she doesn’t like it when people mention her parents.

“My parents…? I killed them long ago, and they didn’t teach me anything at all.”  

She murdered her own parents…?

Well, I don’t know what happened to her, or what compelled her to take their lives, but that doesn’t matter at the moment. All I must worry about right now is escaping in one piece. Failing to do so would cause problems for Alize and the others in the future, and that’s the last thing I want.

I somehow manage to get back on my feet and draw my sword from its sheath. Reflecting the moonlight, the beautiful diamond blade shines in the darkness.

“You don’t learn, do you…? I suppose I should applaud your bravery.”

She disappears from sight once more, and in the next instant, my consciousness fades away.                  

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