TSS – Chapter 29: The Third Reunion Occurs Suddenly.

Translator: Haruto.

“Ohh! So you’ve become an S-rank adventurer, Alize-sama? Congratulations!” Christina—Chris-san says happily inside the carriage that’s taking us to the castle.

I nod my head, slightly embarrassed but happy, and reply, “Well, to be honest, I think I only managed to beat Bea because I got lucky.”

“Hm? ‘Bea’? Are you and Beatrix-sama old acquaintances?” asks Chris-san.

I nod again, and answer, “Yeah, she’s like a second mother to me, and we traveled together for a long time.”

“So not only are you the Great Heroes’ master, but you’re also Beatrix-sama’s apprentice? Incredible!”  

Yeah, it certainly is amazing how fate can take you in unexpected directions. I mean, I was once just a regular boy from the countryside, and somehow, I’ve now become an S-rank adventurer…

I keep enjoying that thought for a while until the castle finally comes into view.

“That’s the castle of the Republic of Nysalis! Quite beautiful, don’t you think?!” Chris-san says proudly.

It is a tad smaller than Archaia’s castle, but this one has been embellished with numerous crests and sculptures of various styles.

“It certainly is! I’m marveled by its beauty every time I see it!” Mia praises it.  

“It’s been four years or so since you last visited the castle, hasn’t it, Mia-sama, Lulune-sama?” asks Chris-san, obviously in high spirits.

“Right, I do believe it’s been four years now,” Lulune answers.

“You girls really traveled all across the world in your quest to defeat the Demon King, huh,” I say, once again impressed by them.

“Yes, I suppose we did. I don’t believe that’s anything to be boastful about, though,” Lulune replies.

“Come on, it’s definitely something you should feel proud of! It’s obvious how hard you girls worked!” I encourage them.  

In response, Mia and Lulune avert their eyes from me, feeling bashful apparently.

I think they can allow themselves to be more boastful about what they’ve accomplished, but I guess they’re just very humble. They are good girls, all right.

After our carriage crosses the gate and stops in front of the castle, a maid opens the door for us.

“We’ve been waiting for you, Alize-sama, Lulune-sama, Mia-sama,” she says as she helps us descend from the carriage.

When I thank her, I can’t help but think I’ve seen her somewhere before.

“Wait… Ayesha? Is that you? You’re working as a maid now?”

Ayesha beams in happiness, and with a teasing smile she answers, “It’s been far too long, Alize-san. Hehe, just think of this as a little prank.”

And that’s how Ayesha and I were suddenly reunited. I still don’t get why she’s wearing a maid uniform, though.


We’re currently chatting in one of the guest rooms of the castle. Ayesha has changed into her regular clothes already.

Lulune questions Ayesha, “What happened to the other two? Why are you the only one here, Ayesha?”

Ayesha then begins to explain what happened. Apparently, after Mia tricked them, the three of them were left by themselves here up north, and they decided to run after her, but Ayesha had to stay behind because she lost at rock-paper-scissors. While she waited, Chris-san invited her to attend her birthday party, and well, here we are…

…So staying in the sky castle actually allowed her to meet with us sooner than the other two, huh.

“But, wait… Isn’t the sky castle empty right now?” I ask.

“Yes, but don’t worry, it should be able to keep levitating for at least a month even if I’m not in it,” Ayesha answers my question.

“Oh, is that so? That’s pretty impressive.”

I wonder how it works exactly. This old dog is feeling curious.

“At any rate, it’s amazing how much you’ve grown, Ayesha. You’ve gotten even more beautiful.”

“…Hehe, of course I’ve grown, Alize-san. I’m a full-fledged adult now,” she puffs out her chest with a proud look on her face. It’s adorable.

She’s always tried to appear mature beyond her years, so I guess my compliment pleased her.

“W-Why are you looking at me like I’m an adorable little puppy or something? I’m an adult now, okay?! A full-fledged adult!!” Ayesha cries out in a fluster, having noticed the way I was looking at her.

Her cute reactions at least haven’t changed a bit after all these years.

“By the way, what kind of birthday party will it be?” I inquire, tilting my head slightly.

“It seems it’s just going to be a regular birthday party. Although, I heard commoners will also be permitted to attend,” Ayesha answers.

I see. I guess that makes sense, this country being a republic and all.

“Nice. It sounds like it’ll be a lot of fun.”

“Hehe, certainly. We can’t allow the princess’s kind invitation to go to waste, so let’s enjoy ourselves as much as we can!” Ayesha says.

We kept reminiscing for some time until one of the castle maids arrived to guide us to the main hall. By the time we got there, the sun had started to go down already.

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