TSS – Chapter 6: Pops Doesn’t Like to Be Called an Old Fart.

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As soon as Lulune reached the Evil Forest, she knew something was off; the animals and regular monsters living in the forest were frightened.

At first, she thought it was Gagaitas’s doing, however…

She noticed that there was a gathering of strong monsters up north which she assumed was Gagaitas’s army.

In other words, it wasn’t Gagaitas but a different being that was frightening the other monsters and animals.

And only someone on at least the same level as Akane could scare the terrible monsters of the Evil Forest where most humans would never dare set foot.

“What in the world is going on…?”

As she made her way through the forest, she found the bodies of monsters that had been cut cleanly in half, scattered all around. The most important parts of their bodies and their magic cores had been taken as well, which could only mean that it had been the work of a human.

“Someone of this skill… could it be…?”

Lulune didn’t know much about swordsmanship, but she somehow understood that those cuts were cleaner than Akane’s.

“If it’s not him, humanity may be in trouble…”

And yet, rather than fear, Lulune was experiencing a sort of excitement. There was a chance that she’d be able to see him again, and that hope alone filled her heart.

“I should still look around a bit more. If some bad guy ends up being the one behind this, things might get tricky,” whispered Lulune as she continued running through the forest, all by herself.


Man, to think I can make so much cash just by hunting a few monsters! Being an adventurer is the best!

At the moment, I’m hunting every single monster I see in the Evil Forest.

I still haven’t gone that deep in so monsters here are kind of weak. I think even Ruin, the girl I left back in the village, could defeat them with ease.

Unlike these ones, the monsters that dwell near that village are fairly strong since it was located right at the center of the forest. That’s also the reason why it was so isolated.

I’m overwhelmed with nostalgia just remembering the great ten years I spent in that place. I really loved how peaceful it was to live there…

“Uh-oh, I’d better focus… Actually, these guys aren’t that strong so maybe there’s no need for me to focus.”

After two more hours of hunting, I stumble upon a nice group of monsters.

“A bunch of monsters are gathering here. Are they having a party or something?”

Well, whatever the reason, this is a perfect chance. I’ll make a pretty penny if I can take them all down!

“Alright! This old man is raring to go!”

Ah, shoot, I called myself an old man. Well, who cares, it’s not like I’m not aware of how old I am. I just don’t like it when that old Gailam calls me that.

Feeling excited, I throw myself into the gathering of monsters.

“Who the hell are you?!”

…Hm? Who’s that?

Some purple-skinned guy, a so-called demon, just yelled at me.

Huh, it’s actually the first time I’ve seen one.

Now that I think about it, right before I set off for the village, I heard that a Demon King had appeared. I should probably ask exactly what happened with that guy after I get back.

“Err, nice to meet you. My name is Alize.”

Knowing how important it is to introduce yourself when you first meet someone, I decided to greet the demon politely. He may be a demon, but who knows, perhaps we’ll be able to understand each other.

However, he just got even angrier for some reason and a vein popped out on his forehead.

Youngsters these days are kind of scary.

I read in a newspaper that young people have become rather touchy lately. I guess it was true.

“You bastard! Who do you think you’re talking to?!”

“No idea. You haven’t introduced yourself, remember?”

And the vein bulges even more. Is this what people mean when they say that different generations can’t understand each other?

I guess this guy is some famous demon who thinks that everyone’s heard about him, but there’s no way an old dog like me who’s spent a decade holed up in a small village knows anything about today’s celebrities.

“Ha… You sure like to play with fire…”

“Guys my age have stopped playing those kinds of games long ago.”

“…Ahahaha! Right! You’re actually an old fart! No wonder you’re so slow on the uptake!”

Old… Old fart?!

There’s a line you should never cross…

“You must be joking. I’m not that old! I’m barely old enough to be called uncle!”

“Shut up! You’re an old fart and that’s it! You old geezer!”

And now you’ve done it.  

I hear a sort of ping in my head indicating that my patience has finally run out.

“You’ll pay for this…”

“That’s more like it! Alright, my monsters! Rip him to shreds!”

And as soon as the demon gave them the sign, swarms of monsters threw themselves at me.


Two strong powers just encountered each other.

Lulune is currently observing them from afar.

She can discern the shapes of two people, but she can’t see them clearly from where she stands. Although, she assumes one of them is Gagaitas.

Thanks to her superior elven ears, she’s also capable of picking up the faint sounds of the two of them arguing.

This is bad. Even if the other person is indeed him, dealing with Gagaitas won’t be easy. Akane herself had trouble defeating him even after reaching maturity.

Lulune rushes toward the scene as fast as she can, and not being able to think calmly and logically anymore, she cries, “Wait for me, Alize-san! I’ll save you!”

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